Sunday, May 31, 2009

32 Weeks ( no you don;t get a picture)

Hello again,
yes it's been awhile, the fact is I am miserable to the point of tears, as soon as I hit the third trimester, shit all went down hill.

I seemed to have either pulled something in my back OR the baby is sitting right on my sciatic nerve, I can barley move, have to use handicapped parking ( not that I am complaining about that one) and can't do even 25% of the stuff I usually do. Letting people do stuff for me is real tough because I am so independent, but alas, I have had to sit back and let them help me.

I am talking that I cant even get my pants on without my husbands help. The past three weeks have been a blur of doctors appts, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic appointments. And while they do help somewhat, the pain is still there and it is excruciating. My feet have now also swelled to the size of two huge loaves of bread,and my ankles feel bruised even though they are not.

The Good News:
I got to see my little man last Tues! i had to have an ultrasound to see how things are doing, he is head down his butt is in my left rib cage and his little feet are in my right ribcage, his butt really hurts, he pressed up into my back and it feels like he is in my kidney.

But we got to see his chubby lil face!!!! he definitely has mommies cheeks! And Daddy's forehead lol. it was the sweetest thing, I almost forgot for one second how much pain I am in lol.

he weights a total of 4 and 1/2 pounds, and a great heart rate. And still hasn't dropped ( too early for the really) but once he does I am told one of two tings will happen, he will either come off of my nerve and relive my pain or.........I wont be walking for the last few weeks of my pregnancy . I on the other hand am now up to a whopping 190 pounds, any more wieght I gainfrom here on out wont be me but the actual baby, so that makes me feel better, not the mention i am retaining water like the hoover dam!

my shower is also coming up on June 14th! i cannot wait!!! my dress finally came in the mail, and my husband actually found the shoes I am going to wear, not my usual style, BUT they are nice looking and comfy white leather tongs with a cork bottom on them, very summery. I also found a great pair of teal and silver earrings that match the dress.

I may feel like shit, But I will be looking good at least, and that will in turn make me feel a teeny bit better.

Annnnnd..... the nursery is alomost done!!! ThankGOD!! i did the trim on Saturday and my friend Julia is helping me paint the walls next weekend, it's looking very nice! I will post pics when we finish!!!

Well i hate to cut it short, but I had to update, I really need to go lay down.

I really need to have this baby!!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Found my Dress!!!

So after some serious searching, I finally found the dress that I want to wear for my baby shower,

I am so excited I love the color, and I am going to get my hair re-highlighted and will paint my nails a nice medium solid pink :) So this color should really compliment me, I ordered a large because my chest area is so big (I hope it fits!) i should get it within a week yay!!! Although i have NO idea what shoes I will wear with it, because there is no WAY I will be able to slip these fat piggies into strapless heels. I am thinking maybe gold flats. I will have to check out Payless shoes. Darn another excuse to buy shoes.....don't you just HATE that????

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This just totally made my day!!!!!

yesterday Pianist and my personal goddess, released her album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. And my pregnant ass got the last DELUX Addition CD, WHOOHOOO!!!!!! With a poster and a dvd with short films explaining the album, plus a 20 page photo booklet!!!

For those of you who may not understand ( all but Michelle and Mary, who KNOW of my obsession with this woman, Mary shares in it with me :) ) I have every labum she has ever made, and have listened to her since 1993. She is like a PART of me. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!
....ok I am now going to go limp off and enjoy :)


you can read more about it here on this blog:


Here are all the things that I have craved while pregnant, and true to my form they are not very consistent. It seems while some women crave on ting their entire pregnancy, I craved certain things in different trimesters.
First Trimester:
Even though I couldn't’t keep too much down, I craved:
Mexican, anything spicy
Deep Fried Mushrooms, but it had to be (Bowling alley style beer battered mushrooms, from one specific bowling alley in Cleveland) and then once I did eat them, they made me sick L

Second Trimester:
Apricot Juice:
Have you any idea how hard it is to come by apricot nectar these days? I wanted it and I wanted it constantly, finally I broke down and paid nearly six dollars for a bottle, then only drank half of it before I realized it gave me terrible heartburn.
Water melon: I could eat a whole one
Mexican: I will still craving the spicy stuff
Mcdonalds “Big and Tasty Hamburgers”
Banana Milkshakes
Yes bowling, I CRAVED bowling, and the problem was I really was only able to bowl about 4 times before my back started to hurt.

Third trimester:
Strawberries, or strawberry flavored anything, now mind you, I love strawberries but have always hated strawberry “Flavored “ things, so this was a strange one, I have wanted strawberry gum, lip balm, milk, I even managed to find Strawberry frosted Shredded Wheat (those are REALLY good BTW)
Watermelon: I could still eat a whole one if I tried.
Ice Cream:
Baby must need calcium because this has become almost a daily thing with me, even plain old boring vanilla will do!
Orange Juice: Got to have it
Cherry Pop tarts: but it HAS to be Cherry and they have to be hot

Weirdest Craving:
I haven’t really had any traditionally weird pregnancy cravings (IE Pickles and ice cream) But there was one time that I did crave mango sorbet and seltzer water…….lets say that didn’t turn out well!

Things that I have let myself eat that I haven’t eaten in years, that completely failed me:
There were a number of things that I used to eat as a kid, that as an adult, I really haven’t let myself have in years, mainly because it was all junk, here is a list of things that I finally gave in and ate, and realized they didn’t taste as good as they used to:
Hostess Cupcakes:
They used to be creamy and delicious,now they taste like fakeness and preservatives.
“Lil Hugs Juice Drinks”:
Tasted like colored sugar water

Hawaiian Punch:
Seriously??? I used to drink this? Ugh think, sugar syrup with lots of sugar. Nasssty

Any Kind of “Little Debbie Snackcakes”:
While I will tear up a package of delicious Hostess Snowballs,. I simply cannot stand the taste of these things, too sweet.

