Thursday, February 26, 2009

Memory Box adventures part one

So thanks to Shans post, I had an itch to go through my old highschool memory box, and here is what I found.

The Romance: 1994-1997 Admiral King Highschool
From left:1. Hall pass that my highschool boyfriend left me on my locker, with a note on the back. 2.Hand drawn card from the same person 3. An empty bag that he blew his smoke into ( now hows THAT for infatuated!) 4. The ripped pocket off of his jeans that his friend Dave ripped off of him while he was running up the stairs. 5 A bracelet that has my name on it ( come to find out he got this bracelt for ANOTHER Heather a long time ago!!) It wasn't meant for me LOL. 6. If I even have to tell you what that is, then god help you, yes it is a wrapper, from a first "experience" How many poeple do you know that still have THAT? 7. Two Movie tickets from the early 90's for Cool Runnings and Nightmare Before Christmas 8. Old gift box that the bracelet came in. 9. A corsage from home coming. 10. Lyrics to the Tori Amos song Winter ( Tori was my religion back in highschool) hell she still is.

Drama Queen:
I was in a number of musicals and plays in highschool, I still miss the thrill of getting up on stage and being someone else, exploring the character, feeling the music, and showing off :)

1. Barnum: I played a clown 2. Once Upon a Matress: I played a lady in waiting 3. Whodunit? I played the coy shy mystery gal. and 4. Till Death do us Part: A dinner theater where I played Brandon Clays Psychotic Bride lol, I rememebr being SO thrilled because I got to touch Brandons leg lolololol!!!!!

And BTW no belly pics, I decided to wait until 20 weeks, and by then I will know what I am having :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

18 weeks! But who's counting?.........I am.....

So it’s been a rough few weeks on the pregnancy front, here’s your update:

Jelly Belly
My belly has gone through a MAJOR growth spurt, in one week alone I got big enough to fill all of my new maternity wear that I was swimming in last week. This is good, because I was running out of pants to wear!

Is the room spinning?

Last Monday I was doing my makeup in the bathroom getting ready for work, when the room started to spin, then I broke out in a hot sweat and got nauseous, I sat down on the floor and opened up the window to get some air, but I was still dizzy, I went and told the hubby, who demanded that I stay home, I called the doctor and she said that because about this time (18wks) your blood pressure drops a bit, it is easier for you to pass out or get over heated. She just advised I rest the remainder of the day and drink a lot of water, and that’s exactly what I did. I slept the entire day!! The wonderful hubby brought me take out for dinner, and pampered the hell out of me J I have been ok since, but I really have to remember to SLOW DOWN, this means going up stairs and getting stuff done in the morning, I need to chill out more often and take it slow. Not an easy task for me J

Snap Crackle Pop!!

My hips lately have been feeling like someone is trying to crush them, especially at night. My doctor recommended I go to a chiropractor, something I have always been wary of because I thought they were quacks. I WAS WRONG!!! This women came highly recommended by my doctor, then I find out she does my father in laws back, AND she is friends with my Physical Therapist, so that made me feel way more comfortable, she took one look at my spine and goes “oh my god you are all over the place back here” turns out my entire torso was turned to the left, and my hips were tilted out and back, so one leg was almost two inches shorter than the other! This is nothing new to me, I have always slipped out of place, having had back problems for years and years, but she actually fixed it, and it didn’t hurt, I felt so much better afterwards! She wants me to come back for a few weeks in a row, then once ever two weeks until the month before I have the baby, then I go once a week, and the best part… covers it!! WOOHO!! That, combined with my bi weekly massages at work (we get free 15 minute massages every other week at work) should have my back feeling pretty comfy!

And then there was movement….

It finally happened; I felt my first flutter on Tues, February 17! I had just got done eating some pomegranate yogurt, when I felt a ‘thump thump” feeling in my lower abdomen, I waited a second and pushed on my belly a bit, and there it was again, it wasn’t a strong kick obviously, but felt like a “thump” I couldn’t describe it any other way, then Thursday when the doctor was adjusting my back, I felt what I can only describe as a hard thing cross my lower abdomen, she said the baby was probably settling, because she opened up my hips and gave it more room to get comfortable. AWESOME!
Every day I feel a bit more movement. This probably has to be the best part of all of this so far, I often lay awake in bed just waiting for the little guy to move, but it never happens like that., it is usually when I do not expect it. J


Apparently the baby can hear now, which amazes me, ( I really need to dig out those old punk records and give the kid some early music education) but it also had me wondering if the kid is going to come with some superior automobile knowledge, considering I talk about cars all days to my customersJ
It also has me wondering what my bodily functions must sound like to the kid,,,,,,jeeese poor thing, probably sounds like a thunderstorm in there!

I think you and I are gonna be friends…….

