Friday, November 2, 2012

Ermagerhd!!! Black Friday!!!

So yeah, I am one of those nutty people that go out on black Friday.
Before you judge, hear me out,
I am not one of those crazies that get up at 4am to get a sale.
I wake up when I wake up (usually around 7 because I have a three year old)
Go to Starbucks, grab a cup of Joe......and I'm off.
I do it more for a "mommies day out alone" than anything really.
By the time I get to the mall, it is not quite as packed and there are still some sales left.

The reason I am going out this year is partially selfish, I need a new pair of black riding boots.:)
So aside from Christmas, Black Friday is one of my favorite unofficial holidays!

Just for a laugh, check out these awesome visions of Black Fridays past!
OMG Really????

This would be me :)

SO what about you? Are you going out today??
See any great sales?

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