Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election, fresh air and "unplugging"

Woohoo! IT'S OVER!
Well, here it is November 7th, and I am SO GLAD the election is over,
I hate election season, people just get downright nasty, nasty commercials pop up everywhere
and the longer the weeks run up to the election day, the more malicious the ads become.
They even put the stupid ads on You Tube and you HAVE to watch them or you wont be able to watch whatever video it was that you clicked on.
If my kid wants to watch a kids show on you tube, he should not have to sit through a two minute attack ad about one candidate or the other, for goodness sakes he is three!!
We even lost a few friends this election, which sucks because politics are stupid,
and losing Friends over politics is asinine.
At any rate, it felt real good to turn off the radio this morning and just put some music on,
I blasted The Black Keys all the way to work and it felt darn good!
Feeling Toxic
I don't know if it is because I was sick for like a month with some sort of cold and other crud, or what but I feel just toxic lately, I need to do a good cleanse and pick up my morning yoga routine again.
I have an appointment with my Chiropractor today, and honestly I'm real excited about that, time to get myself back in order!
I read a really great article here about how valuable time is and how much we waste it doing meaningless things,i mean think about how much time we spend looking at computers and sitting and working and checking facebook ect.
Last night, my son was watching a video and I was half paying attention,
 just flipping through facebook and checking emails.
When suddenly my son reached over and closes my lap top and said "close it mommy"
That made me sad lol
But it also woke  me up, I mean I use a computer all day at work, why the heck was I on it while I was at home? Why didn't I take that precious time to spend it with my little guy?
I agreed with him and we played for the remainder of the evening.
Today I decided that I needed to go outside for a walk on my break, it is cold, but the sun is out.
We have not seen the sun here in Cleveland for WEEKS.
I put on my boots, headed outside and went for a walk in the field near my work place, taking in deep breaths of fresh cool air, leaving my iphone in my pocket, spending 15 minutes just......being.

There is something very "freeing" about unplugging from the world.
Disconnecting, even for alittle bit from all the chaos.
Here is to moving on and detoxifying!

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