Friday, June 11, 2010

A lenghty one!

Hello! Lil ol me again, Once again I can apologize for not blogging so much lately, the sucky thing is, I really want to blog more, but a few things have prevented me from doing so. 1. I usually write my blogs in word at work then post them when I get home, but work has been so busy I have been unable to hardly write a sentence (for example it just took me four tries to write this sentence here. 2. The baby has been once again refusing to sleep in HIS crib, so I am usually stuck with him on the couch in the evenings, and my computer is up stairs. This however wont be such a problem in the near future, as I am buying my own laptop to use when I start school in oct. Then I could just sit next to him and type away. So here is a lil bit of what’s been going down in Heather town:
In a word SUCKS, we are short handed and need to train three new people, and still take care of our customers and keep up our numbers, mis management has definitely contributed to tension so thick in my department that you could taste it. People on the other side of the wall were I sit get in routine arguments, and while amusing as hell to listen to, it does give create a sense of anger and resentment.,
The temps are nice and all except the one is just as annoying as all get out, I don’t think she means it, it’s just her personality, she is too perky, now, nothing against perky, I am as perky as the rest of them (well when I’m not here anyways) but she is just overly so, like it’s an act, and it makes me nuts.
So as you may know or not know, I am going back to school in October to take some refresher courses for my design degree, and I honestly cannot wait!! I have already been on the search for another job, I really want o get back to the creative field, Unfortunately there still isn’t a lot going on out there in the way of jobs, but I am working on it.I apply for a few jobs here and there. I need to get into a portfolio class again and build that back up ,as most of my stuff is from about 5 years ago. I have definitely got the design bug again and that’s the only place I want to be right now.
The little man is just getting soooo big, he now has two bottom teeth and the two top ones are starting to poke through, he wants to walk everywhere! Mainly he wants me to hold his hand (but not both!) so that he can toddle across the floor, it’s so very cute, but this weekend I will need to get down to his level and see all the stuff that he can get into, and baby proof. Also block off the staircase and the kitchen. I should lose those ten extra pounds in no time, the way he is running around!
When I leave for work he breaks my heart by holding his arms out to me and crying “MOMMMMA!” ohhh! Be still my heart 
My best friend from Highschool Michele, came up and stayed with us all last weekend,. She was up here visiting her father at the Cleveland Clinic. It was SO good to see her and hang out with her, I love her and miss her terribly, we went out Friday night and got pedicures, then sat night we went out for dinner and drinks and stumbled around half drunk at the local drug store and the movie store, and rented twilight.(Yes I have never seen it)….I LOVED it BTW.
On Sunday we went to my husband’s club breakfast in the park. Hung out, took pictures, it was a seriously perfect weekend.

ON Sunday I took Hudson over to mewet my new neice Xiao Wen, my sisters second adoption from China, she is just a doll! Tall ansd skinny, she moves very gracefiluy and loved to play with Hudson, helping him walk around and feeding him gold fish crackers :) Hudson was in Heaven! She used to take care of the babies in her orphanage all the time, so she was a pro! She is a little camera shy, but I managed to sneak a photo of her! hehehe I love my two neices,

I have also been trying to find time here and there to make my necklaces, I got one done already and am working on a second, Plus I have earrings I need to make. A lot of times I sit in the park on my lunch hour and bead in my car! Hey, whatever works you know? Well I am going to get back to work now, enjoy the pics below! Hope fully I will get a chance to blog this weekend, but if not, then probably Monday. Hugs and kisses!

Hudson and My neice Xiao Wen
Bill and I at the club breakfast, hmm I'm looking a little puffy in the face
Michele, Hudson and Me
Michele and I

The little man while eating a popsicle, his faaavorite!

Eating a popsicle with daddy on the couch, look at those crossed feet!!!

Stinky little man


Mrs Munster said...

Nice to hear what's new with you. I hope you will find your dream job. Hudson is just too cute. They grow so fast! About his sleeping. I highly recommend getting The Baby Whisperer book (Tracy Hogg). I was having terrible trouble to get my lil man to start sleeping in his cot but found the book really good help. Her methods are really gentle, no controlled crying!

Heather said...

thanks SO much darling! I will defnitl;ey look that up, they may even have it at our local library/