Thursday, January 28, 2010

Decorating project

So since the weather has been horrible latley and I am finding myself being more and more confined to my house, I am working on ways to make it more stylish, a few years ago when we bought the house, we moved in in a hurry and I had some health problems, so I kind of threw things togethor, now (4 years later) I am finally getting around to decorating it.

I want to punch up the color in the living room, we have purple overstuffed couches, that arent as purple as they once were but, once I clean them they should look pretty decent,

I want to go to Old Tim Pottery this weekend and Jo Ann Fabrics, to grab some damask to make pillows with. I have the green curtains and the gold bowl on the table, I just want to get some decorative balls to put inside, I can probably find some at the store, and the moss covered ones would be easy to make.

I wish I could switch out the ugly rug I have, it's pretty but worn and dirty, but we just don't have the cash for that now, so I guess I will just try to clean it real good and bring it back to life.
Below is my work up of how I really want my living room to look consider it an enhanced version of what I have.

I WISH that was my couch, its the same color though, so for comparision purposes, it will do. I will post a pic when I am finished decorating, and show you how it compares to my "vision".


Joanne Faith said...

Oh, good luck! 4 years is a long time to wait so it is well deserved.

It's too bad rugs can be so expensive.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Wow! This will look fab!