The dog has been especially receptive lately as far as my belly goes, he follows me all over the place, were as before he really only followed my husband around. When I sit on the couch he rest his head on my belly instead of my boobs like he used to, and every once in a while , he licks my belly through my shirt .It is singlehandedly the cutest thing in the entire world, I think they are going to be great friends J
In Closing,

I hit the 18 week mark last Friday, and at 20 weeks I will be half way through (YAY for halfway!!) and although I have been tired lately and achy, I know it means the little guy (or gal ) is growing, which is evident by the size of my belly. I am so glad that I have more clothes that I fit into now, and that I seem to be getting used to taking it slow and needing to rest more often.

Our ultrasound in on March 6th and I cannot wait to see what gender this little thing is, although by the looks of it, I may be carrying a boy. I am very excited and cannot wait!
(Picture to be posted in another post soon, promise!!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's important to me.

This is an important issue to me thank you Ashley, for bringing this video to my attention, it is important to me, also.

Every person in this world has the opportunitty and the right to find deep love,no matter what sex it is with, no one, I repeat NO ONE can ever take away that wonderful human right, it is an intimate private choice, and the government should have no say in the matter.

Watch this video, and if you feel the same (and live in the States) please sign the petition.
"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My I-pods Soundtrack to my life

My Friend Mary had this on her blog, and It looked fun so here goes:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie.


OPENING CREDITS: Body and Soul ...Tori Amos

WAKING UP: Summer Love...Justin Timberlake

FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL: Where does the good go?...Teagan and Sarah

FALLING IN LOVE: Charlotte.....Kittie

FIGHT SONG: Maybe I'm Amazed.....Paul Mcartney

BREAKING UP: Everythings Just wonderful.....Lilly Allen

PROM: Dead end....The Format

LIFE: You Wouldn't Like Me....Teagan and Sarah

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Busted Stuff....Dave Matthews Band

DRIVING: Last Night I dreamnt That Somebody Loved Me....The Smiths

FLASHBACK: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage...Panic! At The Disco

WEDDING: Summer Shudder.....A.F.I

BIRTH OF A CHILD: Good....Better Than Ezra

FINAL BATTLE: Hunter....Portishead

DEATH SCENE: Heaven....John Legend

FUNERAL SONG: She Will Be Loved....Maroon 5

END CREDIT: The Sweet Escape...Gwen Stefani

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day in the life......(photo blog)

I really enjoyed the "Day in the life" post that Freelancer did.
So here is my Monday day in the life!

6:00 Am: Wake up and do yoga while watching the news.

6:30AM Make Breakfast
He does this every morning....but has never been sucessfull stealing my bagel.7:00AM: Get dressed for work
7:45 Am Drive to work

8:00 Am Work12:25pm-1:25pm eat lunch in my car in the park5:20PM back home and walking the mutt6:30PM Dinner!
7:30PM Sneak a few bites of ice cream....and settle in for th enight to watch 24 with the hubby.
The end!

Oh my Good GOD

Click on the photo so that you can read it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holy bowling balls and sonograms batman! ( long winded)

Ok first off, I have had a wonderful weekend I made it a priority to get out he house an d do stuff, and WHOA what a difference in my mood! yesterday we went to the Harley Davidson dealership with our friend Randy ,to look at sale merchandise and eat at the Harley Diner, then Bill and I came home and went back out to the mall to look for old versions of Atari games for our Playstation, grabbed some Chinese food around 9pm and stayed up until 12 eating and playing games, it was awesome. This morning i had such an urge for some reason to go bowling, so figuring I would probably be beat by the second game, I agreed to go with the hubby, well we ended up running into my manager down there (she is so fun) and I bowled not one but THREE games!! i can't even bowl that many games when I'm NOT pregnant!! I had UN expendable energy it was nuts! and what ever weirder, I was throwing strikes left and right! my first game was 63, second, 101 , and third 136!!! I swear the baby evened out my balance or something because that has NEVER happened, we had so much fun, I want to go next weekend!


We went in Friday for my heartbeat sonogram, so I'm laying on the table, goo all over my tummy and she's pushing and pushing away, and all we could hear was my heartbeat, so I freaked out a bit, but she grabbed the sonogram and did a crappy one just so we could see the heart beat at least, and there is was, a string little heart beat pumping away, the picture was really bad, because the sonogram that she used was not meant for external sonography, but for internal, but it did let us see wheat we needed to, she pointed out a little hand that was in the air, like it was waiving, and you could see the little head. it was so cute, no bigger than an avocado lol~
She asked me how I have been feeling and I stuck my tongue out and went (blahhhhhh) she goes "oh feeling tired?" I said no, just crying alot and having wild mood swings,soI mentioned to her that two weeks ago i ended up on my bathroom floor just sobbing one night while trying to run my bath water, and it was for no particular reason. She looked sort of concerned and looked at my history and and said that the crazy mood swings should actually be coming from the this week on, not really before, unless I Had a hormone surge, which is very possible, i also reminded her of my history with depression, she warned that it could be that coming back (i have had it pretty much kicked for 4 years but I haven't been feeling right at all lately.) she also said that because of that, I am at a very high risk for post partum depression, which I already kind of figured that I was. So she wants to put me on Zoloft in my 34Th week, to prevent it. Which I am fine with, BUT here's the catch....

because the baby would be exposed to it, i would HAVE to breast feed for at least a month in order to wean the baby off of it. basically mixing breast milk and formula together and tapering it off to all formula.

