Friday, January 15, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls!!!!!

Ok so I have to say I REAL excited forgive me, i was checking out CNN yesterday (because I'm dorky like that) and I saw an article that Big models are making a comeback this year in a BIG way, and when i say big I mean what the fashion industry considers big or plus size, (Size 12) Witch I always thought was a gross miscalculation...but whatever.

I am so excited about this, because my pregnancy has left me with a curvy size 14 ( i was a 10)

I have always thought "bigger women" were beautiful, healthy looking, and filled out their clothes better, not to mention make ME feel better about myself!. below are just a few of the plus size ladies I think are gorgeous!
Whitney Thompson
Candace Huffine ( I love the fact that they show her "rolls" here!!)
Kat Dillon
Mia Tyler
Candace Huffine and Michelle Olson
MMM I'm gonna go eat some carbs now lol.......


Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of fuller-figured models. There's a great site with many images of plus-size models here:

They're all gorgeous.

The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

Heather said...

HEY THANKS FOR THE SITE!! What a great page!