I think the best part of being pregnant, is the liberated feeling that you can eat whatever you want, because I am getting to eat things I haven’t had in years and learning really quickly what I will never eat again, I am getting it out of my system if you will. Which should make losing weight after baby, a little easier.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Mothers Day Weekend

I really have to say, aside form my iron levels bottoming out today, forcing me to sleep on the couch for four hours, this was a pretty good weekend for such a busy one.

I got up Saturday morning and baked a cake for my friend Julia's Party, I also ran to the florist for some Hyacinths for my mom and Grandmother. Mmmm I LOVE those, they smell like lilacs :)

Lemon Bunt cake and hyacinths.

Then i got all dressed up and tried out the new hair do that Freelancer had posted.

it didn't turn out too too bad, but my hair was a bit dirty and looked sort of dull when I was done, but still it looked nice. I think I will try it again for my baby shower.....with clean hair!

Then mom and Grandma came over and we headed of to Clementines teas House, in Olmsted Falls, We had a great time and feasted on Raspberry iced tea with mint leaves and Broccoli cheese quiches with fruit.

Grandma and Mom at Clementines
Three generations of mommas :)

I was so tired when I got home that I changed my clothes and took a nice nap on the couch, Starsky decided to join me :)

Gotta love the puppy lovin

Then Bill and i went to Julias house party, (sorry I didn't get any pics there) we had a real great time, I am so proud of the little home she has set up for herself, it looks beautiful, like something out of a magazine :) they had a nice little bon fire that Bill and i cozied up to, and we spent the evening talking to everyone.

This morning Bill and i went to breakfast and the grocery shopping, unfortunately I kept feeling like i was going to pass out at the store, so we made it a quick trip, I picked up my Iron pills and back home I went, for another 3 hour nap.

We then took the dog for a walk, talk to the neighbors, and played ball with the pup. Bill is his out on his motorcycle, when he gets home it;s grilling time! MMMMM Teryaki chicken kabobs .....and don't forget the cherry ice cream!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

How sleep in pregnancy relates to sex....written by me

1. Even when its bad it’s still pretty good.
2. When you want it to last it never does, but when you need a “quickie” it always lasts too long.
3. You can try many different positions before your comfortable.
4. With sex, you can do it and fall asleep, with sleep, your husband sees you doing it and just falls asleep.
5. Eating certain foods can make you feel sexy, eating just about anything can make you feel sleepy.
6. You always want to tell your friends, about the “great sleep you had last night”.
7. If your interrupted during good sex, you may want to kill people, if your interrupted during good sleep, you may want to kill people.
8. You can have a sexy dream and wake up hot, with sleep you can just go to bed and wake up hot.
9. You may get a Charlie horse during sex, you WILL get a Charlie horse during sleep.
10. After sex you may have to pee, with sleep you lay down and you have to pee.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relief, wishing I could get relief, and an early surprise?

Oh yeah BABY!!!!! 29 weeks and counting!

So here I am again back from another crazy week :)

I had my glucose test on Tues, and honestly, I was expecting WAAAAYYY worse, some people make it sound so horrible! They gave it to me ice cold and it tasted just like orange soda, no joke! I could have picked up a 6 pack of that shit and downed it! I didn't pass out or get sick,but I did get a terrible case of the stupids afterwards, my brain just wouldn't function. I went home afterward and took a nice long nap.

The nurse called this morning and let me know that I had PASSED!!! WHOOHOOO! I asked her how close I was, and she said "well below abnormal" which was awesome! I am however low on iron, so now I have to take Iron supplements too. she asked me if I ever eat red meat, which I only do occasionally, she suggested at least once a week, and to eat lots of leafy greens like spinach. The husband is going to LOVE the red meat requirement lol.

The Kitty
I got word on Monday that the vegan lady is going to keep my kitty! She said he has settled right in, chases mice at night, and during the day sleeps on the only forbidden bed in the house, she also has noticed that he can indeed open doors, ( i sort of forgot to mention that to her) she loves him and thanked me for a great cat :) This has been SUCH a relief for me! and I love not getting attacked anymore. I honestly do not know what the hell got into him, but I am glad I found better surroundings for him. it really puts me at ease.

Big baby
when I had my monthly appt. after my test on Tues. I asked the doctor while she was measuring my belly, if I was measuring on time or not, because honestly I feel ahead, i can't explain it, I just do. And she said "actually yes, you are measuring 1 week and a half ahead." so I get to do another ultrasound on the 26th too see if he is actually a big baby, or if I am measuring big because I am carrying totally in front, or as she says it "your all belly and boobs". I cant wait to see the lil guy again, and this time my mom is going to come with me so that she can see him too!
It's funny, the more pregnant that I get,the more body parts I feel. Today I felt what has to be a butt up in my rib cage. Ever time I squeeze it a little, he kicks me. It's so cute. The bad part of all this, is that I am really starting to feel the pains, my sciatic nerve is on fire, and no amount of chiropractor work is helping. my feet swell daily now and hurt like hell by the end of the night, actually my whole body aches by the end of the night. not to mention the hot flashes!! Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night feeling like your in an oven!
But it is all just part of the joy :) and as much as I am ready for this to be over, I am on cloud nine mentally. and so very excited to meet our little man :)....or big man as fate may have it!

well I am off to put my feet up, I have a nice weekend of taking my mother and grandmother out to Lunch for Mothers day, and then off to a housewarming party at Julias! I need to rest!