Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decorating project

So since the weather has been horrible latley and I am finding myself being more and more confined to my house, I am working on ways to make it more stylish, a few years ago when we bought the house, we moved in in a hurry and I had some health problems, so I kind of threw things togethor, now (4 years later) I am finally getting around to decorating it.

I want to punch up the color in the living room, we have purple overstuffed couches, that arent as purple as they once were but, once I clean them they should look pretty decent,

I want to go to Old Tim Pottery this weekend and Jo Ann Fabrics, to grab some damask to make pillows with. I have the green curtains and the gold bowl on the table, I just want to get some decorative balls to put inside, I can probably find some at the store, and the moss covered ones would be easy to make.

I wish I could switch out the ugly rug I have, it's pretty but worn and dirty, but we just don't have the cash for that now, so I guess I will just try to clean it real good and bring it back to life.
Below is my work up of how I really want my living room to look consider it an enhanced version of what I have.

I WISH that was my couch, its the same color though, so for comparision purposes, it will do. I will post a pic when I am finished decorating, and show you how it compares to my "vision".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG! I LOVE her!!!

I can-NOT get enough of this women, her name is Melody Gardot, and her voice is like black velvet on top of silk accented with cashmere

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New weekly feature!-Out of the mouth of babes

Here is the new weekly feature "Out of the Mouth of Babes".

A weekly quote on beauty, life and style, from a glamorous lady.


Out of the Mouth of Babes for 1/26/10

"It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on."- Marilyn Monroe

Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend ended up being better that I expected.
Hudson handled his shots beautifully, he barley cried at ALL, Saturday he did spike a fever and was feeling basically poopy all day , my poor bubba, but Sunday he was all smiles for miles, and laughing and playing. The doctor also said that I can take him off of the super expensive formula we have had him on since birth,and switch him to soy, can I get a (HELL YEAH!!!) it is HALF the price of his other formula. I just hope to god he tolerates it well,we shall see.
I tackled my “tenacious list” and got quite a few things done, just look below!
newstuff 019

Hudson on Sunday feeling MUCH better!
newstuff 016
Red Feather Boa Wreath I made for my front door
newstuff 018
Valentines wreath for the back door that I made.
I also started working on my "egg nest" jewelry for the springtime, but I can't show you that yet, because it's not done yet PATIENCE PEOPLE :)
....but the point is here, I at least STARTED on it ;)
Since saturday was a rather rough day,The hubby and I ended it with a big ol mug of my own personal hot cocoa...mmmm....
newstuff 021
Here is the recipe for it, if you would like to whip up a batch for your fine self!
This is the recipe for one person, just double it for two (obviously).......
2 tablespoon of Hersheys Cocoa Powder ( I add a bit more because i like it REAL chocolaty!!)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of water
1 cup of milk( i use soy)
dash of salt
Cinnamon to taste
All Spice or nutmeg to taste
1 shot of Kahlua (any kind of dessert liquor works well, I also like Baileys irish cream and Godiva chocolate liquor)
Whipped cream or marshmallows
half and half for that added creaminess.
Mix the cocoa, sugar and water in a pot until dissolved and you have a thick chocolate sauce ( you may have to add more water)
Add the milk, and the salt and let heat ,stirring occasionally, DO NOT LET IT BOIL, or you will get scalded milk (bleh). Once it is as hot as you like, add the cinnamon to taste and the nutmeg, same with the half and half, I like mine really creamy though.
Pour the shots of liquor into the mug, DO NOT COOK IT in the with the milk.
Pour the hot cocoa in the mug, add your marshmallows and or whipped cream.
and mmmmmmm......go snuggle with someone special.:) and enjoy!
Your are FABULOUS!!!
Love Heather

Friday, January 22, 2010

A tenacious list

I plan on spending this weekend almost entirely indoors, unless the weather ACTUALLY gets up into the 50's like it is supposed to, iImay take the baby for a walk.

Hudson has his 6 months shots today (Boo) so that pretty much means I will be sequestered in the house all weekend with a feverish little one. Which is fine, because I could not tell you how long it has been since I have had a weekend were I WASN'T busy.
I plan on finishing my red feather boa valentines wreath, and hopefully making more felt roses for my necklaces I am making, also want to start working on my little birds nest pins for the spring, and get up some more pictures on my new other blog "A photographic Epiphany".

