Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the mist of chaos

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I am still here, I just have a ton of stuff going on right now.We just got back from a family vacation in Tennesse; one that was very much needed. I am still on a high from it! There is SO much going on, I had a nasty cold for a few weeks, then Hudson got it, and now wont stop coughing at night( I suspect allergies) We got in a minor car accident on the way back form our vacation, so a 10 hour car ride turned into an 11 hour one, with the baby, who btw was teething and cranky, but FINALLY broke through his two bottom front teeth WOOHOOO!!!!

The day before i left i was informed my good friend Carmen tried to commit sucide for the second time, and was on a breathing machine in the ICU. Thankfully she pulled through, but I worry about her endlessly, worried that one day she will try, and suceed. I have lost a few friends to sucide and it kills me to watch a person go down hill like that.

My bestie Michelles dad isn't doing the greatest, he has been in the hospital for weeks with liver failure and kidney failure, he was like a second dad to me, so it's hard to hear about, but according to Michelle, he is starting to show signs of small recovery. But of course I feel for her. The good news is, she is coming up Friday! To stay with us until Sun, so that she can visit her dad! I CANNOT wait to see her and spend some true girl time, I miss her SOOOOO much.

I have been studying web design and plan to go back to school in october to freshen up my degree and look for another job in design.

I also finished my first necklace in a series that I am working on for my etsy site (when I open it) I am really happy with how it turned out and already got two orders!

I also managed to get a garden put in this past weekend.

PHEW lots and lots of stuff, sorry this post is a bit of a runon, but I am tired, and my head is spinning. Here are some photos for ya from our vacation in the Smoky Mountains, I will post soon. Promise.

Also, my sister and brother in law just brought home thier new adopted daughter from China this week! Her name is Xiao Wen and she is 12 I think, she is so cute! and gets along great with my neice Kiera. I cannot wait to scramble over to Dees and see her! I will DEFINITLEY post pics of that!

Dad and I at Laruel falls in the Smoky Mountains

Beautiful mountain trail

Me and the Hubby before goingout for the night

The mountain view from our patio

Me and the wee man :)
My beautiful sister Dee, My wonderful brother in law Rich and lovely cutie pie neice Kiera and now my NEW niece Xiao Wen, Welcome home!!!


Mrs Munster said...

So nice to hear from you. I thought you've stopped blogging and was devastated over it! Sounds you've had lots of stuff really going on.
Hudson has gotten so big already! Hope he gets better soon. I'm waiting for Eddie to get his first teeth. No signs yet.

Heather said...

It took FOREVER for him to get his teeth! I thought he would never get them! All in due time I suppose, hope Eddie breaks teeth soon!Much love