Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never Dared

Sometimes, I get these outfit ideas in my little head and half the time 
they are way too outrageous to wear to my day job,
This happens to be one of those outfits.
I didn't think I would like the booties with this skirt, but once I put it together, I really did like it.

Hair Bow: Handmade by Me
Top: Worthington
Skirt: Thrifted
Booties: Target
Bracelets: Macys

Pencil Skirt Day 2

I really love this pencil skirt, it is one of my favorite colors,
the problem is, it is so tight that I can't consciously wear it to the office.
So needless to say I haven't worn it more than twice since I bought it :(
When shopping for work clothes, ALWAYS try on stuff makes a difference!

Top: Sophia Veraga for Kmart
Skirt: Target

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Polka Pink

 Top: JcPenny
Skirt: Target
Bracelets: Macys

Ketchup and Mustard

I got this top from Old Navy a few months back, after about 6 months of trying to decide whether or not i really wanted it, it finally went on sale. At 4 dollars, I really couldn't pass it up.
The only problem that I have with it, is that the bow is supposed ot go in the back, but honestly it look really stupid that way, so I just turned it around and I wear it backwards.
I like that is has kind of vintage look to it,besides......I mean it has DOGGIES on it...:)


Top: Old Navy
Slacks: Target
Jellie flats: Target
Belt: Forever 21

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wardrobe: Fall Planning

I know summer isn't even over yet and I am already thinking about my Fall wardrobe.
There are just so many GREAT looks in store for this year, I can hardly help it!
Here are some staples that I am looking forward to purchasing come late September.
There will be more to come, but as of now these are the basics that I am in current need of,
This Coat by Anthropologie has been on my mind since I saw it last Tuesday, it is $168.00
so I am currently trying to justify it. It is extremely well made and has that nice structured look I love in Trenchcoats.

I love this Tweed style fitted blazer by Ralph Lauren, ecspecially with the crisp white shirt undeneath it, Fitted blazers seem to be my fetish this year, I recenlty bought a grey one from H&M and I love how it pulls my waist in and looks so finished

A Chambray shirt and a Crisp clean white button down shirt, are TOTAL MUSTS, dress them up, dress them down
put them under cardigans,blazers, you name it!
These are from Tommy Hillfiger

Mustard or marigold colored skinny jeans, I have never been a huge fan of this color, but over the past year,
it has rapidly grown on me. These are from Rouche

Every year I see these from Steve Madden, and every year I forget to buy them until it is too late,
these are perfect for fall days, and the perfect compliment to a sweater and leggings.

 These would be great with a short flirty floral dress and fitted denim jacket!
From Zappos
Hope your weekend is stellar!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My week in instagram...

Things about this week:

Anthropologie has to be the best sotre EVER, I could literally LIVE IN THE STORE
and did you know they put your NAME on the dressing room door??? ( faints)

Pomegranate Green Tea and Lebanese food rocks my world

I wanted this boobs however.....were dying to get out....

Banana Republic has really upped thier game and surprised me lately

Belgian waffles taste EVEN BETTER when you're not really supposed to be eating them.....:)

Hope your week has been stellar!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little posh in a cheap closet

I have really been making a concerted effort to incorporate more well made pieces into my wardrobe,
you know, peice that actually LAST from year to year..
Yesterday i had the luxury of a day off and found myself at one of Clevelands upscale shopping malls, with money to burn ( don't you just HATE that??) ( insert sarcasm)
And I was ALONE!!! By Myself!!!! WOOHOO!!
Anyway,I found this skirt at Banana Republic, I must say it will quickly become my favorite :)
Not to mention that it retails for 85 dollars, but was on clearance for 27
PLUS 15% off for signing up for a store card!!!!
You can thank my husband for the clear photo ;)
and blame the cuteness on my little guy who wanted to model as well lol
Sweater: Old Navy
Necklace: Charming Charlies
Skirt: Banana Republic
Bracelets: Walmart

On the little man

Top: Target
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Osh Kosh

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovely lady

I love when I find a little nook of time in the morning to take photos on my front porch ;)
But I really need a better camera, my Cannon Elph really doesn't cut it, not even for everyday shots, the clarity just isn't there.
If you have any good camera suggestions, we happen to be in the market for one, so lay them on me, I'm all ears!

