Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crafts,Kicks and French fries OH MY!!!

So yesterday was an extremely productive day. I finally got my "baby changing pad" done, I have seen other portable changing pads, but they were usually not waterproof, so since I am having a boy and we all know boys can be um a diaper changing, I wanted to make sure I had a waterproof cushy mat to put under his bottom. I went to Jo Ann fabrics and got some cute flannel that matched his bed set, and intended to sew it between two pieces of vinyl, when I told the lady who worked there about this she introduced me to Iron ON Vinyl!!!!Holy crap! I didn't know they made this stuff!!! ( yeah doesn't take alot to excite me lol)

below is what I came up with. for "Padding" I used an old piece of ugly flannel fabric triple folded and stuck between to the vinyl fused flannel pieces.

Rolls up and has a Velcro strap so that it can be tucked away in your diaper bag

Unrolls either halfway to leave a little "pillow" or you can roll it all the way out for long changing tables.

Later in the afternoon Bill and I took Starsky for a 1 hour walk, holy hell my body was NOT ready for that! But we did have a nice walk through downtown Berea and then into the woods were Bill has been finding old artifact about our city, like old train tracks from the early 1800's and a old water tower for a steam engine. It was very interesting to see what our city may have been like waaaaaaay back when, and the best part is,not many people know about this little area or that these artifacts exist!Before asking Starsky if he wants to go for a walk

After asking Starsky if he wants to go for a walk.
When we got back we met up with Bills family for dinner at the Harley Diner, I was so freaking hungry from the walk that I wanted to eat everything in site, but I refrained (thankfully) I got a huge grilled chicken salad and washed it down with a basket of fries......mmmmmmmmmmm I am an endless pit once again. I was so hungry and those fries tasted so good, that Bill swears the waitress brought the fries and then he turned his head for five minutes and they were gone, probably true :) My god, I must have looked like a pig sitting there eating my hoard of greasy goodness, but at that moment, the way I looked was the furthest thing from my mind!
Then when we came home and I wanted Ice Cream so we wen't out for that, and I also ended up sneaking half of the hot dog that my husband bought.( I swear this was at least 4 hours later......honestly!)
BTW in reference to this post the other day. Here is what THAT was all about:

yeah, ouch. But since I haven't been sitting at a desk all day ( because it's the weekend) I have successfully been able to see my ankles.
When I finally did get home last night for good, I decided to have a long soak. But while I was laying there reading a baby book, I saw my stomach move out of the corner of my eye, so I looked down again and sure enough, it moved again and again........and again.....I freaked out and called for Bill to come in and see, we sat there and watched our lil boy roll and tumble around in my belly,both in near tears, then Bill put his hand on my belly and got a nice couple of kicks in the palm. It was single handedly the coolest shit I have ever seen in my entire life, and now I am SO in love!!!! I have felt him moving around for months, but this.....this was a whole new level!!! Now all I want to do is lay in bed and watch my stomach jump!
Not much on the agenda today, just some light straightening up and possibly cleaning out the nursery closest , as we are going to be sanding the walls soon then painting! Wow never thought we would finally get to that point!
I will leave you with this Etta James tune for a nice Sunday:

Friday, March 27, 2009

I know alot of people wont "Get" this but...

Dorks like me, will be familiar with the Bud Light, Real men of Genius commercials.

Well i was SO happy to find compression hose for my swollen feet today at target, that I Parodied a Real Men Of Genius ad about compression hose.

The words In ( ) is the part where that guy sings in a fake rock voice.

