Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh ok FINE you win lol

Thanks for the response to my prior post, I was just testing the waters to see if it was still something I wanted to do, because I like to share stuff with people, so if no one where reading, then it wouldn’t matter so much. But aside from seeing that many of you do read it, (I got even more responses via email). Then I will continue, also it is a nice way to keep a running tab on things that I have done,and is somewhat therapeutic at times lol.

When it rains….
I have still been crazy busy lately, I don’t know even where to start. Our home computer went down on Sunday night, we contracted the Conficker Virus, as I kindly refer to it as Conf**ker Virus. Because of the most constant “F**K!!!!!” That came out of my mouth as the virus quickly multiplied on my hard drive and infected EVERYTHING, I had to reformat the hard drive, which means I lost everything, photos that I had (though I had copied a lot of important ones to an external storage stick a day before this happened phew) Bill lost ALL of his Car Club stuff, and my ITunes was wiped clean, almost 200 dollars worth of music. UGH!! Luckily, I do still have my entire library in my iPod, I just have to figure out how to transfer it back to my computer. Anyways, in that mound of lost crap, was Hudson’s First birthday invite that I worked so hard on  that I think was what devastated me the most, but I DID find a print out I had done of it in the office, and thank god for that, I cant make any changes on it, but everything should be ok anyways, which is good, because the virus killed my cd drives, which means I cannot reinstall Photoshop  and re-do the invite. It is essentially Bills computer, so I am leaving it up to him to replace the drives or get a new PC. I my self am getting a Mac Book pro in sept, when I start school. So that should fix that whole problem.
My 89 year old Grandmother

My grandma, god bless her, is a true fighter, she has had colon cancer, breast cancer, knee surgery, and shoulder surgery, and came out on top, she is generally healthier than the whole family. But on Monday night she called my mom at 11pm. Said she was making out her bills and her left hand went numb and she couldn’t move it or pickup a piece of paper, she called 911 and thought she was having a stroke. They ran tests all night and couldn’t find anything, they are doing a MRI today, wich they have to knock her out for because she freaks out when she gets one. The think she may have had a TIA or a mini-stroke. I really hope she turns out ok.
Soooo. Hudson is mobile! TIME TO SCREW EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR! I came home Friday from work and he ran right up to me, I about passed out! Then on his third try his promptly fell right on his face, smacking his forehead onto the hardwood floor, he’s got a nice bruise but it’s going away and he’s fine no brain damage LOL.He did however shy away from walking for the next few days after that lol. Stop to baby proof! Like NOW!! And time for mommy to do more core strength exercises! Because this bending over to help him walk is killing me! He is also eating everything, Avacados,blueberries,oatmeal, smaller chunks of meat, cooked carrots and peas. And he LOOOOOVEs a big bowl of noodles! He is also fond of rasin bread toast, the past few days he refuses to eat anything but, I gave him a real treat this morning and put some cream cheese on it, he REALLY liked that. Lol my little stinky man is growing up! (Sad face)

Great Fathers Day

For fathers day, my dad came out to my house and we went for a 12 mile bike ride in the metro parks near my house, I used to go on bike rides all the time with my dad back home, it was OUR thing, I miss it. We rode for a bit, stopped and ate, rode some more, stopped and bs’d rode some more ect. It was a beautiful sunny day , aside form the 90 degree humid weather, which you really didn’t notice until you stopped riding, then it was like walking into a blast furnace. I just love my dad 

Well that’s really it! I am off of work tomorrow; a friend of mine is coming home from Cincinnati. She is an amazing hair stylist and will be doing my hair at my mom’s house while Hudson visits with grandma. I am still undecided about whether or not I should have her but bangs, I end up hating them every time I get them, so maybe I won’t bother. Who knows we shall see. See you later!
By the way, i forgot to share, this is the beautiful Jade pearl Necklace my sister Dee brought me back from China! I LOVE IT!!!!!


Mrs Munster said...

Well done Hudson! They grow way too fast. My lil man has huge appetite but he he is super energetic so I suppose he needs it. He is never still when he is awake. Even cuddling with mummy he still needs to do something with his hands (like pinching me). I know I'm gonna be in big trouble when he starts to walk :)

The Klinks said...

Glad you like the necklace! As you know, I read your blog but can't always comment because my girls constantly bug me, lol I can't believe he is walking already...seems like he was just born : ( they do grow way too fast.

Heather said...

thankls gals, Yes Dee I know you read :) I know I am in BIIIIIG Trouble Hudson is a curious little stinker lol.