Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

Well here we are back again, a new year and a new sense of beginning. The tree is down the presents opened and enjoyed. And my house looks horribly empty, guess it’s time to do some decorating! I cannot wait to get my hands on some serious valentines day craft goodness.
Christmas was great,I spent alot of time with the fam, here are some pics for your enjoyment:newstuff 013
My Sister Dina, my niece Kiera and My father and me
newstuff 014
Dad and Hudson
newstuff 001
baby with a bow on top! Opening his gifts!
newstuff 010
my sister and Niece at dinner at my moms
newstuff 019
Passed out after a looong weekend

Our good friends Julia and Randy were nice enough to invite us over for New Years Eve dinner, Julia makes KILLER food and we had a feast of roasted pork, roasted squash, green beans, tasty Garlic Onion Rice, bread and cheesecake for dessert. She even had somewhere for the lil man to snooze while we had some fun, I drank enough to get a headache the next day, but nothing too serious, it was SERIOUSLY worth it. I just looove disaronno. Mmmmmmm
newstuff 057
I just love her she is the bestest
newstuff 061
Julia and Randys dog Brutus roasting by the fire

The rest of the vacation was spent realizing just how tiring it is to be a stay at home mom! That kid has MAJOR energy. But I definitely enjoyed myself.
My little guy is just growing up so unbelievably fast, he is now sitting up without support, reaches out and grabs things , eats solids three times a day, and seems to be sleeping better.(ever since we got him on a better feeding and nap schedule, he seems to be sleeping WAAY better at night.
newstuff 065

newstuff 056
Babys new wheels! Vroom Vroom!!

He also appears to be getting into the stranger anxiety stage, he screamed at my father in law last week and started crying (its ok he makes me cry too lol, the father in law not the baby lol) and he cried when my grandmother held him, but along with the screams, come wonderful fits of laughter, the kid laughs at ANYTHING, I was sniffing his diaper the other day, well trying to check to see if he pooped, and he busted up laughing, probably because there I am with my nose near his little bottom and he let go the hugest fart known to baby kind. Lol.(takes after his daddy………ok and his mommy too)
I am hoping this New Year will be better than last, although the highlight of last year was of course the birth of my son. (go me!) but financially the rest of the year sucked BAD. So here is to the New Year, a more fiscally stable pocket book, great health and a flat belly lol.


Mary Elizabeth said...

This is great! I felt like I was there. I love your pics. The little man is getting so big! He is so handsome Heather. I am glad you had joy filled holidays. xoxo

Little Rascal said...

Nice to have you back!
Love your baby's wheels, very cool.