Monday, March 11, 2013

Peace (Finally) and celebrations

There is nothing quite like that moment when eveyrhting that is bugging you and harping on your mind, suddenly releases and dissapates, the air clears and I swear it's like a spring day, wonderful, fresh.
Friday we found out my Husbands test results from his heart test came back PERFECT, wich means he probably just has anxiety. So that was a HUGE relief in our lives.

Then on Saturday, I had a surprise Birthday party for him at the Wiking Lizard in Lakewood, it is in an old Armory and they have bowling lanes underneath the resturaunt that you can rent out for parties. This was his fortieth, and he was a little down about it, so I wanted to make sure ot do something super special :)

We had around 30 or so people show up, a full buffet and bowling, it was awesome and he was so happy:)
Here are some photos below!

I think this photo....speaks for itself lol

What is better than helping daddy blow out his candles??
(just two candles, because I mean.....40...I didn't really want to set the place on fire)

Hudson and Girlfriend Number one...

Hudson and Girlfriend number two....

I just love this photo lol....

so excited to open his gifts lol

A friend of ours made him a Harley Davidson lamp out of an old bottle

So here is what it looked like in the car ont he way to the the ballons and cake,
Im all excited.......

and on the way home.......this poor kid was UPSET, was playing with four girls for about three hours, and when it was all over he just kept crying "My girlfriends!!!! I want them!!!! I miss my girlfriends!!!" Kid cried alllllll the way home :( Poor guy lol....chicks man.....
Sunday we just relaxed and ejoyed the beautiful weather outsid,e it was in the 60's here and sunny.....ahhhh Come on summer i am ready!!!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing my son to my artisitc side

This past weekend, we thought it would be fun to get out of the house and enjoy the newly remodeled Cleveland Museum of Art
Here are some of the great photos I took with my new D3100 :)

About a minute after this photo was taken....we got yelled at for taking the photo lol

Ruebens Gallery, always my favorite

There is so much natural light inside since they remodeled it
everything is so opened up and goreous. I haven't visited this museum in at least four years, I used to frequent it often while in art school. it was always "my place"


They have a super great interactive art area now, called Gallery One
Hudson had a blast with the touch screen


.......Handfuls of crazyness

That has been life latley, handfulls of crazyness, both good and bad. Some things to report-
On The Bad:
-My husbands anxiety attacks returned full force a few weeks ago and I had to rush him to the ER.
The last time this happend was 6 years ago, we htought we kicked anxiety to the curb but...we were now we are going through a bunch of tests ot make sur everything is in working order ( better to be safe then sorry) but as usual, it is scary.
- We lost a few people at work and got really busy, then got some new people in,and now we are training like mad

On the Good-
- In the middle of this minor commotion, I got a promotion and a pretty large raise, YAY!!
I am really excited about it, but with it is a TON of training that I will need to do, but that alos means I will get to travel a bit, something I haven't done alot of in the past few years.

-I rediscovered myself in yoga again, the past two months I have spent a great bulk of time, getting back to my yogic lifestyle, and I am so very at peace with that :)

- I got a new camera!! A Nikon D3100!!! Im so excited!! I haven't had a camera this awesome since art school lol.

SO hang in....a should be posting a bit more often :) Just have ot take everything in stride and even it all out with my ujjiay breath ........