Bud light presents.....True men of Genius (trueeee meeen of gen-ius) here to you Mr. fashion leg compression hose inventor (Mr fashion leg compression hose inventor!) because of you, my Pills bury dough boy feet can now once again fit into my size 9 shoe ( come on and squeeze it now!) Sausage toes? No problem, thanks to your nylon wonder, my feet now resemble human parts, instead of two piles of croissant dough (Poppin fresh!) So here's to you Mr, Fashion leg compression hose maker,my feet are comfortable once again. (Mr fashion leg compression hose inventorrrrrrrrrr) Brought to you by Bud Light, my feet are no longerin Miss-ouri

Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Amazing woman

I just wanted to take a second to bring to light an amazing firend in my life and amazing women with unbeatable inner strength. This is My friend Michele,

Michele and I have known each other since 9th grade math class. And I love her to death.

We have been through ALOT togethor. After highschool she left home and ventured on a new life in Florida, She suffered through two bad marriages, and has now found her romeo and married him, she also has a daughter (Elizabeth) who is as cute as a button!
Micheles husband is being deployed to Afghanistan, and although she is used to this, she is scared.

But still she has this unbeatable inner strength and courage that just amazes a person.

She makes no apologies for who she is, (wich is why I adore her so) and has helped me so much with this whole pregnancy thing.

I give her credit because I always told myself I would never marry a military man, because I know I could not handle him being deployed.

But that is why I am so proud of her, she is a mom, an army wife, and an eternal best friend.

Hold tight Michele, I love ya, and me and the girls most definitley got your back for whatever you may need. Even if it means calling me at 4 am in the morning, shit, when your hubby IS deployed I WILL probably be up at 4am feeding the baby lol.

I am asking everyone who knows a gal who has a guy in the service, to give them your kudos, these women are stronger than most, and deserve and award for what they do!

Love ya Chele.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Etsy finds for the whole family!

Ok providing I wasn't broke I would buy all of this stuff, we would be one good looking bunch I do tell ya~!

Cute , but he wouldn't be in it long enough to justify how much is costs, $10.00, Considering I can get like a 4 pack of these at Target for that much.

I really do like this however, and could get alot of use out of it~!
Obviously not for my boy, but if I had a girl this would be too too ctue for her!
This Burp cloth is super AWESOME! I am going to the fabric store tommorrow and getting some cute fabric to make my own! And how kewl that it is cut out around the neck!

For me of course! A real reason to work on getting my waist back!
A leopard pruse is def. a need for a new mom indeed!
I think the hubby would look dapper as HELL in this ROWR baby!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You can always go home again.....

They say that you can never go back to your childhood home once you have left, especially if you left that home 20 years ago.

My childhood home today

Some people only grew up in one house, I grew up in two, my teenage years were spent in our house on West 22nd street, but from age 2 until 10 , a good part of my childhood years, were spent in a little duplex on 6th street. I lived on one side, and my Friend Jeanette lived on the other, we were both two years old. Then when she turned 4 they moved away, but I stayed until age ten. The fabulous part is, Jeanette and I are still great pals, and our families are also still friends, she is the longest Friend I have had! She was even maid of honor in my wedding!

I miss the old house, but over the years as I went by it, it started to look more and more haggard, it depressed me that it didn't look the same as it used to. That's why I was so excited a few months ago when Jeanette are her Husband (both landlords) saw that the place was for sale and snatch it up for rental property! They are working on fixing it back up to it's original form. Recently she asked if I would like to come and walk through it once more before their renters moved in. OF COURSE!!! I was thrilled! my parents came with me, and they always say that it never looks the same when you go back, but I swear we all thought after 20 years the place had not changed one bit, it was dirty however, filthy in fact, bordering on gross, and the walls were all yellow with smoke, but it still felt like OUR house, like we never left. it wasn't any smaller or bigger than we remembered it, it was just the way we left it. ( well all except for the dirt of course.) I must have spent a good 45 minutes in their pointing out where all the furniture was and memories in certain places of the house, it was truly a treat for me. Below are some pictures.

