Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A study in careernomics

I love my "Polaroid option on my Android phone :)

Know what I am doing RIGHT NOW??? I am eating a candy bar, why? Why would I be eating a 200 calorie peanut butter filled candy bar? Because it makes me happy!!!! (and because i haven't had one in weeks)

I like doing stuff that makes me happy, I am all about being positive, especially this year. My job...it's just a job, it's easy, I go to work , I come home I get paid(sort of) But of course like everyone else I dream of a dream career, so many people I know are doing what they love!

Such as Sarah Kraus of http://www.poshportraits.com/ , she takes pinup pictures of people for a living, she just started doing it out of her home one day! I had her do a spread of me back in 06 that I gave to my hubby for our engagement present. As she was snapping away I asked her about her business, and how she got into it, and it was right then that I had an epiphany a "wow" moment, here was this women stuck in a job she didn't like and she turned it around, no formal degree non of the non sense, she had an idea and ran with it!!!! how great, I thought, to get up each morning and know your doing what you love! it was form that moment exactly that I knew I NEEDED to find my niche, and soon.

Fast forward to last year when I also found the wonderfully witty blogs of http://www.galadarling.com/ and http://www.dooce.com/ . These two women blogged, that WAS their career, they were so happy and so positive, and had so much advice to give! Dooce and Gala are two of my favorite daily hits, for positive goodness, you might also want to check out http://www.kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/ for beautiful inspiration. Reading these blogs were like surrounding myself with good people,they were LIVING proof,that you can do what you want in this life and make a career out of it!

I often think about what other jobs I could do, what I am good at, what would I not consider (work)I have been out of work more times to count, and granted, while I am grateful for the job I have now,and well stuck for awhile, there is really no room for growth or creativity, even my managers have said it, (which is why I have no problem writing it here. i use the job as strictly a form of income and that ok, there is nothing wrong with that, it gives me time to explore other outlets for my creativity.

I thought the other day "what am I good at?



-Makeup and hair



Granted, most of the jobs that go with these are not considered "lucrative" but look what "lucrative" got me,( four years of college for a degree I don't even USE and a salary range I can't break free of , which doesn't help me to pay the 35 grand for the degree I don't use) why not go after a dream? not worry about the money part, if you do what you love, the money will follow, this year, I feel even more willing and inspired to go after my dreams.

Why not; Work in a cake decorating bakery? Work at Sephora doing make-up? Star up a craft blog? Go to beauty school?

Granted I may not accomplish these things head on this year, but possibly many years down the road, I am still young and determined as HELL! if you can find something that you love to do,do it! Everything else will fall into place. i need to quit being so scared and realize that if something isn't working for me, that maybe that's because it's not were I am supposed to be.

It seems at 31, things are becoming clearer to me, I see things more easily, I think being a mom helps also. I am more patient, less frantic.more willing to take a risk and way more fearless. Not to mention my self confidence SKYROCKETED in my thirties. be it know I have a plan, and it may not be a quick plan, but someday I will do what I love. And enjoy every minute of it.!!!!

You are fabulous

xoxoxo Heather


Mrs Munster said...

Good post. I do admire people who go after their dreams and especially dream job. I never wanted to become a nurse and it was a pure accident that I ended up studying it. Now, after 6 years and founding really good ward & team, I realise that it is exactly what I want to do...apart from winning lottery. I don't know whether I'm particularly good at my job, most days are horrible and money is crap, still there is that job satisfaction, which is important. Money is

Heather said...

Mrs. Munster:that is exactley what I am talking about,but after years of trying I still haven't happened into the job I want, so it's time to make some changes :) I am glad you like your job!!

Little Rascal said...

You need a treat every now and then.
I heard that Christina Aguilera hate to stay off carbs, she feels deprived.
It's no wonder the girls in The Hills are so bloody catty, they don't eat sweets or carbs.
So you enjoy your bar and do not appoligize for it ever again! :)

Lovely colorful post.

*tons of hugs*

Heather said...

Thanks Rascal! Big Hugs and Cinnamon gum right back!