Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well hello there!

Hello here I am!
Sorry for the lack of posts but in short...well, I have a toddler, that should be enough said,ha! This kid is into EVERYTHING!! ALL THE TIME!!! I think Heather over at DOOCE said it best about having a toddler"but once you take that moment to sigh she's in the pantry sticking her head in the dog's water bowl. And then while you're cleaning up the water that has spilled into a giant three-foot-wide puddle, she's run into the living room, climbed on top of the sofa and is waiting for you to see her before she tries to back flip onto the coffee table. Oh, and she has your cell phone clutched between her teeth."

Uh huh, that pretty much covers it!
It is also Halloween here and it has become one of my favorite times of the year! Didn't used to be, as a child i wasn't that crazy about Halloween,probably because I was so shy i actually hated going up to a strangers door and asking for candy. But now that I am older, I LOVE it! Maybe its my affinity for slime green black and skulls, who knows, but I dig it, and having a toddler makes it THAT much more fun :)

One mistake we did make this year (my fault) was carving the pumpkins WAY to early in October, so now for tonight, Halloween,we have no pumpkins to light because after three weeks of sitting on the front porch in unstable weather (70 degrees, then 30 then 60 then 70 then 40!) our pumpkins basically turned to mush last week....Oh well.

But look we did decorate!:

We also took Hudson trick or treating a few weekends ago in our town of Berea,witch is real good about having a day time trick or treat for the little ones.

Since I wasn't sure how he would react to the whole thing,I bought a zip up sweatshirt and sewed ears and a tail onto it, plus some red felt for a collar and attached some of Starskys dog tags,he was a puppy! And then I smeared some black eyeliner on his little nose.....and i am an IDIOT because I used waterproof yeah ever try to get THAT off of a toddler who hates having his face washed in the first place, its like wrestling an alligator.

Hudsons first time meeting a "FAMOUS PERSON" He just LOVES elmo!

We have also had tons of other things
going one, seems as though every weekend it's something ! Lots of parties and get togethors, but I love it an
d it gives Hudson a chance to socialize,which he is very good at doing :)

Chasing down a girl who gave him a kiss at his GIRLFRIENDS birthday party!

We are really going to have to lock this kid up lol
As far as my mother has been concerned, things are really good, the doctor said she only needs 30 minutes of Che
mo once a week for 6 month
s, it wont be enough to make her nauseous or lose her hair! We are so very blessed by all of this, and to have he
r still here with us. Having her pull thro
ugh this has really revamped my faith in the big man upstairs, for sure.

Well off to make breakfast for the hubs!
Hope you Halloween is

Evil cupcakes that i made for work!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin carver!

A few nights ago, me the lil man and Bill carved our pumpkins, this was Hudsons first pumpkin!

Holding the pumpkin for daddy while he cuts it, a VERY important step!
Playing with the small size pumpkin
typical boy, loves the gooey stuff
Look at those chubby legs, don't you just want to bite them!

So how did the pumpkins turn out?.....Well you don't see them here....and lets say there is a good reason for that LOL. Oh well it was fun to say the least!
Little felt candy bag I whipped up for the lil man tonight,project was found on
"I am momma , hear me roar" (find the button on my page) Excellent site BTW, she has three small boys and makes a ton of super easy to do crafts. This felt trick-or-treat bag was easy,I just wish I had fabric paint to paint the "boo" with :( saldy a sharpie pen had to do!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A day at the apple farm

We had a spectacular afternoon at Mapleside farms today with Hudson. It was ALOT busier than we had planned,but we had such a good time, We went for a hayride through the orchards,ran around in the tot sized corn maze, picked apples and of course picked a few pumpkins. This will definitely be a yearly tradition, we had a blast!
Daddy and Hudson playing in the pumpkin field

One of the 5,000 apple trees at the orchard!

Look at the look on his face! TROUBLE!!!
Once he figured out that he couldn't pick up the pumpkin, he started rolling them down the hill lol

Afterwards, we drove out into Medina and back around, ending up in Grafton township, lots of beautiful country, corn fields, and horses, the fall leaves were just gorgeous.