Me sitting on dads head in the old house
Jeanette, me and Alicia, mugging for the camera
Mom used to like to dress me up like a basbushka babinka. This was taken in the old house
Me and Alicia in the backyard being silly

The back garden then (1984) And now 2009

The back of the house then The back of the house now

The old kitchen The dining room wall with steps. We used othave ahuge fish tank were my mom is standing
The Dining roomThe Living Room
The old dirt hill in the basement that we used to play barbies on!
The old oak tree I used to climb.Our nieghbors across the street. Both long gone.Our view down the street, I will always remember it!
Jeanette and Ion the stairs of the old house just yesterday!

Mom update, a governmental vent, and baby stuff

Yeah it’s a bit of a modge podge post today lol.
I got a lot going on.

My mother is feeling much butter, at least for the moment, she got on the right meds and her breathing is way better, she even can climb the stairs again without losing her breath entirely, she also lost 12 pounds! And looks really good. When I was over there last night I was sitting at the dinner table and looking at her in amazement, she didn’t even look sick or like she was having any problems at all. It was very comforting to see that, my dad also lost a lot of weight, and looks fabulous. More about what my mom and I did last night, in the next post!


Thank GOD I live in a country were speaking out about the government in my blog wont get me arrested. As many of you know things are real bad here in the states, money is being misspent, we are still at war with one country and probably on the edge of war with several others, here are some things that have pissed me off lately that I really need to just get off of my chest.
The economy: one of the major reasons that the economy sucks, is because all of these high priced bankers misspent thousands of dollars, the government them selves misspent money, and our former president saw the we were headed for a global disaster and did nothing to stop it. Our country is in shambles, people are losing their homes, their jobs and sometimes even their lives , a few people have gone ballistic and shot up entire buildings, or taken out their family in despair, it’s not right and it’s very scary.
The U.S recently bailed out a few big banks who were on their way out, we also bailed out AIG ( a big insurer) not once but TWICE. And now they are finding out that they paid out Millions of dollars or more in bonuses to the people who were asleep at the financial wheel and go the company into all of this mess. Granted NOW the government realizes that this happened and what’s to pursue legal action against AIG. But wake up people, us taxpayers could have told you this was going to happen, before the second time we lent them money. It was as clear as day. And now that money is gone.
We gave money Palestine when our people are losing their lively hood:
I didn’t get a raise last year, now mind you I don’t make shit, so that hurt, and now I find out we won’t get a raise or a bonus next year either, which is funny, because the big guys at AIG get a 235 million dollar bonus, and no I’m not kidding. Not to mention that we just openly gave 950 million to Palestine, to bribe them to stop fighting Israel. And While I wish the fighting over there would stop, were do we get off doing THAT? I barley have a job and we just gave all that money that we need to another country???????

Ok I’m done on the government vent…….because that’s just about to turn ugly.


Everything is going fine with the pregnancy, counting down I only have 4 and a ½ months or so!
But there are some things that I am getting tired of people saying, I have listed them below:
1. "You think your sleepy now.......Just wait"
2. "You think THAT hurts? lol Just wait until labor, you will feel like your dying!"
3. "He not going to do that after the baby comes is he?" or " you know once the baby comes you wont be able to do that"
4. "You're not going to let the dog/cat around the baby are you? You know you have to keep them away"
5. "so how much have you gained now?"
6. "Whoa you got big!"
7. "Oh I know your petrified of labor but honestly all the pain melts away once you see your baby" I KNOW this , but when I say Im scared of labor I am SCARED!!! i don't want to hear that, it's like your hiding some huge horrible info from me!! I know it will all melt away, but I am not good with pain!
8. " Don’t drink any alcohol," or "you know you cant eat this or that"
Are you freaking serious?? I mean, really, do you think I don’t do my research?
9. "Oh it’s your first? You will most likely go weeks late"
10. " I know the hospital is 30 minutes away but, this is your first you'll have plenty of time"
I wasn’t worried about time, I am worried about the PAIN I WILL BE IN FOR THAT TIME!!!!
….ok I’m done…. A happier post will ensue next time I promise, Im working on it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lakewood Calling......

