Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bag Lady

They say what’s in a woman’s purse tells a lot about who she is, here is what is in mine!
*5 Fruit Gum, I ALWAYS have to have gum on me to keep me from eating junk food at my weak points.

*My work pass( cant get through the gate without it!)
* a sharpie pen, a gals ALWAYS gotta have one, to “mark” her territory. Or to mark goodies in the office fridge with death threats if any one TRY to steal it.
*Rattail comb (for all those big hairdos) Pony tail holders (for when I need to get my hair out of my face) and a compact a dear friend brought to me from Kuwait.
*Vitamin D Pills (I am really really low on D) South Beach diet bar in Cinnamon Crunch, (for when I am stranded running errands with the little one) Propel fitness water ( I hate plain water, so to keep myself hydrated I have to “trick” my tastebuds into thinking it’s something tasty)
* Faux turquoise snakeskin pocket book (mainly holds charge cards or discount cards I rarely use,stamps,biz cards ect.
*I am a FREAK about lipstuff lol can you TELL? Here my two fave sephora lip glosses in Bronzed Beauty and Rosy Glow, Revlon super lustrous Lipstick in fuschia fusion.Cover Girl Lipslicks in Flirtatious,Maybeliine Color sensational in Mauvelous, I also have a tube of Aquaphor wich is a heavy petrolatum good for everything from chapped lips, to diaper rash, I ALWAYS have a tube with me! And also Aveda Blue Oil, a relaxing mint oil designed to be used on your pressure point, (I need this at work a lot)and AVON Bubble Gum Lipgloss
*1mb stick storage drive (ESSENTIAL for carrying around my resume and pics of the lil one )
*Coupon Folio (because when your broke like me you use coupons and OFTEN!)
* my Ipod ( CANNOT leave home without it, I have over 250 songs I like to rock out too!)
*Red Patent Wallet ( to hold Cards that I DO use frequently)
*(not pictured because I took pics with it) My ANDROID My TOUCH 3G, screw the Iphone, I LOVE this thing, it organizes my life and it is ALWAYS with me.

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Mrs Munster said...

I've got about 3 bags and I take 1 with me depending whether I'm going out solo, with my lil one by car or by pram. I even spent quite a bit of £££ for a really nice changing bag hoping that I could just have 1 bag. No such luck yet!