Saturday, June 12, 2010

not as I had hoped

Hudson smiling as I peeked at him from out side the window
Last night we started to try to re train Hudson to sleep in his crib and all I can say is MAN can that kid freaking scream, but they are all crocodile tears, he's not really crying, just screaming his head off, eventually I gave up and just put him in bed with us, I know I know ,,good going right? Considering that's one of the things on vacation that screwed his whole sleep pattern up, was that AND his cold. Our night have unfortunatley went like this:Hudson in his crib: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Me to Bill: wonder how long he can go, I mean he HAS to stop SOMETIME right?

Bill: yeah he'll stop

(5 horrible minutes later)


Me: Well it doesnt sound like he's going to stop to me....

Bill: wow that kid really has a set of lungs on his huh?

Me ( runs and gets him puts him in bed with us)

Mrs. Munster suggested reading The Baby Whisperer. I may give that a go, from all that i have been reading, it only takes about three nights for a kid to think it's ok to sleep with mommy and daddy (wooopsie).

We got up this morning and went to the mall to have our wedding bands re coated,Hudson enjoyed all of the attention, he is a true ladies an 110 percent! He just smiled and smiled at all the ladies and baby girls in the mall. We had a good time, until i started to feel a bit Ill from the heat, it is 90 degrees here today with 80 percent humidity.UGH< And yes we were in air conditioning, but I still get sick in real hot weather, so we had lunch and then baby and I laid down together when we got home.

Later we got up and I put the baby in his splash pool out on the patio. we had fun while daddy did some lawn work.

I took a cute photo pf Hudson and Bill at the mall, but I will have to post it a bit later.

Hudson is fussy at my feet right now, so off i go again!

Please hope that he SLEEPS HIS BED!!!!

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Mrs Munster said...

Eddie has been quite good sleeper at night but nap times were absolute nightmare. I was always cuddling him to sleep and often kept him in my arms through the nap (he woke up when I put him down). Obviously I didn't get anything done. The baby whisperer has a lovely pick up- put down method where you don't leave the baby crying. Hard work but worth it. It took me few days to have Eddie crying for 20 minutes when I put him for his naps. Now all I need to is put him down, give his cuddly toy and he goes to sleep. Occasionally I might have few tears and 5 minutes not settling but still! Good luck and lots of patience with the sleep school!