Sunday I am meeting up with Miss Julia for a delicious coffee treat mmm!! Caffeine and girl talk!!! Phew! Do i really plan on starting all of this?????........well....probably not. but at least I can't say that I am bored! have a great weekend!

xxxxoxoxoxo Heather

BTW I am now on twitter at so if you a twitter-er, look me up!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Return of Love

Totally loving the return of romance to fashion this year. Pinks, Peaches, Beige's, Soft Browns, and even touches of black and lace, invoke feelings of warmth and love, colors as soft as cashmere,and silhouettes as sweet as butter cream icing.

This Dress looked absolutely fabulous on her!
These are a bit of a throw back to the Rococo era

How beautiful is SHE? She has really grown up into a elegant woman.

Drew Barrymore shining at the Golden Globes

My favorite blogger Gala Darling, showing a bit of romantic style,
I love the pink skirt with the black wool tights.

Tell someone that you love them today!
You Are Fabulous!!!
xoxoxo Heather

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Because we are women....and we aparently stink..

Ok to celebrate the return of my (female happy time) yeah now YOU have too much info lol. I found these old feminine hygiene ads from the 40's MOST amusing lol.

Probably the most tame of the ads

Ok do you mean to tell me this guy is actually LEAVING this women due to her "feminine hygiene"? Look at the look of disgust on his face lol!!

First of all, LYSOL???? My GOD!!! And second, this guy actually LOCKED himself in the bedroom ( or locked her in the bedroom) to get away from her? What are we big stinky, ravenous monsters? OBVIOUSLY men wrote these lol.

Ok, can you just see this guy, at the bar with his friend "hey Bob, why so glum?"

"Eh the wife has crotch rot AGAIN!!!!!"

Ok I'm off to go douse myself in bleach and Lysol......

Monday, January 18, 2010


ja&beyond 013

me all gussied up for CHICAGO!

I had a wonderful weekend, Saturday the hubs and I and some dear friends went and saw CHICAGO. I have always LOVED the movie but the actual Bob Fosse play??? OMG!!!!! FANTAAASTIC!!! if you have the chance to see it I highly recommend you do! Bill loved all the ladies dancing around in cabaret outfits (of course lol) I loves the class and music! Afterwards, we stopped and at downtown at BRICCO, I had a tasty tomato basil pizza mmmm. it was nice to dress up and get out for a bit! Sorry I dont have a whole outfit picture, I was in a hurry, and this was the only pic I could get lol.

Sunday was foggy as hell, but the little man and I trekked out to my grand mothers house for my mothers birthday, All in all a nice weekend!

Alsooooooo, I just HAPPENED upon these beauties on Ebay, and snagged then for 1.99!!!!! These will be AWESOME for my summer wardrobe! SWOON!

So yeah, good weekend, now time to dig into work, :( boo, but I do have a few crafts to work on this week (YAY!!) so it's not ALL bad, have a great one!

Your Are Fabulous!!!

xoxoxox Heather

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey Rascal, LOOK!!!!

He finaly fits in it! This is the t-shirt that sweet LittleRascal bought the little man! Thanks Rascal it fits him in more ways than one!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Look what I made!

I made this last night, Fabric covered, beaded necklace with handmade felt flower, for the tutuorial go here!

Sorry the pic is so poopy, I only had my camera on me, i am also going to tie a huge satin ribbon to it, to use as a necktie, for a more girly feel. I cannot wait to wear it!

Fat Bottomed Girls!!!!!

Ok so I have to say I REAL excited forgive me, i was checking out CNN yesterday (because I'm dorky like that) and I saw an article that Big models are making a comeback this year in a BIG way, and when i say big I mean what the fashion industry considers big or plus size, (Size 12) Witch I always thought was a gross miscalculation...but whatever.

I am so excited about this, because my pregnancy has left me with a curvy size 14 ( i was a 10)

I have always thought "bigger women" were beautiful, healthy looking, and filled out their clothes better, not to mention make ME feel better about myself!. below are just a few of the plus size ladies I think are gorgeous!
Whitney Thompson
Candace Huffine ( I love the fact that they show her "rolls" here!!)
Kat Dillon
Mia Tyler
Candace Huffine and Michelle Olson
MMM I'm gonna go eat some carbs now lol.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A study in careernomics

I love my "Polaroid option on my Android phone :)

Know what I am doing RIGHT NOW??? I am eating a candy bar, why? Why would I be eating a 200 calorie peanut butter filled candy bar? Because it makes me happy!!!! (and because i haven't had one in weeks)

I like doing stuff that makes me happy, I am all about being positive, especially this year. My's just a job, it's easy, I go to work , I come home I get paid(sort of) But of course like everyone else I dream of a dream career, so many people I know are doing what they love!

