Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On this Date three years ago.....

I married my wonderful husband Bill, the day was beautiful, a huge lavish wedding just like I had always wanted, outside in the park near our house.the weather was a perfect 75 degrees with minimal humidity and as sunny as could be. It has been a somewhat bumpy three years, and they always say that the first 4 years are the hardest, boy are they right, but we are tough and we have come through everything even stronger. I love him for what he is and what he isn't,he is my everything.
On saturday, Hudson and I took a walk down to the place we got married, it was 8:30 am and it was almost as perfect outside as that day three years ago.

Hudsons eating his morning Cheerios on our walk

The gazebo where we got married
The inside view of the gazebo
My man shedding a tear
The big moment

Married at last!

The little man was VERY tired out after our tour!

Monday, June 28, 2010


SO the Hubs and I went to Best Buy on Saturday and looked for computers, he was searching for an new PC I was searchign for the Mac I plan to buy in Sept.

I have always wanted a MAC and I promised myself that the next computer that I get would BE a MAC, If I am going to do it, Dammit I'm going to do it right!

I will need the computer to hold alot of data and also run Indesign, Dreamweaver and other various programs, sometimes simultaniously. And I love MACs user friendlyness.

So I am getting the MAC Book PRO:

2.4GHz or 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 3MB shared L3 cache; or 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 4MB shared L3 cache
4GB (two 2GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 memory; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 8

Mmmmm and a mean ass Graphics Card. I Cannot WAIT!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Photos never before seen

while digging around tonight, I found two photos from a professional pin up shoot I had done for my hubby years ago. Most photos are for his eyes only :) But here are two mild faves that I like, it was really before I was fully in my pin up stage. it's more "Rocker pinup" but pin up none the less :)

Great thursday off!

I took the day off yesterday, I needed a break big time, and I figured I would get a Thursday request off over a Friday request.

I packed up the kiddo and headed to my mom and dads house. It was a beautiful day out, we went to the beach and I let Hudson play in the sand and let the water wash over his little chubby toes for the first time, I thought this might freak him out, but he surprised me, and didn’t flinch or cry at all.

Hudson playing in the sand

After the beach we decided to head to the Ice Cream shop where we had orange sherbet twists, while Hudson had a frozen chocolate banana. I also saw someone I graduated high school with, He just happened to sit at the same table as us, with his little girl, and Hudson was trying to steal his fries! I sternly told Hudson, that those are not his fries to steal, and thankfully the guy said it was no problem if he wanted some, lol that kid is crazy for French fries! After sitting and talking for a bit, we realized we graduated from the same high school! It was neat to see some from I knew from so long ago. For those of you who read my blog that went to Admiral King, it was Kevin Patterson. He was real nice and his little girl was just a cutie! Hudson liked her too, flirted with her most of the time!

We finished the day off at my parent’s house, my mom played with Hudson while dad and I went out back and checked out his garden, my dads’ garden and landscaping is AMAZING!!! I only hope my yard looks like that some day!
Speaking of my garden, here are a few photos of mine!

Chives,sweet basil and cilantro

I took this photo a week ago, everything is WAY bigger now, I will have to post a newer pic.

My grandmother did in fact have a TIA (sorry I said it was a tsi in the last post) at any rate it’s a minor stroke, but it’s her second one, the doctor doesn’t want her to be alone for awhile, so she has to stay in a nursing home for two weeks, she isn’t so broken up about though really, she said she feels safer there. I may take Hudson on Sunday to go visit and cheer her up a bit!
Well that’s pretty much all for now, nothing really crazy exciting going on here, except the hubby and I are going out on Sat night for dinner and a movie, to celebrate our three year anniversary! I am definitely looking forward to a bit of mommy daddy time 
Have a great one!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh ok FINE you win lol

Thanks for the response to my prior post, I was just testing the waters to see if it was still something I wanted to do, because I like to share stuff with people, so if no one where reading, then it wouldn’t matter so much. But aside from seeing that many of you do read it, (I got even more responses via email). Then I will continue, also it is a nice way to keep a running tab on things that I have done,and is somewhat therapeutic at times lol.

