Monday, September 28, 2009

Hudsons Music Video-Tune in Tuesday

The Song is: The Marching Bands of Manhatten by Death Cab For Cutie

Of tears and teeth..

Teething and a day after shots.This was my weekend.

On Friday I took the babe to the doctors for his two month checkup and of course ,the dreaded shots. i really felt horrible doing this to him because he was so happy when i got home from work to pick him up, and was smiling at the doctor and the nurses, poor little man didn't know what was coming, he got 4 shots! 2 in each thigh! the first one he kind of had this look on his face like (hmm ok what was that?) but by the second was more like (hey what was that?.......wait a minute..... OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGG GOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH) I felt so bad for him, so what did I do? did I cry? Nope...I laughed at sick is that, my kid is sitting there screaming his lungs out, and i laugh at him. He was just getting so upset, it was almost funny.....god I am a terrible mother lol.

We had a bit of a surprise at the doctors office, he noticed that Hudson was drooling alot, so he asked me how often that happens I said " all the time the kid is like a faucet!" he has also been inconsolably fussy at times when i KNOW it is not his colic, the colic period starts about 4pm and runs until 8pm,but lately he has been getting fussy earlier and earlier and it doesn't really stop.

The doctor looked inside his little mouth and sure enough, he is TEETHING!!!! have you ever heard of a two and a half month old child teething? I mean seriously people, only MY child lol.

He has two bumps right under the skin on top. LOL he chews on everything, including me, and isn't even old enough to hold a teething ring!

The doc seems to think he will have at least one tooth by 4 months!

So this weekend was rather rough, with the reactions he had to the shots (fever, general crankiness) AND the teething, this kid was drugged up and cranked out. hence the picture above, he was so tired yesterday would not take a nap to save his LIFE!!! And when I took that picture he looked just like that, one eye shut , one eye open, staring into space like college kid that's been up all night smoking pot.....except without the munchies, as a matter of fact he wouldn't eat at all, he just wanted to chew on his bottle.

I did mange to make a pumpkin pie and put up fall decorations,but that was about it.

Lets just say as much as I miss my little man today.....I am REALLY glad to be at work :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Obsessions for the month of sept.

1. The smell of warm baby head, there is nothing quite better than that.

2.Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray, it is the ifrst hairspray that I have used with isnt stiff and really keeps my hair set nicely yet softly all day!

3. JayZ, Rhianna and Kanyes new song "Run this Town" I LOVE IT! Flame all you want, it's a guilty pleasure!

4.The ever hot, Kat Von D and the new season of L.A. Ink, makes me wanna get another tattoo!

The new show MERCY Wed nights on NBC. LOOOOOVE it!!!!!! Veronicas sarcastic attitude is just awesome!

The Dior Bar Suit, always a classic, looks great on ladies with curves. Marie Claire recently ran an article on the history of this suit, i am determined to find and own a vintage one of my own.

Ed Hardy Candles, I cam upon these by mistake one day, I don't really care for Ed Hardy Stuff becuase it has become too popular, but the candles are unbeliveably kewl!

And this pretty ladies new craft blog!

Lots of crafty goodness!!!! makes me wanna raise hell with a glue gun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

little sleeper

So the big news in our house, is that the little one is now sleeping through the night, well at least for the past two days anyway, the first night he slept from 10pm until 4:30 am .
Then last night, he slept from 9:45 pm to 6am!! I woke up , realized that my husband never got up to feed him, and quickly rushed into his room to make sure he was still breathing!( of course he was)
I picked him up in my arms and he smiled at me, he was so good all morning, watched me do my makeup with all the interest in the world. Watched me make breakfast, then we played for a bit before I had to leave for work.
I have no idea what my mother in law is doing to him to tire him out so much during the day, but WOW!!! She can keep doing it as far as I am concerned!
Granted, we are still a bit cautious every night when we go to bed, we would be stuid to think he will do this every night….or WILL he?
He gets his two month shots tomorrow afternoon; I am not planning on doing much this weekend lol. Hopefully they won’t make him too too cranky. He will be getting a steady does of Tylenol for sure!
Well back to work! Tonight I am going out for Thai food with my friend Julia, yay!!!! Girl time and pad thai!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

"I am an M.I.L.F Don't -you-forget"- Tori Amos

Perhaps the hardest thing about post pregnancy, is feeling sexy, getting your "groove" back some would say, and as happy as I am with my body now, late nights with the baby, countless diaper changes and the 5 o'clock baby "grizzlys" put a real damper on the ol sex life.