Such as Sarah Kraus of , she takes pinup pictures of people for a living, she just started doing it out of her home one day! I had her do a spread of me back in 06 that I gave to my hubby for our engagement present. As she was snapping away I asked her about her business, and how she got into it, and it was right then that I had an epiphany a "wow" moment, here was this women stuck in a job she didn't like and she turned it around, no formal degree non of the non sense, she had an idea and ran with it!!!! how great, I thought, to get up each morning and know your doing what you love! it was form that moment exactly that I knew I NEEDED to find my niche, and soon.

Fast forward to last year when I also found the wonderfully witty blogs of and . These two women blogged, that WAS their career, they were so happy and so positive, and had so much advice to give! Dooce and Gala are two of my favorite daily hits, for positive goodness, you might also want to check out for beautiful inspiration. Reading these blogs were like surrounding myself with good people,they were LIVING proof,that you can do what you want in this life and make a career out of it!

I often think about what other jobs I could do, what I am good at, what would I not consider (work)I have been out of work more times to count, and granted, while I am grateful for the job I have now,and well stuck for awhile, there is really no room for growth or creativity, even my managers have said it, (which is why I have no problem writing it here. i use the job as strictly a form of income and that ok, there is nothing wrong with that, it gives me time to explore other outlets for my creativity.

I thought the other day "what am I good at?



-Makeup and hair



Granted, most of the jobs that go with these are not considered "lucrative" but look what "lucrative" got me,( four years of college for a degree I don't even USE and a salary range I can't break free of , which doesn't help me to pay the 35 grand for the degree I don't use) why not go after a dream? not worry about the money part, if you do what you love, the money will follow, this year, I feel even more willing and inspired to go after my dreams.

Why not; Work in a cake decorating bakery? Work at Sephora doing make-up? Star up a craft blog? Go to beauty school?

Granted I may not accomplish these things head on this year, but possibly many years down the road, I am still young and determined as HELL! if you can find something that you love to do,do it! Everything else will fall into place. i need to quit being so scared and realize that if something isn't working for me, that maybe that's because it's not were I am supposed to be.

It seems at 31, things are becoming clearer to me, I see things more easily, I think being a mom helps also. I am more patient, less frantic.more willing to take a risk and way more fearless. Not to mention my self confidence SKYROCKETED in my thirties. be it know I have a plan, and it may not be a quick plan, but someday I will do what I love. And enjoy every minute of it.!!!!

You are fabulous

xoxoxo Heather

Monday, January 11, 2010

new year, new aspirations

So here it is, the new year has started all nice and bright and shiny new, and with it comes a sense of self renewal and aspirations.

I wouldn't call them resolutions because I don't believe in resolutions, only improvements.

I am in a great mood to star toff the year, witch I will say is rare for me, ecspecially now when the weather is so drab, and my seasonal depression hits. To say that I am in a good mood, downright shocks me.

Here are a few of my Aspirations:
-The ability to let myself occasionally be absolutely ridiculous:
often times we are so serious here, especially with all of the ressionomics and war and what not, some days, I just HAVE to be ridiculous, just to make my self (and others laugh) wear crazy big rings,a wild outfit, take stupid pictures of myself in public, whatever works! be ridiculous and be FABULOUS!!!!
- Ask my self "Why the hell not?" routinely, this is a big one for me, one that I have already started on, why not try something new? Apply for that crazy position that I have no experience for? Go to beauty school? ( yeah that's a serious one right there) forgo the damn house work for a little extra time with the hubby and the little man..
-Make lots and lots of crafts, and ask myself before buying some things "can I make that?"
soooo many crafts on my to do list! From new throw pillows for my couch,to a valentines day wreath to so much more that I couldn't even list it here, I cannot WAIT to get my paycheck so that I can go to the craft store and totally stock up on crafty goodness!
-In the summer, get outside and play more! in the winter it's hard of course, although some times I take my big dog outside to our lot next door , when the snow is really really deep, and point a laser pointer around int he snow, driving my dog NUTSO!!!! he frolics and jumps and charges at me and knocks me down int he snow, lol we have a good time.
That's all really, just somethings I really needed to jot down before I forgot. i am really looking forward to this being a great year!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Style Crush- Zooey Deschanel

I looove loove looove Zooey Deschanel, not only is she the sister of Bones star Emily Deschanel, but she is also in a kewl Indie band She & Him.
But she is also an indie and now mainstream actress.
Her style is unique, a bit on antique a bit of indie, and 100% DELICIOUSLY ADORABLE!!!