When it rains….
I have still been crazy busy lately, I don’t know even where to start. Our home computer went down on Sunday night, we contracted the Conficker Virus, as I kindly refer to it as Conf**ker Virus. Because of the most constant “F**K!!!!!” That came out of my mouth as the virus quickly multiplied on my hard drive and infected EVERYTHING, I had to reformat the hard drive, which means I lost everything, photos that I had (though I had copied a lot of important ones to an external storage stick a day before this happened phew) Bill lost ALL of his Car Club stuff, and my ITunes was wiped clean, almost 200 dollars worth of music. UGH!! Luckily, I do still have my entire library in my iPod, I just have to figure out how to transfer it back to my computer. Anyways, in that mound of lost crap, was Hudson’s First birthday invite that I worked so hard on  that I think was what devastated me the most, but I DID find a print out I had done of it in the office, and thank god for that, I cant make any changes on it, but everything should be ok anyways, which is good, because the virus killed my cd drives, which means I cannot reinstall Photoshop  and re-do the invite. It is essentially Bills computer, so I am leaving it up to him to replace the drives or get a new PC. I my self am getting a Mac Book pro in sept, when I start school. So that should fix that whole problem.
My 89 year old Grandmother

My grandma, god bless her, is a true fighter, she has had colon cancer, breast cancer, knee surgery, and shoulder surgery, and came out on top, she is generally healthier than the whole family. But on Monday night she called my mom at 11pm. Said she was making out her bills and her left hand went numb and she couldn’t move it or pickup a piece of paper, she called 911 and thought she was having a stroke. They ran tests all night and couldn’t find anything, they are doing a MRI today, wich they have to knock her out for because she freaks out when she gets one. The think she may have had a TIA or a mini-stroke. I really hope she turns out ok.
Soooo. Hudson is mobile! TIME TO SCREW EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR! I came home Friday from work and he ran right up to me, I about passed out! Then on his third try his promptly fell right on his face, smacking his forehead onto the hardwood floor, he’s got a nice bruise but it’s going away and he’s fine no brain damage LOL.He did however shy away from walking for the next few days after that lol. Stop to baby proof! Like NOW!! And time for mommy to do more core strength exercises! Because this bending over to help him walk is killing me! He is also eating everything, Avacados,blueberries,oatmeal, smaller chunks of meat, cooked carrots and peas. And he LOOOOOVEs a big bowl of noodles! He is also fond of rasin bread toast, the past few days he refuses to eat anything but, I gave him a real treat this morning and put some cream cheese on it, he REALLY liked that. Lol my little stinky man is growing up! (Sad face)

Great Fathers Day

For fathers day, my dad came out to my house and we went for a 12 mile bike ride in the metro parks near my house, I used to go on bike rides all the time with my dad back home, it was OUR thing, I miss it. We rode for a bit, stopped and ate, rode some more, stopped and bs’d rode some more ect. It was a beautiful sunny day , aside form the 90 degree humid weather, which you really didn’t notice until you stopped riding, then it was like walking into a blast furnace. I just love my dad 

Well that’s really it! I am off of work tomorrow; a friend of mine is coming home from Cincinnati. She is an amazing hair stylist and will be doing my hair at my mom’s house while Hudson visits with grandma. I am still undecided about whether or not I should have her but bangs, I end up hating them every time I get them, so maybe I won’t bother. Who knows we shall see. See you later!
By the way, i forgot to share, this is the beautiful Jade pearl Necklace my sister Dee brought me back from China! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raise your hand

Just out of curiousity, how many people actually read my blog? It just seems pointless sometimes, when I cant even see if anyone is reading, it's hard to find time to update, so sometimes I just don't post for long periods of time. If you activly still read this blog, leave me a comment,if I dont get alot of responses I may put it away for a bit.But if I know I have an audience, then I may continue, trust me I know my life isnt all that interesting lol, but i just want to know that people still check it out now and then.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pin-up goes retro

I like to change up my look every now and again. In the past there has been the goth look, then I went into the pin-up look and stayed with it for quite a long time. Then the Dark haired smarty pants look,now; as I reinvent my self once again,I am feeling the 60’s mod look. More Bridget Bardot, meets artist meets mad men bombshell ( because bombshell IS my middle name  )This style will be mostly hair and make up based, no real change to my already awesome wardrobe. Style pieces include
I just LOVE the structure of her bangs here, and am thinking about getting it done on my hair.

Pretty bow on Miss Bardot

I often do my ponytails up like this already, it's so easy on dirty hair days

I would eventually love to grow my hair out like this

Definitley more defined cat eye makeup

Bouffant Hairdos, LOVE EM!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knee deep in Sh*t, but inspiration abounds

This week is really breaking my spirit and my mood, but it is definitely ramping up my ambition.I have re signed with my art school job placement program, so hopefully I will have leads come through soon, I am searching on my own, and have applied for a few jobs here and there. Crossed Fingers! The only thing that has kept me mildy sane is my jewelry making, which I do in the park on my lunch, I should have enough pieces soon to open up my etsy page.yay!

I have such wonderful evenings with the baby and the husband, I hate to go to bed because I dread getting up the next morning and coming into work. I have just lost all and any ability to care, poor management and severe understaffing, has caused a very unworkable system,were over worked, underpaid severely (we haven't Had a raise in 2 years) AND now we are supposed to take on other departments work plus our own and not get paid anymore for it, because the company has so severely cut it's staff. Then my boss says in a meeting one day that our numbers effect HER BONUS??? Lady I could give a flying sh*t about your bonus, you make twice as much as I do, SHUT IT! it's shit like that that gets my blood boiling.