At first this petrified me, (my baby on Zoloft?? Holy shit???)) but she assured me it's an ultra low does, just enough to fight the p hormone let down after pregnancy, and that it really doesn't do harm to the baby. Now if you will remember, last time she said I may not be able to breast feed because I need to be on meds for my Acid Reflux, she said she looked further into it, and that it would be fine considering I wil not be breast feeding long, besides I take it now, while pregnant ,so its not like the baby isn't already exposed to it, and it's one of the safest pump inhibitors to use while pregnant. So while I don't want to breast feed, I know the baby does deserve happy well adjusted mother, and I know that post partum depression is noting to fuck around with , my OWN depression has crept up on me a few times and gotten really bad before I realized what hit me, Post Partum Depression can be 10 times worse.

Our BIG sonogram is on March 6Th, and THEN we will finally know what we are having!!! I am so excited, and for the record the heart beat was estimated in the 150's which by old wives tale standards,means.......high possibility of a girl!! But we will see!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The downs of pregnancy ( slightly graphic)

Ahhh yes the miracle of birth…..well a miracle for some, what’s more of a miracle for me is how I managed to keep my head screwed on every day and manage to eat enough food to the point were I am not starving.

Unlike some women who have a wonderful breezy pregnancy, I have been miserable for 15 weeks straight, (give and take a few good days…..I say few) Below are some things that I am not so find of:

These can be both good and bad, it depends on when they strike really, a craving for a whopper burger with cheese in the middle of your 9 am meeting…..BAD

A craving for Mr. Hero approximately an hour before you get off work?.....Wonderful!
Here is my recent story with that.
A few Thursdays ago I knew I was going to be alone for dinner; the hubby was going out with his buddies for drinks and dinner. So I had my mind set on my favorite Lebanese food place, I was all set to put in a phone order for a Lebanese Salad and Hummus, and then it happened………
Someone mentioned Cheese Steak…..and it all went to hell…..”Cheese steak!” I thought,”mmmm yes I NEED cheese steak!” so realizing that there was a Mr.Hero located around the corner from my house, I was suddenly on a mission, within minutes there was a picture of a Cheese Steak on my computer desktop, I stared at it for the next hour….

After work I trudged through the snow to MR. Hero.
I ordered the supreme cheese steak with mushrooms, onions, steak, and cheese, and what the hell, throw in a basket of waffle fries.

Then I sat and watched them make it, it was the most painful 5 minutes of my life……
I must have looked like a dog, drool coming out of my mouth, my pupils dilated like a junkie ready for his next fix.

They finished cooking it and as the guy was wrapping it up, I got the worst urge to jump the counter (which was conveniently low) grab my sandwich and say “DAMMIT MAN DON”T EVEN BOTHER WRAPPING IT, GIVE ME IT!!!! ……and swiftly shove it down my throat……the practically drink the fries down. I have never had such a feeling in my entire life. I finally did receive the precious cargo and took it home where my husband was already gone, I sat on the couch giving my dog the stare down as I began to unwrap it, smelling it like a fine wine…… and within 15 minutes both the sandwich and fries were gone, not a crumb left…..

Sorry, maybe it’s too much info, but hey, when your pregnant, it happens, you can finally keep up with the guys in that department, as a matter of fact you can out fart the guys, ALL of them, see, when your pregnant, you developed what’s called, “hang time” meaning when you do toot, it last a little longer than the average fart, and it is WAY more deadly, when you get to the point where even your dog gives you the “how DARE you” look….you’ll know that you have entered this phase, and it is by no means fun…..unless of course you are looking to punish your significant other for something.

360 Degree Head Turning, Exorcist Mood swings

Ever see a psychopath off of their meds? This would be what a pregnancy, mood swing looks like, if I am in the wrong mood (which lately is all the time) anything and I mean ANYTHING….will set me off….leaving the toilet seat up , buying the wrong milk, or even GASP telling me you’re a republican…… nothing says lovin like ripping someones head off then shoving it in the oven. And ain’t it wonderful that I work in customer service????

That is really all that bothers me at the moment, but at 15 weeks, I really feel like that is enough.

Sure pregnancy is easier for some than for other (bitches….sorry) but for me………well I just can’t wait until it’s all over…..