Top: Acxess ( via a gift from a friend)
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Mee Too ( by way of TJ Maxx)
and no, I am NOT wearing white nylons, yes I am ACTUALLY that pale white LOL
It's the Irish/Slovak heritage that makes me practially see thru lol

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Madison Kar Kulture 2012

The Madison Kar Kulture Show was saturday, and true to tradition, I dressed up in my pin-up best ;)
It was gorgeous day out, although it was way warmer than they said, 
and I ended up with a touch of heat sickness :(
Still, a great time was had by all :)

Jeans: Worthington from SEARS ( really love these ones because they fit like a glove and can be rolled up or down)
Shoes:Target ( like 3 years ago)

This Kids was the BEST all day, such a good little man

Rollin in with my man :)

I really wish I had tken more photos of cars lol, but when your chasing a little man around in espadrilles all day, taking photos of cars is really last on your list lol

Oh well, here is to next year!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'll admit it, I'm a LUSH

I am sure that more than a few of you may be familiar with the handmade cosmetics company LUSH.
I had always loved looking through their catalogs, but never formally
visited a store or ordered anything.

Over the past year, I have gotten more into natural based products, so when I got the latest issue of the LUSH Times in the mail last weekend, I decided it was time to take the plunge.
All I can say is WOW, why the hell didn't I use this  stuff before???? seriously!!
I bought a small bottle of the Daddy-o shampoo for my natural blonde tresses. And a container of Bare Naked Lady Dusting Powder.

The shampoo is violet colored to tone down the brassiness of blonde and grey hair,
 but it smells like Violets ( truth be told, I never even KNEW what a violet SMELLED like)
Well let me tell you people it smells AWESOME! Not only that,
but my hair actually smelled that good for like two days!

The Bare Naked Lady Dusting Powder is Talc free ( big bonus)
it is made mainly of baking soda and other organic ingredients.
It smells like roses but is definitely not strong at all,
 it does however come in handy for dusting on your lady parts ;)
(now you know too much about what I do with MY dusting powder)

I haven't tried the "SWOOSH" yet, but it intrigues me, its a shower jelly, and it is supposed to have hte consistency of jello, plus it's blue, so.....what's not to love!!

All of their products are made without preservatives, so they all have an expiration date on them and also come with a cartoon photo of the person who hand made your stuff! I think that is so awesome, just to know that someone put their time and effort into making these awesome treats :)

The prices are a little steep, but I promise you, the quality is outstanding!!!
And in my opinion worth every penny.

If you haven't already, check them out at here 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Pin-up Returns

For as long as my husband and I have been together, we have enjoyed going to car shows together.
One show comes around every year that is my particular fave, the Madison Kar Kulture Show,
it's a total rockabilly type event.
For years now I have gotten all decked out in my best pin-up garb,
and walked the isles of classic car beauties with my sweet man.

The past few year however, life had gotten in the way,
my mother had passed away, I had some personal issues, and well I just didn't have the desire
to get all dolled up and go!

This year we decided that we WILL return to the car show, and I WILL get all dolled up in my pinup garb once again,

because dammit....
It just makes me feel good....!

Here are some looks from years gone by....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I had wanted to do a full outfit post today,but the place that I normally shoot my photos, is closed for the week,so I am resorting to what photos I can take with my Iphone
before I shoot out the door to work, needless to say, they didn't turn out so well.
I did however save three of my favorite shots, and to be honest,
they are they best parts of my outfit today anywyas lol

I have always loved bun, big buns, small buns, mess buns,my husbands buns..........
...oh wait....that's a different post.....

My hair hasn't been long enough to actually FORM a bun,
so you can imagine my excitement when I found out a way to actually manage one.
I love this bun it is so ballerina like and big and pretty :)

New Zodiac Necklace I got yesterday from AVON

Bracelet goes with the necklace, but it drove me nuts the way it was flopping around all over the place, so I stacked some bangles on top of it and  called it a day :)

Hope your day is full of pretty things !

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Current Obsession- Feathered Jewelry

Now initially when you think of feathered jewelry,
you probably think of dream catchers and American Indians,
at least, that's what I had thought.

But what I have been salivating over craving latley is a more sophisticated kind of feathered jewelry.
My interest started when I saw this:
....Darn you get me everytime, I mean combine it with the fact that I LOVE enamel jewelry, and lets just say my excitement flew through the roof...........then quickly died, when I found out it cost $160, ( sad face)

So I did what any budget concious girl who has a serious addiction love for all things pretty
I resorted to Ebay and Etsy

Unfortunatley I came up empty handed on the enamel feather bracelet, but I DID find lots of other pretty things that I am now coveting ( lord lock up my wallet) here we go:

Around the World necklace by ManoCelebratesI am really considering snagging this, it's so darn cute!

Pacific Coast Birds by LuxeDelux

Feather Ring by HangingByaThread

I saw this on ebay and I didn't write down wich seller, but if you look up "enamel feather ring",
 it will come up almost immediatley

Coventry Bird by SellItAgainVintage

I adore THIS, but I figure it HAS to be heavy, but pretty still - TheOldBallerinaBox