Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On this Date three years ago.....

I married my wonderful husband Bill, the day was beautiful, a huge lavish wedding just like I had always wanted, outside in the park near our house.the weather was a perfect 75 degrees with minimal humidity and as sunny as could be. It has been a somewhat bumpy three years, and they always say that the first 4 years are the hardest, boy are they right, but we are tough and we have come through everything even stronger. I love him for what he is and what he isn't,he is my everything.
On saturday, Hudson and I took a walk down to the place we got married, it was 8:30 am and it was almost as perfect outside as that day three years ago.

Hudsons eating his morning Cheerios on our walk

The gazebo where we got married
The inside view of the gazebo
My man shedding a tear
The big moment

Married at last!

The little man was VERY tired out after our tour!


Mrs Munster said...

Happy anniversary. My & hubby's wedding anniversary is in 12 days! Your location looks beautiful. We've been together for almost 7 years and the 7th year has been the most difficult one so far, despite of having our bundle of joy. Sleep deprivation makes people evil!

The Klinks said...

Aaaawe!Hope you two had a great day!!!