Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

I KNOW I still have to update about my F_A_B_U_L_O_U_S B-Day party, but until I get that together here is a little somthin somthin

Things I love about summer:

Being able to go outside on my breaks and walk around my company, I often see deer out in the field and they are extremely tame
Sitting in the park with an ice cream cone on my lunch (validating HAVING an ice cram cone AS my lunch!)
Napping on my lunch in the park in my car, its pure bliss to throw open the windows and the sunroof while listening to the wonderful sounds of Birds chirping and the wind blowing..
My husbands’ steaks mmmm nothing NOTHING beats them!
The smell of the lake by my parent’s house brings back old memories.
The smell of Chlorine and swimming until my skin wrinkles
The feeling of sun on my skin
Driving with my windows down cranking what ever song I am obsessed with at the moment.
Ice cream from my two fave places K-Kream Corner (mmm orange twists) and East Coast Custard (mmmmm everything they make)
Burgers at Bearden’s then sunset and rock skipping at Bradnans landing
The excuse to bake cupcakes at any given moment because its summer and I can!
Sitting by the bonfire with friends and some ale, taking it all in.
Are super awesome end of summer BBQ that we have every September.
My b-day!!
Watching my garden grow and eating the veggies that I grew!!
Salt on margaritas

Things I don’t care for in the summer

1. Feeling the need to be tan all the time, it is a love hate mostly hate thing, I have beautiful pale skin, but sometimes I think Hollywood gets to me and I want to be tan L
2. Hot burn your butt car seats

3. sweating like a pig trying to put my makeup on in our un-air-conditioned Bathroom.
4. BUGS!
5. “Heat” stomach aches…icky
6. The smell of rotting carcass from our back door neighbors who trap and kill skunks
7. Air conditioning in the summer (this is also a love hate thing, I hate having the house all closed up in the summer drives me NUTS!!!!)
8. Women either too chunky or too old to be wearing the clothes that they do.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things that I have done in my twenties

so my 30th B-day will be here soon and on Saturday my sneaky Friends have something planned for me ( i know it involves dancing and dinner but that's about it) anyways, I am MOST excited about it, and really how many people can say that they are happy about turning 30? I feel at 30 your not quite as naive as you were in your 20's and your smarter,but don't quite know it all yet. My 20's were turbulent, a mix of good and bad below is everything notable that I can remember happening in my 20's both good and bad in no particular order.

- had 5 different boyfriends but married only one:)

- got diagnosed with low grade cervical cancer and beat it

- found a great guy, fell madly in love, got married

- moved out on my own for the first time

- had sushi, raw oysters and my first martini all in one night!

- went to and graduated college followed by having 10 different jobs

- saw the cure

- met famous people like, Rob Zombie, and Drew Carry

- Played fooze ball with Weezer back stage

- Dated 2 disc jockeys (don't ever do that BTW)

- Watched in sadness as 911 and JFK juniors plane crash happened

- Got to experience first hand the great 2003 black out

- Almost got strangled by a stranger in my car seat

- got into and pulled out of a really bad accident

- became and auntie for the 3rd time!

- formed a better relationship with my sister

- faced my biggest fear in life ( i wont say what it was, but It's deeply personal and I faced it down and won)

- Lost my beloved Dachshunds

- Got cat and named him tofu

- learned how to cook some really great vegan recipes

- tried and fell in love with Arabic food

- stood on a rooftop in Columbus drunk and singing under the stars

- Drank wine and ate pizza at an old quarry with old friends

- got a big sloppy kisses mutt named Starsky

- Did my first second and third shot of Moonshine

- Became very ill with a stomach infection for 3 years of my life and almost died

- Stood under a huge natural waterfall in the mountains and kissed the one I loved

- got too drunk and too messed up at many party's, and then learned too many lessons

- got a tattoo

- learned how to change my own oil

- Discovered a passion for yoga

- dropped then found then dropped then found again and then dropped again a habit for religion

- brake a really bad habit

- held on to another one ;)

- Kissed a girl

- got to legally name 4 colors

- Reunited with my ladies that haven’t seen in YEARS!!

Phew! Ok that is not even the half of it!! But that was just stuff that stood out in my mind

Goals for my thirties, now obviously if these goals are not attained they will over flow in to my forties, but lets hope in ten years I can accomplish these things.
- Have at least one child
- Drink Absinthe, ever since the NIN video for The Perfect Drug, I have been obsessed with doing this, it is now legal here in the states, now I just have to find a bar that sells it.
- Shoot a gun
- Learn how to refinish a classic car (preferably my own)
- Go to California and visit Marilyn Monroe's grave site
- Successfully bake a souffle
- Finally find a job that I actually like
- Learn how to sew a dress

WOW looks like I have quite a bit of living to do!!

Mutt N Stuff

Work has been a complete shit this week, and since I haven't really done anything good for my self, I decided after dinner tonight to take the pooch for a walk around

d the new park trail that surrounds Coe Lake. it was a beautiful night and the sun was so pretty setting in trees, we walked until the trail ended, and then discovered new streets in my neighborhood that I didn't even know existed. it was peaceful and just what I needed!

