Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pin-up goes retro

I like to change up my look every now and again. In the past there has been the goth look, then I went into the pin-up look and stayed with it for quite a long time. Then the Dark haired smarty pants look,now; as I reinvent my self once again,I am feeling the 60’s mod look. More Bridget Bardot, meets artist meets mad men bombshell ( because bombshell IS my middle name  )This style will be mostly hair and make up based, no real change to my already awesome wardrobe. Style pieces include
I just LOVE the structure of her bangs here, and am thinking about getting it done on my hair.

Pretty bow on Miss Bardot

I often do my ponytails up like this already, it's so easy on dirty hair days

I would eventually love to grow my hair out like this

Definitley more defined cat eye makeup

Bouffant Hairdos, LOVE EM!

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Mrs Munster said...

I love bouffant hairdos but haven't been able to master one myself as yet. Probably haven't teased my hair enough for it. Looking forward seeing your new look. And thank you doll for changing the colour of the text :)