Monday, July 30, 2012

So this is what old feels like ...

This past Sunday was my bday,I wont say what age I turned, but I am still well withing the
 "thirty-something" range haha!!
Still, I remember vividly turning 30 like it was yesterday! Time goes by so fast!!
As i do every year , I decided to go shopping last week and buy something to for myself, I had been eyeing this skirt at JcPenny for ever, I really really wanted it, so when I got a 15 gift card from Penny's for my bday I though it would be a perfect time get it.
SO find it on the rack, the last one left!(yay) go into the dressing room, try it on and.......I hated it..
I mean REALLY hated it, you can't tell in this photo, and actually it looks pretty good here, but I swear to you, in person.....yikes. First of all, in this photo i have it hiked way up to my chest, because if I didn't it fell at least two inches past my feet on the floor , and I'm pretty tall, so I wonder how tall you have to actually be, for this thing to hang correctly.
The second thing, is that the lining only comes to the knee and being chiffon, it is totally see through from the knees down, which just looks weird. Sorry Leopard skirt, I really wanted you, but I tried you on three times, and....well,,,it's not going to work out....

I didn't leave empty handed however, I decided on the dress below

Dress-MNG Mango C/O JcPenny
Cardigan-Merona Target
Belt- Forever 21

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Months Mark. Fashion Finds

I sell AVON and Mark. Products.
All products below are current and available through my web site here
I do ship nationally (to all 50 states)
And if you don't like your product, you can always return it!
Take a look at whats hot this month!
Short Order Shorts $26.00
These shorts are roomy and can be carried into fall with a simple pair of black tights.

Show Your Metal Necklace-$24.00
This metal leaf necklace knows no season, great for fall or summer!
In The Mix Stretch Bracelets-$22.00
The shiny gold gives a luxe feel for less.

Ring Me Up Stretch Ring-$16.00
Cats eye design is perfect for fall outfits

Roll With It Romper-$32.00
For hot summer weather I love Rompers, they are airy and the style can be changed up so easily
by exchanging the accessories
Pretty Stellar Ring- $18.00
This turquoise ring makes a serious statement and adds a POP of color to any outfit
( just may have to get one for myself!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Current Obsession- Woodland Jewelry

Every so often I get obsessed with a certain type of jewelry.
Lately that obsession has been revolving around Woodland Creatures.
I believe i saw a fawn ring a few months ago, and have been pretty much obsessed ever since.
Here are some things that I am currently coveting on Etsy.

Baby Deer Ring from Hi Octane

Woodland Bangle from Frosted Willow

Fox ring from Angela Grace

Antler Ring from Moon Raven Designs

Branch Bracelets from PunkBunny300

Wrap Around Fox Ring from Michael Tatom

Friday, July 20, 2012

Candy Stripes

I have really been into the candy colors this spring.
I found this dress at Target the other day and had to have it.
I do however have a love hate relationship with the high waist line on it.
On one hand I love that it hides my belly....on the other hand, if I turn sideways, the "puffiness" in the front, combined with my prominent junk in the trunk,tends to make me look, well....wider.
So I decided...I  just wont stand sideways.......because I REALLY love this dress... is settled.

Sweater- Merona for Target
Dress- Merona for Target
Shoes- Merona for Target
(hmmm looks like I am quite fond of Tar-jay)

Bamboo Bracelet-EBay
Breast Cancer Bracelet- AVON
Polish- Wet n Wild "on a trip"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peachy Keen

There is nothing better on a hot day then a flowy skirt
It's feminine, it's flirty, its cool, and best of all, for all of us curvy chicks, it hides just the right spots.

Top -Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve and Barrys
Skirt- Old Navy Spring 2012
Belt- T.J Maxx

Shoes- Merona for Target

Gold Bangles- Walmart
Polish- Wet N Wild "On a Trip"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Dreaming on Refinery 21

Are you familiar with Refinery 21? Let me tell you what , YOU SHOULD BE.
It is my daily stop for a dose of all things fashion.
Here are some peices that I saw recently that really caught my eye.
Silk Tie Shirt - American Apparel

Linen front tie trousers- Forever 21

Cats Eye Glasses- American Apparel

Highwaisted Shorts- Forever 21

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Style Craft- Crackle bauble necklace

Let me start off by saying this was not solely my idea, I took a very original concept from Elsie and Emma over at and tweaked it to make it my own.

I love gaudy jewelry, bright colored almost ridiculous pieces, have always caught my eye.
And I love to dress us a plain Jane outfit with a POP of color, 
this necklace is super easy to make and can be done SO many different ways.

You will need.....
Acrylic Paint in two different colors (I picked turquoise and black)
Ribbon or any kind of string that you would like to use for the actual "necklace"
Wooden balls ( you can get them at the craft store in different sizes)
Bamboo skewers ( kind you use for cooking)
Slide a ball onto the skewer..
Paint the balls in the color that you like,
The trick is not to use too much paint or it will form drip marks.

Let dry, I took a pack of cards and set it on top of the skewer
 to allow the stick to hang off of the side of the table.

Next....the magic ingredient!!

Wait for it......

Crackle nail polish!
Because I sell AVON, I used the Avon Mosaic Effects Polish I already had on hand
but any brand will do!

Paint the entire ball in a thick layer of the crackle nail polish...
I added two more beads that I put a free hand design on as well,
but you could also feel free to leave those solid.
Once they are dry, thread them up onto either a ribbon
 or leather string or twine,
whatever your heart desires!

The finished product!
Once I made this I realized that I didn't care for the ribbon as a necklace
( sometimes you will have that),
so I will definitely be changing it to probably a black leather string instead.
 But that is the beauty of this, you could change it up a millon times to suit your mood!
You could also paint the balls white and do a cobalt blue crackle over it,
(I love blue and white together)
or even color block it!
Above all have a good time with it, and get creative!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Over the weekend.......

This past weekend we.....

Spent time with friends..... 

Had cake......(Umi Zoomi cake to be exact)

....And Ice Cream...

Opened gifts.......
Listened to 20 people sing Happy birthday to us....

Chilled with our girlfriend...

and blasted out some serious bubble fun....

This past weekend was particularly special, as my son turned 3...I swear it's amazing how time does fly...

Whether this past weekend was YOUR birthday, or just a wonderful relaxing break, spent with family and friends...
Here's to you........and hopefully a great week!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Channeling the Pin-Up

It has been so long since I visited the Pin Up Girl Look.
I missed it, I really need to do it more often.
I have to apologize for the lack of quality in these photos,I was trying to get the photos done
 so I could leave for work this morning, and hoping my son wouldn't wake up in the process lol.
I am working on it:)

Skirt- Target (4 years ago)
Sweater: Mossimo for Target
Shoes:You guessed it, Target
Flowered Hair Comb: Made by Rascal Kosher