Saturday, June 28, 2008

OH! The Places you'll go!

Friday morning around 11:00 we hopped inthe car and drove to Amish Country Indiana! ROAD TRIP!!! The ride was half an hour shorter than we had planned( bonus), and in short we had a fabulous time! We stayed at the Song Bird Inn Bed And Breakfast owned by a mennonite couple, it was truly peaceful and beautiful and you can bet we came home with our bellies stuffed full of good food and our bags stuffed with cheeses, meats and breads! Not to mention some really cool garden ornaments and a sign that will hang above our bed that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" we had the most peaceful time there, our first anniversary was truly one to remember; much like this marraige!

Here are some pics of our trip below!

Were here! (obviously)

Best driving partners EVER!Songbird Ridge B&BBill really liked the bed!I dug the free hershey kisses and french milled soaps!The goats outback, (the grass is alaways greener....) These two were hilarious!! We need them to mow OUR lawn, they can chow down!! Bill finds a new friend! Ok SERIOUSLY how scared am I? It's not like the damn thing was going to bite me!I love old Hudsons and Bill tok me to the Hudson museum to show me why I will never own one! thanks hunny.....point taken.....Here is my pinup girl pose!Me being artsy it the bathroom mirrorStrawberry cupcakes at the Golden Gate Cafe!!You wana cup???A wonderful peaceful weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

meat and cheese and meat and cheese

So I am really REALLY excited, Monday is the hubby and I’s one year anniversary, I cannot believe it has already been one year! (And what a year it has been sheesh!) But we made it and came out stronger.

To celebrate this little milestone, we are heading to Indiana Amish country this Friday morning at 10 am! Now don’t laugh ( I know some of you are laughing) but we are dorks and we LOVE the land of beef jerky and trail mix, we usually go down to Berlin Ohio, and stay in a B&B but we have seen that place too many times, so….off to Shipshewana we go, we will be staying at the super cute relaxing Songbird Ridge Bed and Breakfast on an Amish farm We will have our own private bath (ooh lalala!) and queen sized bed (YAY!) in the morning we will have a breakfast of “meats and cheeses” then it’s shopping we go!!!!! I will make sure to take lots and lots of photos to share. Ugh just one more day of work L.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Exposaroonie Challenge

So this weeks challenge was vivd colors, here is what I put togethor!

Wanna play? Go to and play!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cures "play for today"

So last night was my big ol early B-day present from my friend Julia, THE CURE concert! I of course got myself all gothed and corseted up for the show, (check out the rack I didn't know i had!!!) And Julia got all dressed up herself with her teeny little waist cincher and beetle juice dress, Bill wore all black (it's so simple for men) we had a blast and they were spectacular!! Robert Smith was fat, which does prove Randys thoery to be true "when Robert Smith is happy he is fat, when he is sad he is skinny" and his new album is a happy one so guess what, but he still looked amazing! With his cherry colored lips black eyeliner and almost shy cuteness. They rocked it out big time, and also came back for not one but TWO encores! ( Robert Smith looked like he has been coming back for more than TWO Encores latley)...heehehe...get it...I made a funny.... ENCORE....heavy Robert Smith...eats alot..........umm....ok.

All was great expect for some minor mishaps, Randy couldn't go because he unfortunatley had a death in the family. Some real real big guy kept seeping out of his seat onto Julia, then she tried to move over becuase we had an extra seat and he managed to leak over to that seat oo, and he smelled like vomit, then the guy next to Bill kept spitting sunflower seeds onto Bills feet. REALLY PEOPLE,who the hell eats sunflower seeds at a concert?????

All in all thought it was one of the best concerts, they truly have not lost thier touch!

Julia and I in our CURE attire

With our serious goth faces on, you can see that we were on the verge of cracking up.

The sweetie pie and I, he really was happier than this to go to the concert with two hot chicks lol

The set during Lovesong
Set during an older song
The man himself!!(ok so it was far away but HA! I still got a pic of him!!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tofu Kitty

Just a Saturday morning, hanging out taking pictures of the kitty.

This is his serious face as he watches Amercias Next Top Model.


Hangin with dad..Rock Hall

So since my dad has to work on Fathers day, I thought today would be the perfect day to take him out and just spend some quality time togethor. And since it is HIS fault that I am into music as much as I am, I thought the Rock Hall would be PERFECT! We had lunch at my fave resturant, then headed over to the the rock, it has been 11 years since we had been there, and it was so freaking awesome. We talked for hours about old legendary DJS, and good old bands like Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin, talked about Jazz and Mahalia Jackson, Professor Longhair and Bo Diddley. I was in my glory! The we finished off the day by drooling over the Doors exhibit. My dad is the kewlest father in the universe, I just love him to pieces!

All ready for the rock hall with my best Billy Idol Impression!

Dad standing in front of the George Harrision Guitar.Yours truly with the Ramones guitar, another thing I can thank my dad for getting me into!

my dad is one of the major reasons I am who I am, I would never have been able to get away with as much crap as I did in my younger days, if I didn't have my dad at the helm for me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grow Your Own!

So in an effort to save money on groceries, we decided to grow our own veggies! We picked a nice plot of land behind the big garage, with well drained well fed soil, and planted onions, cilantro, 3 kinds of peppers and tomatoes ( of the non deadly variety) yeah... basically we are growing salsa! We started two weeks ago and now just look at the results!



Hot hubby to help me eat it all!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This is one of the sites i look forward to each morning !