Friday, January 22, 2010

A tenacious list

I plan on spending this weekend almost entirely indoors, unless the weather ACTUALLY gets up into the 50's like it is supposed to, iImay take the baby for a walk.

Hudson has his 6 months shots today (Boo) so that pretty much means I will be sequestered in the house all weekend with a feverish little one. Which is fine, because I could not tell you how long it has been since I have had a weekend were I WASN'T busy.
I plan on finishing my red feather boa valentines wreath, and hopefully making more felt roses for my necklaces I am making, also want to start working on my little birds nest pins for the spring, and get up some more pictures on my new other blog "A photographic Epiphany".

Sunday I am meeting up with Miss Julia for a delicious coffee treat mmm!! Caffeine and girl talk!!! Phew! Do i really plan on starting all of this?????........well....probably not. but at least I can't say that I am bored! have a great weekend!

xxxxoxoxoxo Heather

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Mrs Munster said...

Happy 6 month bday for little Hudson. My lad had injection on Wed and has been proper Mr Crankypants for few days. No fever though. Hope Hudson recovers from the injections quickly.

Joanne Faith said...

I would rather stay in doors on a lousy weekend too!

I wish Hudson a speedy recovery & hope he is not too feverish.

Handmade said...

hey with the hot sticks the curl last much longer... I hot rollered my hair today and it lasted a whole... um 30 minutes! The hot sticks give you a tight curl that need to be brushed out but very vintage and last much longer!