Starskys always ready for a ride in the car and a walk

Beautiful scenerey on our walkNothing like a content mutt!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun with the ladies!

So as I have relayed before, On Friday I drove down to see my two girls Kristal and Michelle whom I haven’t seen in years!!!! (Michelle in three, Kristal in 11 years respectively) The drive down was a bit longer than I had expected, about 2 hours and 45 minutes, and I was fine until I got to the Columbus “circle” I hate that thing, because the highway splits into all sorts or ways and its very easy to lose track.

Kristal lives in the middle of nowhere, I mean NO WHERE!!! But it is peaceful and quiet out there. She lives in a development literally in the middle of a field lol! In a beautiful house with vaulted ceilings and beautiful floors , not to mention a bitchin’ kitchen!

Her kids are sweet as can be and pretty well behaved, and her husband waited on us hand and foot, even offering to carry in my bags! We waited for Michelle to get there, and then we all sat by the pool and talked, eventually going out to dinner and for drinks (where we broke a few necks turning heads), then drove back while listening to Fergies “London bridge” singing it at the top of our lungs.

By 12 AM we were in the pool and being waited on by Kristal’s wonderful husband Joe who served us poolside with Pina Coladas and snacks. By 1 we were in the Hot tub, were we bullshitted and remised until 2:00AM!

Then went in to the house and watched old videos and took goofy pictures, Michelle even broke out into a dance about her “lady lumps” which I skillfully caught on video, LOL she was so cute. I passed out about 3:30am and Michelle and Kristal around 4 am. Then the next morning we all had a nice breakfast and got ready to go home, I really do have some of the best friends in the world, and to think that after all these years they still want to see me, makes me feel awesome, Kristal was just as fun as a I remember her,and Michelle and I found a new found respect for each other, I especially loved talking to her in the morning while we were still in bed ( ok that sounded bad but you know what I mean), and doing our make up together in the mirror just like old times. I really do miss her, I miss BOTH of them.

I think personally we should agree to do this once a year, because 11 years is way to long to let go by between good friends. And I just had the best time with these girls.

Michelle and I at Gibbys
our late night swimKristal and MichelleGetting a bit crazy at 3 am!Kristals lil girl Alyssa LOVED my polka dot platforms! isnt she so freakin cute!!Kristal making breakfast!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"I like your hair better that way" and hanging with the ladies

So have you ever had anyone tell you "I like your hair better that way"? I wasn't sure today to take this as an honest compliment or take it as "your hair really looks like shit every other day, but today, that hiarstyle suits you" i know she only meant it to be nice (I think) I DID do somehitng different to it I curled it, but I miss my long hair that I oculd swoop up into victory rolls in minutes, now at htis length, I cant do much with it. Ahhhh happens.
This is Kristal, (whom I wont post and old picture of for fear she will kill me)

And this is Michelle

And a picture of Michelle and I from 11 years ago in highschool. (Check out my "crossaint" bangs....wasnt I just keen LOL

If you havent put two and two togethor, Michelle, Kristal and I are longtime Highschool buddies, While I have see Michelle about 3 years ago, I havent seen Kristal in a little over a decade "11" years!!

I am going down to southern to Ohio on Friday to meet up with them and enjoy drinks and fun by the pool .

Kinda reminds me of Sex in the City

Excited? You bet!!!! I just love those girls!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Change of plans

Leave it to me to second guess myself, I decided ultimatley that I didn't LOVE my little black dress I bought for my b-day party, so I took it right back to macys and found the one below on sale at Express, and fell IN LOVE with it! Not to mention that it highlights my curves and is my fave color! Sorry for the cheesiness of the photos, the hubby and I had a little fun with the camera! From the front

Perfectly fits my back and doesn't pinch! I usually wear a 10 but htis was a 12 so size be damned!Havin a bit of fun! I got silver "hematite" shoes to go with it, yeah I am a flashy gal!As far as hair is concerned, I am going to curl it in ringlets and put a bog black dahlia in my hair!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This weeks exposaroonie challenge!

This weeks exsposaroonie challenge, Natural framing. I SWEAR I am not narcissistic, but the other pic I tried to take just would come out no matter how hard I tried, so for a busy week, this will have to do! :)

wanna play? Then go get your picture on at!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My chosen dress for my party

I almost forgot, here is the dress I chose for my big 3-0 party, ok ok so it wasn't what I orginally was looking for, but it slims my waist and looks swanky enough, I just need to buy a good pair of heels i can dance in all night! for my hair I was thinking of curling it and puttin a big ol flower in it! Sorry I am not IN the picture wit it on, but I got rained on coming home from the Market and i am a mess!

