Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft night!........Well.........almost.....

R.I.P Dear homemade maiden form..........

So tonight was craft night with Miss. Julia! The PLAN was to finish our masking tape maiden forms that we have been working on for three weeks now.....well.....that didn't work out so well. Julia had this great idea ( and yes it was a truly great idea in theory) to use liquid Foam Insulator (Great Stuff) to line just the inside of the forms so that when you stuck pins into it, the pins wouldn't come out sticky. Now the boys warned us ahead of time that this wasn't going to work, but "HA! Those boys are wrong, we'll show em!" we thought.....

So we taped card board into the bottom and the arm holes to give our Maidenform's a good support, got a can of Great Stuff and went at it. But when Julia tried to spray the inside of the form, it all fell to the bottom like sludge and didn't expand or do what we wanted it to do :(, it wasn't long before the Great Stuff wasn't so great, it was sticky and got on our clothes and hands, meanwhile our maiden form literally folded under the weight of the stuff. We decided it would be best to jump ship and forgo the project we were so hopeful for. But we laughed it off and pitched the form in the trash, and thought of what we could craft next time. Besides we had enough time left over afterward to sit and talk and play wit her dog Brutus.

On another note, check out the costumes that Julia and her Boyfriend Randy made for this year and a few years ago. The couple can CRAFT!!!!!

A Spy from SPY vs. SPY. Julia sewed the hat out of felt and the face is made out of poster board with black nylons covering the eye holes.
Fry Lock from Hunger Force....Super kewl!!

Sigh....ah well...... what are you gonna do ya know?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Movie Day

So I took the day off work due to an ill tummy :(.

But that also meant I got to lay on the couch under the blankets and watch my most FAVE movie EVER! Virginia Woolfs ORLANDO. if you have never seen this movie SEE IT!! it has to be my most fave of all time, I am obsessed.

A favorite scene, it's a bit long but twoarss the end I love the air of feminism that she spews at those around her who think little less of women than just pretty creatures.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's about Damn Time!!!

For 3 years my husband has been pledging to get into the Cleveland Chopper Hot Rod Association. He has a 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport, and a huge love for all cars classic (so do I, which is why we are such a good team) Any ways three years ago I convinced him to try to join the Choppers, because they seemed like pretty kewl guys, and I loved all the access to car shows and new socializing. Well it has been a long ass three years, and finally they made him a member Thursday night, so this morning I was so proud of him, we went right out and took pictures of him in the garage with his gear on. Congrats baby, I am proud of you!!!

The man and the back of his car

....yes I am just as excited as you are.....
I am not even really sure what he is pointing at, but we were feeling silly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Craft Night!!

So I spent last night, taping up my girlfriend …..No you pervs…not like that…. It was Thursday, and that meant it was Arts and Crafts night with Julia!

A few weeks ago, Julia had seen a posting on Thread Banger, on how to make your own custom dress form out of all things, duct tape. We decided this was a MUST DO to open up the crafting season. Last week she did my dress form, which after two hours of standing up came out great! (I still say it’s because she’s an engineer :) ) This week it was time to do hers. So she came over last night, tape in hand and off we went. Below is a basic instructional summary, to make your own go here; (note its in the second half of the segment)

have your model put on an old fitted t-shirt that they wont mind being destroyed.( make sure that it is rather fitted and not too big)
We started midway down the butt crack (sorry no real not funny way to say that)
and began to wrap around her waist, slightly overlapping each piece, careful not to do this too tightly, you want an as natural form as possible, and don't worry about it being wrinkly (like I did) you can fix it later. Wrap once all the way up to the breast line.
Once you get to the breast line start at the center breast bone with one strip of tape and start every other piece at the breast bone point and point it out, (or as Julia says, "like your making a triangle top") make sure to smooth the pieces of tape well into the curve of the breasts and don't make it too tight, now you are going to have to get a bit fresh with the person being taped to do this correctly, so just drop any uncomfortableness and just get on in there!
You will then want to make sure that you cover the back and the under arm area. When you have covered all bases, do it again two more times.
When you are all done with all three layers, mark the belly button and natural waist line.

