Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend ended up being better that I expected.
Hudson handled his shots beautifully, he barley cried at ALL, Saturday he did spike a fever and was feeling basically poopy all day , my poor bubba, but Sunday he was all smiles for miles, and laughing and playing. The doctor also said that I can take him off of the super expensive formula we have had him on since birth,and switch him to soy, can I get a (HELL YEAH!!!) it is HALF the price of his other formula. I just hope to god he tolerates it well,we shall see.
I tackled my “tenacious list” and got quite a few things done, just look below!
newstuff 019

Hudson on Sunday feeling MUCH better!
newstuff 016
Red Feather Boa Wreath I made for my front door
newstuff 018
Valentines wreath for the back door that I made.
I also started working on my "egg nest" jewelry for the springtime, but I can't show you that yet, because it's not done yet PATIENCE PEOPLE :)
....but the point is here, I at least STARTED on it ;)
Since saturday was a rather rough day,The hubby and I ended it with a big ol mug of my own personal hot cocoa...mmmm....
newstuff 021
Here is the recipe for it, if you would like to whip up a batch for your fine self!
This is the recipe for one person, just double it for two (obviously).......
2 tablespoon of Hersheys Cocoa Powder ( I add a bit more because i like it REAL chocolaty!!)
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of water
1 cup of milk( i use soy)
dash of salt
Cinnamon to taste
All Spice or nutmeg to taste
1 shot of Kahlua (any kind of dessert liquor works well, I also like Baileys irish cream and Godiva chocolate liquor)
Whipped cream or marshmallows
half and half for that added creaminess.
Mix the cocoa, sugar and water in a pot until dissolved and you have a thick chocolate sauce ( you may have to add more water)
Add the milk, and the salt and let heat ,stirring occasionally, DO NOT LET IT BOIL, or you will get scalded milk (bleh). Once it is as hot as you like, add the cinnamon to taste and the nutmeg, same with the half and half, I like mine really creamy though.
Pour the shots of liquor into the mug, DO NOT COOK IT in the with the milk.
Pour the hot cocoa in the mug, add your marshmallows and or whipped cream.
and mmmmmmm......go snuggle with someone special.:) and enjoy!
Your are FABULOUS!!!
Love Heather


Mrs Munster said...

That hot chocolate recipe sounds divine. I have to try that. Fingers crossed Hudson's belly will be good with soya. I've taken my boy now off with milk for colicy babies and luckily he has been really good. That boa wreath is stunning!

Heather said...

Oh good I am glad your son did ok off of the colic formula, I am sure there is hope for Hudson then,I went home on my lunch to check on him and the sitter said that he was doing great, so far so good~!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Heather, you seriously have the perfect child! Wow, he is so damn cute! I love the decorations as well. Way to go Super Mom. =)