Ok SERIOUSLY? Can she get anymore disgustingly cuter than she is in this Cotton Ad?
she also happens to be married to Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard....making her even MORE awesome....UGH!

Adventures in Make-up- Cristina Aguilera on Marie Claire

I came home to this in my mail box last night, Cristina Aguilera On the cover or Marie Clarie.

I love her make-up here, it's so soft and beautiful, and the pink on her lips are perfect.

Here is my re-creation of the look,
which was a little tough because they didn't list what make up they used.

FlickrDroid Upload

Make-up used:

Nuetrogena Foundation

Make-up forever concealer (which by the way is THE BEST IN THE WORLD)

Benefit Benetint Blush

Bonne Bell Bronzer on cheeks and bridge of nose

On Eyes Covergirl Eyeshadow in Snow (overall lid)

In crease: A Brown shadow that was part of a quad from Hard Candy

2nd in crease: Rimmel Eye Quad in Greys dark matt grey

Outer part of eye: The black from the Rimmel Eye quad

Inner part of lower lid: The silver from the Rimmel Eye Quad

Highlight of Brow; Victorias Secret Very Sexy Eyeshadow in Snow Fairy

Covergirl eyeliner in black, smudged with the smudge applicator

Mascara 3 coats of Almay Triple mascara in very black.

Lips: Sephora Gloss in Bronzed beauty.

I love to emulate make-up in magazines, it's fun to be someone else for a day! So you will probably see more!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A wonderful surprise!

I came home from work on monday to this sitting in our bedroom.
FlickrDroid Upload

it's and early 1900's dresser with a swivel mirror marble top and the two drawers on top are perfect for my garter and stocking collection, and some necklaces, they both lock with a skeleton key! SWWWWOOOON. Bill is taking the other dresser that I had, his great grandmothers early 1800's one, this one had alot more room and it's WAAAY cooler, I can't wait to decorate it. Hopefully this weekend, with all my retro stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

Well here we are back again, a new year and a new sense of beginning. The tree is down the presents opened and enjoyed. And my house looks horribly empty, guess it’s time to do some decorating! I cannot wait to get my hands on some serious valentines day craft goodness.
Christmas was great,I spent alot of time with the fam, here are some pics for your enjoyment:newstuff 013
My Sister Dina, my niece Kiera and My father and me
newstuff 014
Dad and Hudson
newstuff 001
baby with a bow on top! Opening his gifts!
newstuff 010
my sister and Niece at dinner at my moms
newstuff 019
Passed out after a looong weekend

Our good friends Julia and Randy were nice enough to invite us over for New Years Eve dinner, Julia makes KILLER food and we had a feast of roasted pork, roasted squash, green beans, tasty Garlic Onion Rice, bread and cheesecake for dessert. She even had somewhere for the lil man to snooze while we had some fun, I drank enough to get a headache the next day, but nothing too serious, it was SERIOUSLY worth it. I just looove disaronno. Mmmmmmm
newstuff 057
I just love her she is the bestest
newstuff 061
Julia and Randys dog Brutus roasting by the fire

The rest of the vacation was spent realizing just how tiring it is to be a stay at home mom! That kid has MAJOR energy. But I definitely enjoyed myself.
My little guy is just growing up so unbelievably fast, he is now sitting up without support, reaches out and grabs things , eats solids three times a day, and seems to be sleeping better.(ever since we got him on a better feeding and nap schedule, he seems to be sleeping WAAY better at night.
newstuff 065

newstuff 056
Babys new wheels! Vroom Vroom!!

He also appears to be getting into the stranger anxiety stage, he screamed at my father in law last week and started crying (its ok he makes me cry too lol, the father in law not the baby lol) and he cried when my grandmother held him, but along with the screams, come wonderful fits of laughter, the kid laughs at ANYTHING, I was sniffing his diaper the other day, well trying to check to see if he pooped, and he busted up laughing, probably because there I am with my nose near his little bottom and he let go the hugest fart known to baby kind. Lol.(takes after his daddy………ok and his mommy too)
I am hoping this New Year will be better than last, although the highlight of last year was of course the birth of my son. (go me!) but financially the rest of the year sucked BAD. So here is to the New Year, a more fiscally stable pocket book, great health and a flat belly lol.