Superawesome AWWWW Cute pic of the week

Bill and Starsky napping this afternoon....awwwwwwwww

A colorful breakfast for a rainy day

I got up this morning bright and early at 7:30am, the hubby was going out to breakfast with his car club, and today for once, I had nothin pressing on my agenda, so I decided to forgo my usual breakfat of champions ( a bowl of cold cereal) for something hot and tasty and homemade. I fumbled through my Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book and found a recipe for a tasty veggie and cheese Frittatta cooked in an Iron Skillet, BRILLIANT! I have been looking for things to make in the old iron skillet my parents bought me from down south. it came out perfect! and it was most tasty!
Colorful conr ,tomatoes and zucchini (PLUS I finally got to use fresh herbs form my garden!)Add the eggs :)Starskys ready to eat!So is Mr. MeowgiBrowned and ready, MMMMMMMMM!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slowly pulling out of a funky mood, and dress shopping

I am sort of Melancholy today, work is getting to me, and the weather is so nice and I am stuck in here in the cold air conditioning and my grey toned cubicle, which happens to be the size of a sardine can :)

I also have someone on my mind. A few months ago I read in Glamour magazine an article of a girl named Andrea Coller and her relentless ass-kicking fight with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was a self wrote article of her very decidedly non Zen existence in the face of cancer, a songwriter, hairstylist, shop girl and all around cutie, who swilled vodka and tic-tacs as she spit in the face of death. She was cute and talented and she loved life, brazenly dealing with the cards life had dealt her.

I was in the drug store the other day waiting on my medication and decided to pick up the new issue of Glamour, inside to my horror was a huge page dedicated to her and her journey, she had passed away on April 30th. I felt a deep pain in my heart as if I new this girl, I really looked up to her devil may care attitude. She appeared vibrant and full of life in her article. And then she was gone. That was Monday and I have not been able to get her out of my mind, and I am not sure why. But please read her article when you get a chance here and check out her music here

On the lighter side of today, Julia and I are going out tonight to search for a fabulous dress for my thirtieth b-day on the 26th. I am thinking something that pops! Color, bright color! What a fabulous way to ring in 30! I have a bit of a middle to hide so I am either looking for something retro or swingy and a lot sophisticated, possibly in pink or turquoise to compliment my blond locks. EEeep! I am so excited! I will let you know what I pick out! Here is one of my ideas below! I really love this shape but want a different color

The husband just called and said “instead of hotdogs tonight, you want to just go out to eat?” Ha! Like he even had to ask me twice!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lazy sunday, busy week

So here it is, Sunday after the 4th of July and every one is gearing up to come back from their 3 day or even 4 day weekend, poo. After dinner this evening the hubby went off to a car show and I decided to get off my fat duff and go for a bike ride, we live RIGHT next to the Metro parks, so I really couldn't come up with an excuse not to go, I spent about an hour casually riding through the woods, the air was fresh and somewhat cool, people were out walking their dogs, playing ball and what have you, it was perfectly refreshing.

I am bummed though about work tomorrow, it's the beginning of a busy week, and the end of a rather lazy weekend, at least I get out early for two different doctor appointments, first the Dermatologist, because I am whitey MC. White and because my cousin Ashley's husband recently had a cancerous spot, and he is also Whitey MC. White, and I felt inspired to get checked out, better safe than sorry right? Thanks Ashley, besides thanks to grandma I am cursed with the family beauty marks all over my arms, which puts me at like a 100% greater risk.

Then at 7pm I have a family doc appointment because my damn Acid Reflux is kickin again, I really hope she doesn't want to stick a tube down my throat again :( hate that.

But then the rest of the week doesn't look half bad! LOL
Well I guess I should go don a face mask and have a soak in the tub before bed. Have a great week!

The video below reminds me of my job :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Easily Entertained

One lazy afternoon, a hand held mirror and some well reflected sunlight.

He is just too easy to entertain.


The 4th !

Yesterday day was the fourth of July, and for only the second time since we have lived here, we were actually home for it, (last year we were on our honeymoon in South Carolina, where the fireworks are like being in iraq ground combat) We had the familes over and some extra friends, grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and brawtwurst, The great american meal!! And all sat around the bonfire in the yard, we tried to get down to downtwon Berea to see the fire works but that was like asking for a death wish, Ihave never seen a little city sobusy in my life!! So we all went back to the house and realized that we could see the fire works through a hole in between two large black walnut trees that we have, it was perfect! It was almost as if the trees were cut that way just to show the fireworks! A good time was had by all!
Starsky all clean and dressed up in his Independance Day Scarf

Ok I am going to be a bit conceided here, for turnign 30 in two ass looks great!Enjoying fireworks from our patioFireworks between the treesLOL Bill looks like an Iron Smith in this photo.I love the Genny, don't hate.Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Weeks Exposaroonie Challenge!!

This weeks theme is "Vintage" and since I am completely vain, and love to take photos of my self dressed up in various retro styles, i decided to head out to the garage set up the tripod and get inthe husbands old 65 Super sport. heres what I came up with!

Wanna expose yourself? Play the game at, and start shootin!