Pregnancy kind of sucks for the guy, especially if you had a bad pregnancy like I did near the end, lets just say not a whole lot was going on for the last two months if you know what I mean! So I thought for sure that when I finally DID have my son, that my sex drive would return full force. But it's like riding a bike, you never really forget HOW to do it, but if you don't do it often you kind of suck at it.

Now granted as I had said previously, it's a not my self image that is putting on the damper, I still have about 13 pounds to lose, but honestly I am almost happier with my body now than I was BEFORE i was pregnant, and I am a size larger!

But sex often now seems more like a chore, and it just shouldn't be that way. Regaining your own sexuality after birth is rough! You must define in your head the difference between not only a lover, but a mother! And honestly some times it's very hard to shift gears in that respect. But the point is that you still have to WORK at it, especially if your in a marriage, because all us married ladies know, marriage is not always a cake walk, it's at times very hard work, and this is the one time specifically that you REALLY need to take care of your relationship.

Gone are my free wheeling single days, of feeling like a temptress out on the prowl, when I would get dressed up and go out with my friends, and flirt up a storm, stuff like that made me feel sexy. But With marriage it's different, your past the flirting phase, you have to find new ways to keep it fresh and to excite each other, new ways to feel sexy. Unfortunately the sexiest thing in the world to me right now is a warm fluffy bed, and me laying in it..........sleeping.

i do miss my libido, that has now seemed to fly out the window, but I am working hard on getting it back. it is just going to take a little time. Good luck to all you new mommies out there!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About my maternity leave...

Because a few of my international friends have asked, I wanted to outline my maternity leave, here in the US it differs. By law we can take up to 12 weeks off unpaid, through whats called the FMLA leave act, (Family Medical Leave Act) businesses are not required to pay you for that time but some places run on a "how long have you worked for us" bonus. My particular job offered me 1 month full pay two months half pay. Some places do not offer any pay at all, and I feel that is extremely upsetting, considering Canada gives you government paid leave PLUS paternity leave for the father of the baby, and in France ,I hear that you can take off up to a year paid, and they send a maid to your house for the first month to help with housework and such.

As much as my particular leave sucked (getting half of your salary when you already make next to nothing really hurts the ol pocket book,) i feel really lucky because they could have just as well not given me anything, so I am grateful for what I did get, I am not however getting paid for this week that I am taking here because I went over my allotment of what the company would pay for. But In the end it's very worth it to have a little more time with my cutie pie.

So I'm interested now, what is your maternity leave like in your country?

Monday, September 14, 2009

colic and colds

it has been a rough few days to say the elast, our little man contracted a cold from thehusband and I about a week ago, and while it is slowly going away, it seems FOREVER!! Poor lil thing sneezes and coughs, and he is just one month under from me being able to give him anything for it, no vapor bath, baby vapor rub, nasal decongestant, nothing until he is three months, wich I admit does at least give his immune system time to build it's self up I guess. But needless to say, there is NO sleep in this house NONE.

I was supposed to go back to work this week, but decided to take one more week off, albiet unpaid. i am glad that I did because last night I was up until 4am watching Cheers episodes because the little man refused to sleep. But the second that today started, and I realzed that I would have to endure one more week of colic and a diminishing baby cold, I began to long for the madness of work, go figure, so when I can I am trying to get all my stuff togethor and outfits pressed, jewelery organized purses cleaned out ect.

Tommorrow I go to my mothers with the baby, I am not looking forward to the 45 minute ride with him in the car, because I usually go def by the time I get there from his crying. But it will be good to get out of the house and go see my parents. ust me Hudson and my Ipod full of Death cab for cutie songs, should prove to be a nice drive otherwise.

And in a good sign that the little man is feeling much better today, the husband and I got some smiles outof him :) I just love smiles on a chubby baby! Totally makes my day.

His daddy made him smile like this :)

lil man is way to kewl for school with mommys Ann Taylor Sunglasses on!