Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas Friends.....

I just wanted to say a blessed and very Merry Christmas to all of you who read this, may your new year be stellar as hell, and may it involve lots of Crafty goodness. I know I cannot wait to start on my after new years crafts Valentines Day!!! I would love to make a valentines day wreath or two :)

Have a very Merry Christmas and we will see you after the new year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas time is here!

Some pictures I took tonight of my christmas decorations.
Alot of my stuff is hand me downs from my parents, but next year I plan on making some new wreaths, some real funky ones, but for this recession christmas, this will have to do! :) Still I wish I could have Shan, of Design girl and her handy man come decorate my place!
Check out her pretty christmas setup! Click the link!

Jar of candied nuts I gave out as gifts this year

Handmade felt ball ornaments that I made for gifts

Russian Nesting Doll Cards, that I had made to give out, now I want to keep them lol

Truly a silent night.

On the "Reuse" word of the week

I thought this article was appropriate for implementing the word of the week "reuse"
My friend Julia could use this , as she is making her giftwrapping this year, I have tons of bags I wanna try it!!

Winter book and movie list

Well it will soon be that time again, the snow will start falling, the weather is freezing, and christmas will be over, that's when the dead of winter comes, were theres nothing to do on saturday and sunday mornings, other than cuddle with the baby and dog and hubby and read some books or watch some movies.
Here are the list of books I would like to get around to reading, honestly if
i get though just ONE I will be amazed:

I am almost embarrassed to say that I haven't read this book or seen the movies yet, and also embarrassed to say I am even considering reading it, but I feel i may actually like it, I read the entire Ann Rice Vampire Chronicles, so I figure why not.

I heard about this book in a story one morning on the BBC, Eastern culture just fascinates me.

Can't help it, as much as I hate Bill Oriley I love Glenn Beck, I just find him sensible,

very middle of the road and common sense. and since I don't much care for americas political state, I feel now would be a good time to read this.

I have never read the Da Vinci code, but this one I do want to check out, because it's about the secretive society of Masons, the Masons have always intrigued me.

Don't ask don't ask don't ask lol because I really have no idea WHY I would even want to read this, Politically I don't care for Palin, it's not really her beliefs so much, it's more that I don't think she is in any way shape or form political material,

HOWEVER, I do like her as a person and find her interesting.
She just seems refreshingly simple... and a bit clueless

Movies I need to Catch up on This Winter

I love to cook, love Julia Child, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, It's a perfect match
Bill and I both want to see this and Bradley Cooper....mmmmmmm

This just looks terribly cute

I think I like every movie that Michael Cera has ever been in,
I just love his down to earth acting style, it's hilarious.
I still can't believe that Michael Jackson is gone, I really would love to see this
When I was pregnant, all I did was ball my eyes out every time
I saw the preview for this movie. lol

Here is to a warm and cozy winter! Curled up on the couch in a funky pair of
fleece pjs and slippers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


ok so here it is, a rare "normal blog post" from me, nothing about shopping or clothes or music or anything of that sort, things have been rough the past few weeks. and I sort of just need a space to dump it all. So i write this handy post, then it will be out of my system ,promise.

Financially this year has been hard, with me not getting paid for part of my leave, and our business not doing real well thanks to the economy, we have been scratching literally to get by. Most of Hudsons formula is put on a credit card because guess what? I can't afford 80 bucks a week (yes you red that right) on my salary! but I have to do it, because he needs to eat. but it's times like this that I really wish the whole breastfeeding thing worked out.!!!!

Christmas will be slim this year, and what we do have will be put also on credit, we mainly took care of the little man this year, but I also got a few small things for my parents and my hubby.
At least we will all be together....In the magic of the season.

