Monday, January 11, 2010

new year, new aspirations

So here it is, the new year has started all nice and bright and shiny new, and with it comes a sense of self renewal and aspirations.

I wouldn't call them resolutions because I don't believe in resolutions, only improvements.

I am in a great mood to star toff the year, witch I will say is rare for me, ecspecially now when the weather is so drab, and my seasonal depression hits. To say that I am in a good mood, downright shocks me.

Here are a few of my Aspirations:
-The ability to let myself occasionally be absolutely ridiculous:
often times we are so serious here, especially with all of the ressionomics and war and what not, some days, I just HAVE to be ridiculous, just to make my self (and others laugh) wear crazy big rings,a wild outfit, take stupid pictures of myself in public, whatever works! be ridiculous and be FABULOUS!!!!
- Ask my self "Why the hell not?" routinely, this is a big one for me, one that I have already started on, why not try something new? Apply for that crazy position that I have no experience for? Go to beauty school? ( yeah that's a serious one right there) forgo the damn house work for a little extra time with the hubby and the little man..
-Make lots and lots of crafts, and ask myself before buying some things "can I make that?"
soooo many crafts on my to do list! From new throw pillows for my couch,to a valentines day wreath to so much more that I couldn't even list it here, I cannot WAIT to get my paycheck so that I can go to the craft store and totally stock up on crafty goodness!
-In the summer, get outside and play more! in the winter it's hard of course, although some times I take my big dog outside to our lot next door , when the snow is really really deep, and point a laser pointer around int he snow, driving my dog NUTSO!!!! he frolics and jumps and charges at me and knocks me down int he snow, lol we have a good time.
That's all really, just somethings I really needed to jot down before I forgot. i am really looking forward to this being a great year!

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