Friday, June 25, 2010

Great thursday off!

I took the day off yesterday, I needed a break big time, and I figured I would get a Thursday request off over a Friday request.

I packed up the kiddo and headed to my mom and dads house. It was a beautiful day out, we went to the beach and I let Hudson play in the sand and let the water wash over his little chubby toes for the first time, I thought this might freak him out, but he surprised me, and didn’t flinch or cry at all.

Hudson playing in the sand

After the beach we decided to head to the Ice Cream shop where we had orange sherbet twists, while Hudson had a frozen chocolate banana. I also saw someone I graduated high school with, He just happened to sit at the same table as us, with his little girl, and Hudson was trying to steal his fries! I sternly told Hudson, that those are not his fries to steal, and thankfully the guy said it was no problem if he wanted some, lol that kid is crazy for French fries! After sitting and talking for a bit, we realized we graduated from the same high school! It was neat to see some from I knew from so long ago. For those of you who read my blog that went to Admiral King, it was Kevin Patterson. He was real nice and his little girl was just a cutie! Hudson liked her too, flirted with her most of the time!

We finished the day off at my parent’s house, my mom played with Hudson while dad and I went out back and checked out his garden, my dads’ garden and landscaping is AMAZING!!! I only hope my yard looks like that some day!
Speaking of my garden, here are a few photos of mine!

Chives,sweet basil and cilantro

I took this photo a week ago, everything is WAY bigger now, I will have to post a newer pic.

My grandmother did in fact have a TIA (sorry I said it was a tsi in the last post) at any rate it’s a minor stroke, but it’s her second one, the doctor doesn’t want her to be alone for awhile, so she has to stay in a nursing home for two weeks, she isn’t so broken up about though really, she said she feels safer there. I may take Hudson on Sunday to go visit and cheer her up a bit!
Well that’s pretty much all for now, nothing really crazy exciting going on here, except the hubby and I are going out on Sat night for dinner and a movie, to celebrate our three year anniversary! I am definitely looking forward to a bit of mommy daddy time 
Have a great one!

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