But my parents.....well that's another story, my mother has had a host of health problems since pretty much her forties, after a major car accident when she was 43, she developed Fibromayalgia, a muscle condition that can cause great pain for no reason, she has dealt with it with a smile on her face for years and years, at 60 she got into another horrible car accident causing severe nerve damage and putting her in the hospital for weeks, she lost full control of her right arm, plus the accident aggravated the fibromayalgia, rendering her sometimes incapable of moving, and on a good day, barley moving, then the following year she got breast cancer, localized, it didn't spread, it was removed and she endured 6 weeks of radiation. She has always had severe depression (which I have also inherited a knack for with the fibromayaglia, but not nearly as bad as hers,they caught mine early)now made worse by the tamoxifen she is taking for the next 5 years ( thankfully they are trying to work that out) she has lung damage from the airbag hitting her so hard, (sarcardosis) ...sigh,.... it's very hard to watch, she is on disability and most of the time keeps a positive attitude, but then there are those horrible days she calls me in tears and I am scared for her, scared to death, thankfully my father is usually home with her. But its even wearing on him, and that causes other issues, all I have ever wanted was for my mother to feel healthy to feel good, all I have ever wanted to give her is a new body. And it's painful as hell not being able to help at all.the only real joy in her world is Hudson, and now she has developed a serious injury in her knee and cannot come to babysit him every wed, like she used to, this really doesn't sit well with her, because one, we live at least 45 minutes away and she barely see's him and two he is her only distraction. So i am trying to take him out on Sundays to her house, to ease that pain until she has knee surgery hopefully in Feb. or March.

this just all weights on me heavily, and around the holidays it's especially hard,then I go home and my husband may be stressed out and short fused about money issues, some days I feel like my world is falling in on me, the only one holding it up is my sweet baby boy, that smile....I tell you what....can pull me out of the deepest funk.

as my parents age, I am becoming more conscious about my own health, there is heart disease on my dads side,cancer on my mothers and diabetes in both. I KNOW I don't take great care of myself. I know I barley exercise, that my cholesterol is probably ridiculous, that I eat too much sugar, don't sleep enough (cant really do anything about that) don't eat well enough and need more vitamins, I want to get healthy now that I am in my 30's, but I am so tired that I never am able to stick to anything, I want to go to the gym after work but I miss my baby so much it kills me, but dammit! I KNOW the risks of not taking care of my self, I know this, so why cant I just do it? Why cant i stick to a diet, keep out of the sugar, and move more? it's frustrating, I attribute alot of it to lack of sleep and hormones.What cant I remember to sit up straight? push my shoulders back, take a freaking vitamin everyday.Some times I feel like giving up, but then I remember that I need to get healthy for my son, he deserves the world and I want to give it to him.

Don't get me wrong despite all of it's issues my life is pretty good, and I do love it, but I don't handle stress very well, and this time of year isnt helping. I love Christmas, i just wish I could enjoy it more........vent over.......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Word of the week.....

Ok so here is something new that I am trying, a "word of the week post'

I look like HELL here lol,it was 6 am this morning, what do you want lol, I definitley look like a mother who hasn't slept lol.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Favortie color obsession

Not feeling too well today, the baby is having major sleeping issues and I am just worn down and tierd beyond belief, may also be coming down with something, (FUN!!)

So i got on Polyvore and played around a bit. Here is what I would call a current color obsession, BUT I have been intrigued with this color from a very young age. It reminds me of antiques.

My aunt once told me that she hated the color "cobalt blue" because Cobalt treatments are what they used to give cancer patients back in the day,....figure she would take something so beautiful and crap on it.....But it's still my fave.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Holiday hustle/wish list

Hey all, sorry I have been slacking on the ol blog lately, but I have been crating my butt off for Christmas. I will post pictures of my crafts as soon as I am done making the last of them.
I took some christmas photos of the little man on thanksgiving, (it was really the only time that he was dressed up) I cannot wait until my photo Christmas cards come in, yay!
Momma, Daddy and Baby

Here is my wish list for this christmas:

Gift Certificate to Sephora OR Ulta (Always the right fit!!)This Fragrance sampler set at Sephora, once you decide wich one you like, you can go into Sephora and get a free bottle!The YUDU, Home Screen Printing Kit, (this is my "in your wildest dreams" gift")Purses from Trophey Queen, mmmm Sparkly Naugahide mmmmmThese utlra fem ringsA grill pan! Enamled Cast iron Please!
These adorable head bands from Red Velvet Art!!NARS Tokaido Express Nail polish

A gift certificate from either Dante Lucci, or Bella Capelli for a spa treatment or

Manicure or Pedicure

Gift certificates to bath and Body Works or Victorias Secret so I can buy some smell goods!

Happy Holidays!!!!!