You will also want to draw a line straight down the back.
Once you have placed your lines, start cutting straight up the back, making sure not to cut your model (obviously) or her bra. Cut all the way up to the neck.
After you have cut your model out of her "duct tape corset" you will them need to tape it back together we used a few strips out side and a few strips inside for extra reinforcement. We then finished off the neckline and arm holes with extra tape.
Below is the finished product.
From here you can stuff it, or line it with insulating foam, and mount it on a stand, for a perfect clone of your self for sewing projects.
*btw* Thanks Julia for standing in my living room for like 2 hours and letting me tape you up. it was fun!
Now for a more detailed explanation go to and have at it!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to pull yourself out of a Funk

Photo By:hanna*bo

Ever have one of those days, where you’re just feeling funky? Not the good funky, or the sick funky, but “blah,ugh, meh” funky?

Take today for instance, I woke up tired after 8 hours of sleep, am a bit cranky, and my turtle neck is bothering me. ( apparently it’s just not cold enough out for turtlenecks)

But I know my day is not completely ruined, because I follow these simple rules below to perk myself up on crappy days:

1. If your lucky enough to realize early that your day may be less than exciting, start it off right with some exercise ( I can hear the moaning now) but hear me out, drag your sleepy butt out of bed and throw yourself on your yoga mat, go for a brisk morning jog, or even a surprise roll in the hay with your lover! (Hence the moaning,…… and no I don’t want to hear that…..but good for you!)

2. After your “work out” hop in the shower and use a body scrub or soap that you really like, I like to use peppermint soap in the mornings; the cool tingly feeling on your skin REALLY gets you going! You can also try a caffeinated body wash if you prefer to wash with your morning cup o joe rather than drink it.

3. Once you are squeaky clean, doll yourself up, sure you feel lousy, but dressing down will only make you feel frumpy, you want to be comfortable yet classy, ( for example. DO not wear a wool turtle neck : ( ) Put on a nice pair of panties , a delicate bra and a fancy dress or skirt and blouse, something that makes you feel FABULOUS!! If you have the time, do your hair up nice, or try some new make-up looks (not that you need it, beautiful!)

4. Once you’re prettied up, head to the kitchen for some tasty eats, if you have the time the time to cook, then make something special for yourself, sit at the kitchen table and eat, turn on a radio, make a pot of tea, make a full breakfast and enjoy every bite slowly. OR if your crunched for time because you took longer than expected on number 1, (BTW good for you) then get your stuff together and head out to pick up breakfast on the way to work. Or wherever you happen to be going. Now what we are focused on here is nutrition, so maybe stop at McDonalds’ or what ever your local fast food joint is, grab a bagel but skip the fries or greasy hash browns and carry along an apple instead to finish off your meal. Photo by: Dada Dreams

5. On the way to work, if you take public transportation bring a guilty pleasure read with you, such as tabloid mag, or beauty or music mag. Or if your stuck in traffic, crank up your radio or ipod with some Gangsta Rap or something upbeat, the point here is ridiculousness, put on something that you would be horrified if anyone heard you singing, ( for me its Dr. Dre) over exaggerate your singing and use gestures to make your self laugh at well…….your self!! Do it you will feel better!!

6. At work, try to smile at everyone you meet, if you’re not in a lighter mood by now “pretend” that you are, sometimes that alone can spark a happy feeling.

7. If you are lucky enough to leave for lunch, go shopping or if the economic downturn has hit your pocketbook, go browsing, try on elaborate outfits you couldn’t possibly ever afford, take pictures of your self in them with your cell phone. You may also give your self a treat, stop and get a coffee or a piece of REALLY good chocolate.

8. I really do not have any tips on making through that final grueling hour of work, or the last four hours after lunch for that matter. If you have any let me know, but I try to continue my positive attitude through out the rest of the work day, just putting my nose to the grindstone to get all my projects mostly finished, that way I feel like I accomplished SOMETHING!

9. After your day is done, finish off your day by playing with your pets, this is great way to reduce stress, run around out side, or just wrestle with them indoors. Lie on the floor and let them lick your face; let your cat sit on you while you take in a favorite tv show.