Today was such a wonderful day, I went and got my hair done, (finally) and feel SO much better about myself now! Then I headed over to Lakewood to Natures Bin , it's a natural foods market that I rarely get to go to anymore, but always used to frequent when we lived there, and I MISS it! Got some terrific orangic apples, instant rice noodle soup and organic mac and cheese that I love. I was also searching for dried peaches for my muffins tomorrow but, no such luck, I never thought I would have such a hard time finding dries peaches.

Then I headed over to City Dweller, a crazy VERY eclectic store I also used to frequent, and I picked up some cool little things for my gal Rascal. Who has not been feeling very well for a bit now, so I am sending her a package to cheer her up!

Then it was off to target where I scored some cool tortoise shell cats eye shades for spring. ( I say spring because I will no doubt have lost them by summer and hence will need a new pair)

and got some make up essentials.

I'm home now, exhausted and ready to put my feet up.

have a great night!

Finally got my hair colored and trimmed.......ahhh......I feel human again...sorry for the toilet in the back ground LOL...the bathroom really has the best light though! Oh oh! Alos I got three compliments on how kewl my necklace was today! Imade it! and never get comliments on it, so that made me feel real good! You can se it but it says "Blondie" in red and below is a picture of Blondies face.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh what the hell, it's friday why not?

These are the rules:
1. respond and rework: answer the questions on your
blog, replace one question that you dislike with a
question of your own invention, add one more question
of your own.
2. tag eight other un-tagged people.

What is your current obsession?
ANYTHING Cobalt blue!

What are you wearing now?
Brown knee high boots, maternity jeans,sheer long chasmere sweater, cobalt blue glass bead necklace that I crafted.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My hubby, who was still in bed when I left.....

What would your dream job be?
Editor in cheif of a major fashion mag!

What's for dinner?
Probably veggie pizza tonight, usually i LOVE to cook, but come on now, it's friday!

What was the last thing you bought?
Cute stuff for the nursery

What are you listening to right now?

The clacking of keyboards and sound of the air humming above my head (I am at work)

What is your favorite weather?


What is on your bedside table?
A book on how to care for newborns, a box of tissues, a pad of paper and a pen.

What's your style?

oh brother, it varies, I would say, retro with a side of California gal, when I'm not pregnant I am more retro lol. i also like very classic lady like looks and outfits with clean lines.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Making this kid and getting him out!

Say something to the person who tagged you.
Rascal didn't tag me, but this was on her blog, and she is a beautiful rockbella!!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully
furnished anywhere in the world, where do you
want it to be?
Paris France, and the decor would be in Late Victorian Baroque, nto alot of Victorian, just enough to make it lovely!

Favorite vacation spot?
Honestly? my parents condo in the smoky mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennesse.

Name the things you cannot live without.
Liquid eyeliner, pretty things, my hubby, lipgloss, great shoes!

What would you like to have in your hands
right now?
A great pair of huge dior cat eye style sunglasses. Black, respectivley.

What 's your favorite color?
Cobalt blue!!!

What was the last book you read?
oh wow, hmmm.... Belly Laughs by Jenny Mcarthy.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the
next hour, where would you go?

Auckland ,New Zealand because there is a really kewl bar that is up in a tree house there that I saw on some time ago.

Who do you admire the most?
Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese and Cate Blanchette

What's your favorite bubble gum?

Any kind of spearmint gum.

I will also tag anyone who wants to answer these questions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Abominable Abdominal pregnant lady

Please excuse my rustled appearance, as I need to get my hair done sat. So sometime between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, my belly grew twice it's size, Don't see it in the picture above? Well have a closer look here:

I am not quite sure what happend but it's as thought as soon as I hit 20 weeks BAM!! Growth spurt, my belly is now big enough for me to be fully aware of it and bump into shit if I don't clear it out of the way first. So big that I can set my food plate on top of it and use it as a little shelf when Im eating lunch at my desk, because elts face it, I cannot bend over my belly to eat because then yes I CAN reach my food, but no I cannot breathe!! At first I thought maybe it was me, and that I couldnt have possibly grown THAT much in a matter of a few days, then I started the work week and had at least 4 separate people on several different occasions say something to the effect of "whoa mamma, I mean goddamn lady!!"....and thats when I pretty much knew it was for real.

