Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knee deep in Sh*t, but inspiration abounds

This week is really breaking my spirit and my mood, but it is definitely ramping up my ambition.I have re signed with my art school job placement program, so hopefully I will have leads come through soon, I am searching on my own, and have applied for a few jobs here and there. Crossed Fingers! The only thing that has kept me mildy sane is my jewelry making, which I do in the park on my lunch, I should have enough pieces soon to open up my etsy page.yay!

I have such wonderful evenings with the baby and the husband, I hate to go to bed because I dread getting up the next morning and coming into work. I have just lost all and any ability to care, poor management and severe understaffing, has caused a very unworkable system,were over worked, underpaid severely (we haven't Had a raise in 2 years) AND now we are supposed to take on other departments work plus our own and not get paid anymore for it, because the company has so severely cut it's staff. Then my boss says in a meeting one day that our numbers effect HER BONUS??? Lady I could give a flying sh*t about your bonus, you make twice as much as I do, SHUT IT! it's shit like that that gets my blood boiling.

But ....none the less.....I am trying to ramp up my creative skills once again in an attempt to get myself to a happy place. light of that;
here are a few things that have kept me inspired this week:

I Love Katy Perrys new video for California Gurls, and her pin up style is fun!

I really really hope it is....

This is rocking and lady like all in one, very vixen meets Mrs. Cleaver

Isn't this such a lovely tattoo? I just adore it!

and of course, my little bubba always makes me smile.!

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Mrs Munster said...

It not great if you don't enjoy your job a bit especially as it takes quite a bit of your time. Just try to think that it's only a job. Something you need to do to pay the bills. I do hope you'll find a job you like though! Hang in there sweetie :)

(Btw, I don't know whether it's just my eyes but I'm having bit of trouble to read the white text on the lilac background. Don't wanna miss any text from you!)