Monday, June 14, 2010

A tiring wonderful sunday

Sunday was great, we went to my grandmothers house, which would be Hudson’s Great Grandmother (otherwise known as “GG”) He had a great time! My grandma has this path behind her house that walks around a lake where there is a play ground, so I walked him over there and put him in the baby swing for the first time, at first it looked like he was going to throw up lol, but then he really liked it, not letting me take him out for at least 15 minutes, then we went down the slide together and walked the rest of the path, coming up on a flock of Canadian geese, which Hudson was mesmerized with! Mommy how ever…is scared to death of them lol and didn’t want to stick around that long.
On the way back to grandmas house we walked past a little two year old girl with her grandparents, Hudson flashed his big ol smile, and she came over to him and touched his hand, he touched her face, it was so cute!
We spent the whole day over there just visiting and relaxing, the pictures below, are of him on the way home lol, he was pooped out!
Unfortunately I am back at work today big sucky, but it is what it is. Have a good Monday!

On the way home from GG's, zoning out lol

By the time we got home

On the couch an hour later, passed out watching toy story, he puts his lovley over his own head and passes out.

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Mrs Munster said...

Bless. What a cutie pie!