But ....none the less.....I am trying to ramp up my creative skills once again in an attempt to get myself to a happy place. light of that;
here are a few things that have kept me inspired this week:

I Love Katy Perrys new video for California Gurls, and her pin up style is fun!

I really really hope it is....

This is rocking and lady like all in one, very vixen meets Mrs. Cleaver

Isn't this such a lovely tattoo? I just adore it!

and of course, my little bubba always makes me smile.!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A tiring wonderful sunday

Sunday was great, we went to my grandmothers house, which would be Hudson’s Great Grandmother (otherwise known as “GG”) He had a great time! My grandma has this path behind her house that walks around a lake where there is a play ground, so I walked him over there and put him in the baby swing for the first time, at first it looked like he was going to throw up lol, but then he really liked it, not letting me take him out for at least 15 minutes, then we went down the slide together and walked the rest of the path, coming up on a flock of Canadian geese, which Hudson was mesmerized with! Mommy how ever…is scared to death of them lol and didn’t want to stick around that long.
On the way back to grandmas house we walked past a little two year old girl with her grandparents, Hudson flashed his big ol smile, and she came over to him and touched his hand, he touched her face, it was so cute!
We spent the whole day over there just visiting and relaxing, the pictures below, are of him on the way home lol, he was pooped out!
Unfortunately I am back at work today big sucky, but it is what it is. Have a good Monday!

On the way home from GG's, zoning out lol

By the time we got home

On the couch an hour later, passed out watching toy story, he puts his lovley over his own head and passes out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daddy and Hudson

BILL and Hudson, at Crazy 8 children's store,being fashionable

not as I had hoped

Hudson smiling as I peeked at him from out side the window
Last night we started to try to re train Hudson to sleep in his crib and all I can say is MAN can that kid freaking scream, but they are all crocodile tears, he's not really crying, just screaming his head off, eventually I gave up and just put him in bed with us, I know I know ,,good going right? Considering that's one of the things on vacation that screwed his whole sleep pattern up, was that AND his cold. Our night have unfortunatley went like this:Hudson in his crib: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Me to Bill: wonder how long he can go, I mean he HAS to stop SOMETIME right?

Bill: yeah he'll stop

(5 horrible minutes later)


Me: Well it doesnt sound like he's going to stop to me....

Bill: wow that kid really has a set of lungs on his huh?

Me ( runs and gets him puts him in bed with us)

Mrs. Munster suggested reading The Baby Whisperer. I may give that a go, from all that i have been reading, it only takes about three nights for a kid to think it's ok to sleep with mommy and daddy (wooopsie).

We got up this morning and went to the mall to have our wedding bands re coated,Hudson enjoyed all of the attention, he is a true ladies an 110 percent! He just smiled and smiled at all the ladies and baby girls in the mall. We had a good time, until i started to feel a bit Ill from the heat, it is 90 degrees here today with 80 percent humidity.UGH< And yes we were in air conditioning, but I still get sick in real hot weather, so we had lunch and then baby and I laid down together when we got home.

Later we got up and I put the baby in his splash pool out on the patio. we had fun while daddy did some lawn work.

I took a cute photo pf Hudson and Bill at the mall, but I will have to post it a bit later.

Hudson is fussy at my feet right now, so off i go again!

Please hope that he SLEEPS HIS BED!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A lenghty one!