10. Finish your day off by taking a nice hot shower or a fancy bubble bath, relax as long as you like read a magazine and look at that! You just made it through a funky day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to destroy a $6.75 desert in 2.5 seconds flat

Look innocent while shoving the tasty thing in your mouth .

It was a Raspberry Mousse Devils Food Bomb from a natural foods resturaunt called Sweet Melissas. It was delectable,......and I inhaled it in my car in the parking lot.

..........................I have such issues............................. See what stress does to you kids???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How soon we forget.....

No my darlings I have not forgotten to blog latley, I actually have had way too much going on. Lets see, this and last week alone I:
1. Helped a friend at the Art Institute with a project.
2. De-flea'd my dog , cat and my house not once but 4 TIMES!!!! (always go to the vet and buy thier meds, please don't waist your money on crap at Petco) if i would have listened to my own advice this whole shennanigan would have been avoided.

3. Went to two 30th b-days partys!!!!

4. Had a co-worker try to commit suicide in the bathroom at work , then ask ME if sh needed to go to the hospital.

5. Narrowly Missed getting laid off at work and in the process got REAL busy.

6. Have been working on my jewelry and charm line. ( wich I do enjoy but it does take up alot of time, and I am real excited about it, I also haven't told anybody so if you don't know then....surprise!!! but its not ready yet., "yay!!!"!!!)

....and about the running, I tried to get back into the swing of things after my cold, but now my right knee hurts, wich i kind of expected, so I am being ginger with that.

Jeese....ever feel like you can't get anything done???

Well at least I still have a job and now my babies are officialy flea free!!!

Well off to go poke around in other peoples blogs and catch up!

C-ya soon!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Arts and Crafts

So thanks to Freelancers post on prettying up t-shirts. I was inspired to make this out of an old shirt that had a patternthat I loved, but a shape that didn't really suit me.

I REALLY dig it now!! boobs look rediculously large in this pic.....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fashion Orgasm

Dress by georges chakra. Blue cobalt feathers. Its fun and I want it! Sorry the pic is so bad Ihad to take it with my phone because an actual picture of the dress is not available anywhere on the internet.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ode to cafe voltaire

Photo by jturney
Oh CafĂ© Voltaire, how I do love you so, your slight caffeine kick hidden under a blanket of warm hot chocolatletyness with your insufficient false marshmallows. You manage to get me through the 3:00 o’clock slump. As though your delicious treatyness will make al my customers behave better, no….no it is not weird fate, But that I am riding on such a freaking caffeine high right now, that no ones problems seem to matter to me. Like Novocain for the mind, you get me through painful situations………Thank you I am indebted…..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

12 reasons I love fall, in no particular order!

1.New Fall Clothes, this season REALLY has a lot to offer, lots of new things, I am totally digging the sweater dresses for work and all the cute patterned tights!

2.Getting to finally burn my Pumpkin fall leaves spice candle!! And my new Hot Buttered Rum Candle.

3.SOUP SEASON! Chicken soup to start off the season, then French onion and Cream of Potato, freeze it up for yummy left over’s all season long!!

4.All the kewl Halloween stuff I have can finally be showcased! And OH! It is the first of Oct!! I can put stuff up tonight! HOORAY!!

5.Long walks in the metro parks with Bill my dogs or Julia, crisp autumn air beautiful fall colors, not to mention the sweet smell of dead leaves.

6.Apples used in cooking, APPLE PIE!!!!

7.The tasty decorated Halloween sugar cookies that I make and bring into work!!

8.The two bands that remind me of fall, Cold Play and Portishead. And playing them endlessly on my ipod!

9.My homemade cranberry sauce mmmmm makes the whole house smell like cranberries and cloves!

10.Hot toddy concoctions! Try this: heat up some milk, add a teaspoon of honey (to taste),cloves, cinnamon and ginger, then top it off with a shot of rum!!

11.Lighting candles, turning off the lights and snuggling with the hubby and puppy.

12The ability to jump in a big ol pile of leaves with unbridled passion and gutso!