Bill treated us to my favorite Mexican Restaurant MAYA, we didn't think that Hudson was ready for Mexican food, so we got him chicken fingers and french fries which he of course devoured!
Hudson must have been hungry because as soon as the waiter set down the basket of corn chips, he dove into them, eating one for the very first time, I didn't think that he was going be able to eat it because it was so sharp and crunchy, but he went at them like they were nothing! THEN he started to get into the salsa which WAS spicy , and he kept eating it! lol Too much fun.

Chewing on a corn chip
Sadly, after such a great day, Hudson was running around the house and fell and busted his bottom lip wide open :( there was blood all down his shirt and he was so upset, poor little man:( but he is a tough kid and bounced back after a warm bath and some hugs from momma and daddy. All in all a beautiful day, the weather was warm, 75 degrees!! Which is a change up from the 58 degree, cloudy rainy weather that has been plaquing us almost daily.

Tomorrow we go visit mom and grandma in the nursing home, put up halloween decorations and make chili, PHEW!!! I love my family!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A fun weekend ahead

I'm feeling a bit better today, (luckily) I managed to get in some much needed baby time last night and much needed me time! (sleep and a bubble bath anyone?)

This weekend should prove to be fun, tomorrow we are taking Hudson to Mapleside Farms for hayrides apple and pumpkin picking, it's damn near tradition to take your kid to a pumpkin patch and have his picture taken among the big pumpkins. Kind of reminds me of the Peanuts The Great Pumpkin special and Linus in the Pumpkin Patch.

Then it's home to go decorate for Halloween!!!! WEEEEEE!!!! yeah just a little bit too excited about that LOL.

Sunday we go visit my mother AND Grandmother, of which i am not sure that I mentioned are BOTH in the SAME nursing home!!!!

So yes pictures will indeed be had......


I am lusting over these

And this

Annnnnnnd this......SIGH

Have a great one!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Down in it

It's been a stressful few weeks, the accumulation of everything that is going on, (moms health,phones have been ringing off the hook at work on a constant daily basis,trying to get my freelance business moving, staying up late on work nights just to get stuff done for clients, balancing work, life, marriage then more work AND things I want to do) have once again cast me into a dark hole. Most times I can't get my brain to shut down long enough to rest. Not to mention the on coming change in seasons have rendered me frustrated and depressed.
Last night after staying up way too late doing invoices and project descriptions, I found my self standing in front of my medicine cabinet,staring at the collection of pills I have. Like my mother I am a medical pack rat of sorts, I live with a "don't pitch that medication because you may need it someday" I had had anger in my bones all day, I was in a horrible mood, literally felt like raw anger and unsettled energy was pulsating in my body, it was uncomfortable and unnerving.I wanted it to go away, just something to take the edge off, I had my choice of percoset, clonopin, l-triptophan supplements, Valium ect. I relented closed the cabinet and decided on a hot shower, I though I would sit down and start crying,I WANTED to cry, but no tears came. The only thing that I can compare it to is a burp that you really need to get out, but wont come out,so the pressure builds and builds in your chest wall, until your pretty sure your having chest pains. Cept this pain was in my veins, and a feeling of extreme sorrow in my heart. I say in there for 30 minutes until the water ran cold and it was light years past my bed time. I returned to the cabinet and ended up settling on a benadryl, just because I knew it would relax me enough to shut my mind off and go to sleep. I got into bed, the husband rolled over, no snuggles no hugs nothing, i laid on my pillow and cried until the benadryl did it's thing and drifted me off to sleep.

I cant say I woke up feeling any better. The joy of my morning was watching Hudson eat breakfast,looking at those cute little chubby cheeks move back and forth as he stuff peaches and cereal bar in his funny little face. he is my daily hero.

Nothing worth working for was ever acquired easily, and I do feel like I am working for the betterment of's just going to take time, a little patience and alot pain.