Hello! Lil ol me again, Once again I can apologize for not blogging so much lately, the sucky thing is, I really want to blog more, but a few things have prevented me from doing so. 1. I usually write my blogs in word at work then post them when I get home, but work has been so busy I have been unable to hardly write a sentence (for example it just took me four tries to write this sentence here. 2. The baby has been once again refusing to sleep in HIS crib, so I am usually stuck with him on the couch in the evenings, and my computer is up stairs. This however wont be such a problem in the near future, as I am buying my own laptop to use when I start school in oct. Then I could just sit next to him and type away. So here is a lil bit of what’s been going down in Heather town:
In a word SUCKS, we are short handed and need to train three new people, and still take care of our customers and keep up our numbers, mis management has definitely contributed to tension so thick in my department that you could taste it. People on the other side of the wall were I sit get in routine arguments, and while amusing as hell to listen to, it does give create a sense of anger and resentment.,
The temps are nice and all except the one is just as annoying as all get out, I don’t think she means it, it’s just her personality, she is too perky, now, nothing against perky, I am as perky as the rest of them (well when I’m not here anyways) but she is just overly so, like it’s an act, and it makes me nuts.
So as you may know or not know, I am going back to school in October to take some refresher courses for my design degree, and I honestly cannot wait!! I have already been on the search for another job, I really want o get back to the creative field, Unfortunately there still isn’t a lot going on out there in the way of jobs, but I am working on it.I apply for a few jobs here and there. I need to get into a portfolio class again and build that back up ,as most of my stuff is from about 5 years ago. I have definitely got the design bug again and that’s the only place I want to be right now.
The little man is just getting soooo big, he now has two bottom teeth and the two top ones are starting to poke through, he wants to walk everywhere! Mainly he wants me to hold his hand (but not both!) so that he can toddle across the floor, it’s so very cute, but this weekend I will need to get down to his level and see all the stuff that he can get into, and baby proof. Also block off the staircase and the kitchen. I should lose those ten extra pounds in no time, the way he is running around!
When I leave for work he breaks my heart by holding his arms out to me and crying “MOMMMMA!” ohhh! Be still my heart 
My best friend from Highschool Michele, came up and stayed with us all last weekend,. She was up here visiting her father at the Cleveland Clinic. It was SO good to see her and hang out with her, I love her and miss her terribly, we went out Friday night and got pedicures, then sat night we went out for dinner and drinks and stumbled around half drunk at the local drug store and the movie store, and rented twilight.(Yes I have never seen it)….I LOVED it BTW.
On Sunday we went to my husband’s club breakfast in the park. Hung out, took pictures, it was a seriously perfect weekend.

ON Sunday I took Hudson over to mewet my new neice Xiao Wen, my sisters second adoption from China, she is just a doll! Tall ansd skinny, she moves very gracefiluy and loved to play with Hudson, helping him walk around and feeding him gold fish crackers :) Hudson was in Heaven! She used to take care of the babies in her orphanage all the time, so she was a pro! She is a little camera shy, but I managed to sneak a photo of her! hehehe I love my two neices,

I have also been trying to find time here and there to make my necklaces, I got one done already and am working on a second, Plus I have earrings I need to make. A lot of times I sit in the park on my lunch hour and bead in my car! Hey, whatever works you know? Well I am going to get back to work now, enjoy the pics below! Hope fully I will get a chance to blog this weekend, but if not, then probably Monday. Hugs and kisses!

Hudson and My neice Xiao Wen
Bill and I at the club breakfast, hmm I'm looking a little puffy in the face
Michele, Hudson and Me
Michele and I

The little man while eating a popsicle, his faaavorite!

Eating a popsicle with daddy on the couch, look at those crossed feet!!!

Stinky little man

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the mist of chaos

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I am still here, I just have a ton of stuff going on right now.We just got back from a family vacation in Tennesse; one that was very much needed. I am still on a high from it! There is SO much going on, I had a nasty cold for a few weeks, then Hudson got it, and now wont stop coughing at night( I suspect allergies) We got in a minor car accident on the way back form our vacation, so a 10 hour car ride turned into an 11 hour one, with the baby, who btw was teething and cranky, but FINALLY broke through his two bottom front teeth WOOHOOO!!!!

The day before i left i was informed my good friend Carmen tried to commit sucide for the second time, and was on a breathing machine in the ICU. Thankfully she pulled through, but I worry about her endlessly, worried that one day she will try, and suceed. I have lost a few friends to sucide and it kills me to watch a person go down hill like that.

My bestie Michelles dad isn't doing the greatest, he has been in the hospital for weeks with liver failure and kidney failure, he was like a second dad to me, so it's hard to hear about, but according to Michelle, he is starting to show signs of small recovery. But of course I feel for her. The good news is, she is coming up Friday! To stay with us until Sun, so that she can visit her dad! I CANNOT wait to see her and spend some true girl time, I miss her SOOOOO much.

I have been studying web design and plan to go back to school in october to freshen up my degree and look for another job in design.

I also finished my first necklace in a series that I am working on for my etsy site (when I open it) I am really happy with how it turned out and already got two orders!

I also managed to get a garden put in this past weekend.

PHEW lots and lots of stuff, sorry this post is a bit of a runon, but I am tired, and my head is spinning. Here are some photos for ya from our vacation in the Smoky Mountains, I will post soon. Promise.

Also, my sister and brother in law just brought home thier new adopted daughter from China this week! Her name is Xiao Wen and she is 12 I think, she is so cute! and gets along great with my neice Kiera. I cannot wait to scramble over to Dees and see her! I will DEFINITLEY post pics of that!

Dad and I at Laruel falls in the Smoky Mountains

Beautiful mountain trail

Me and the Hubby before goingout for the night

The mountain view from our patio

Me and the wee man :)
My beautiful sister Dee, My wonderful brother in law Rich and lovely cutie pie neice Kiera and now my NEW niece Xiao Wen, Welcome home!!!