Not only have I grown, but my eating is atrotious!! I am a never ending pit once again.

For the past three days I have been wanting Onion rings BAD, not the tasty beer battered ones, no......I wanted ....Burger king onion rings?????? I hate Burger King, ecspecially their onion rings! nevertheless, my coworker got so tired of hearing me say I wanted them, that she went out and got me a large box of them,....and I ate them ALL!!! in 5 minutes or less~! To make matters worse I also polished off a turkey sandwich, cheese stick, orange and a slice of butter finger pie in less than and hour! But I was determined to be "good" for dinner and had a nice salad with balasamic vinegartte dressing lots of veggies, and a grilled cheese sandwich..............only to top it off with the rest of the potatoe chips, salsa and a sugar free klondike bar.......BURP>....... oh HELL YEAH!!!!

So i suppose that little line I may have made on Tues, about not gaining any weight at my doctors office appt. in three months, HAS to be invalid now. LOL Ahh well such is pregnancy. you know I love it.!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost peed my pants!

Well I alomst pee my pants rountinely since pregnant, but last night I found out two AWESOME THINGS!!!
Tori Amos will be releasing her 10th studio album in May! "Abnormally Attracted To Sin."

OMG OMG OMG I am so excited! Thanks for the heads up Mary!!

And Also:
my other favortie band in the world, U2, is coming out with "No Line on the horizon"
I listened to "Get on your boots" this morning, and I LOVE it! I swear this band will never grow old to me. They are going to be like 90 and still cranking out the hits. But am I th eonly one who notices that the drummer just doesnt age, like ever......wierd. yeah I am a bit u2 crazy, but this is coming from a girl who took a chuch course in the teaching of u2 and how it relates to theology lol, yeah.....I went THERE.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Nursery part Deux

OK so this whole wall paper removing thing isn't as easy at I thought it was, I mean I got the actual wall paper removed and the backing removed, but when I went to go wash the walls today, I ran into another problem, the freaking adhesive wont budge!!!! it's OK in some spot, in others its like the consistency of bubble gum, so apparently we pull out the big guns now and go get some adhesive remover, i am also noticing more spots that I did before that need to be re torn down and spackled (sigh) but I will leave THAT part the hubby.
I was so excited to find out that we were having a boy yesterday, that I woke up at 4 am for my normal Early morning bathroom run, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I sat in bed and mapped out how I was going to decorate. When I got up I got on Jcpenny .com and ordered the bedding set that I have been wanting for months now, and hey it was like 25% off!!! Bargain! Below is what I got, I can't wait for it to come in!

The bedding, it is a four piece set, I figure I can hang the comforter above the crib for decor until the kid gets old enough to use it.
Valance for the window

Lamp, LOVE the giraffe

Adhesive on the wall that is SO bad ( all the yellow shit) that you can still see hair of the person who originally put it up.......ewwww...I mean how do you even DO that????

I also went back to target and got the stuff that I found in the bargain bin, that just HAPPEND to match my room decor. ( see we were MEANT to have a boy!)

Area from target bargain bin $2.50!

Knobs for the dresser from the bargain bin, $2.50!
Monkey wall hanging from of course the bargain bin, also 2.50

Monkey head bank ( I wont even repeat it) also 2.50
Night light lamp shade ( It's tiny and plugs into the wall)
Ok, so it doesn't match the decor, but I have been eyeing this damn blanket for MONTHS< wooHOO!!!! my lil rebel baby!!