Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday 5

Wow, there goes another week!
Ever had a week where looking back, it seems to have gone quickly in hindsight, but when youre in the thick of it every day feels like it should be the day ahead? ( Like Monday should be a tues)
Must be the holidays :/
Anyways, without further delay..
The Friday 5!
1. Going out this weekend for Thai with my neighbor, I'm so excited because the husband doesnt like Thai so I rarely feast on it, but I have been dreaming of Thai coconut chicken soup! 2. I have been obsessed lately with the thought of making homemade marshmallows! I didn't realize how easy they were! I can't wait to make some and put them in a steamy cup of chocolaty goodness! 3. Are these not the cutest things ever??? 4. I will admit I LOVE MARTHA STEWART STUFF, but she is just pushing the envelope of awesomeness with these chalkboard labels for Staples, I will be ALL OVER THIS for crafting season! You get like 4 labels for 4 bucks! 5. Pretty Obsessed with these guys latley.

Have an awesome weekend!


Health, art, and the girl gamer said...

LOVE THAI!!! Then again, I live in Thailand so I sort of have to LOL!!
Chalkboard labels sound like a MUST HAVE!! I want some!!

The button that I gave you isn't working sadly ( there was some error in the code) Whenever you ahve a chance if you could grab the new html off of my blog that would be awesome, as then it will link to me :)

Heather Joie said...

Sure no problem! Im on it!