Monday, November 5, 2012


Well,thanks to Hurricane Sandy,
We finally got to do our trick or treating last night.
Most of the people on our street are old farts and not really into giving out candy,
but the street in back of ours? Well that's the party street!! lol
A couple of the neighbors dressed up which I think is really sweet 
 (even considering those who dress up to pass out candy do not even have children!)
One women goes so far as to play creepy music and and have a bonfire in her front yard
and dress up as a witch, she also hand makes little treat bags for everyone.
I really love the sense of community that we have in Berea, even in tough times,
Everyone pulls together to make it fun for the little ones.
We even saw a family we were not familiar with, they have been living in a hotel since the hurricane knocked out their power, They had a three year old son and didn't want him to miss out on all the goodies so they brought him to our neighborhood to Trick or Treat. It really broke my heart to hear that they had to live in a hotel. But that they still tried to make a nice Halloween for their little guy.
Like I said before we are SO much better off than people that got hit in New Jersey and New York, but in little old Ohio, we just aren't use to mother nature creating quite so much destruction.
We are dealing with it the best way that we can.
And we are so blessed to live int he community that we do:)
The little mans little Girlfriend

My little guy dressed as a "Blues Clue" and His Pumpkintastic Girl Friend!

Some pretty stellar pumpkins

The little mans, Land of Loot!
(about an hour later this kid was passed out on the couch form exhaustion LOL)

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