Monday, November 26, 2012

over the loooong weekend....

The Thanksgiving holiday was filled with:
Weird Viruses
My son came down with some rouge virus were he the only symptoms that he had, 
were a high fever and lethargy.
Didn't even last 48 hours, and then he was mostly fine.
I talked to some girlfriends of mine, and they told me that their kids have gotten all sorts of viruses and this was perfectly normal.....still it was really strange because it came on in a matter of hours
and left just as quick lol

...Some quality time with the hubster...

Lions, Tigers......

...and bears oh my!!!

 ...First times.....
 ....For cotton candy!!

 And deliciously decadent dinners!! ( seriously I am pretty sure I grew another butt cheek this weekend)

.....on Thanksgiving night,we received our first visit from Santa's "Elf on the shelf"
We came home to find him hiding in the curtains! My son named him "Christmas winter"
Once we explained to him that the elf was a magical friend of Santa, sent by the man himself to keep an eye on him and report any good and bad behavior to son gave him the stink eye....
Every morning we find him in a new position....
And every morning, my son asks 
"why is HE up there???"
Either my son thinks that we are completely full of crap or he just knows that he is being watched and is not very fond of the little elf lol....

 the little guy got hungry one night and helped himself to my sons snacks!

Mostly he just sits and watches and listens.
Funny part is, have never seen a child look at a toy with so much disdain LOL

We also did alot of baking!
Stay tuned to two new recipes this week!
Hope you all had a very blessed thanksgiving!!!

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