Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Abominable Abdominal pregnant lady

Please excuse my rustled appearance, as I need to get my hair done sat. So sometime between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, my belly grew twice it's size, Don't see it in the picture above? Well have a closer look here:

I am not quite sure what happend but it's as thought as soon as I hit 20 weeks BAM!! Growth spurt, my belly is now big enough for me to be fully aware of it and bump into shit if I don't clear it out of the way first. So big that I can set my food plate on top of it and use it as a little shelf when Im eating lunch at my desk, because elts face it, I cannot bend over my belly to eat because then yes I CAN reach my food, but no I cannot breathe!! At first I thought maybe it was me, and that I couldnt have possibly grown THAT much in a matter of a few days, then I started the work week and had at least 4 separate people on several different occasions say something to the effect of "whoa mamma, I mean goddamn lady!!"....and thats when I pretty much knew it was for real.

Not only have I grown, but my eating is atrotious!! I am a never ending pit once again.

For the past three days I have been wanting Onion rings BAD, not the tasty beer battered ones, no......I wanted ....Burger king onion rings?????? I hate Burger King, ecspecially their onion rings! nevertheless, my coworker got so tired of hearing me say I wanted them, that she went out and got me a large box of them,....and I ate them ALL!!! in 5 minutes or less~! To make matters worse I also polished off a turkey sandwich, cheese stick, orange and a slice of butter finger pie in less than and hour! But I was determined to be "good" for dinner and had a nice salad with balasamic vinegartte dressing lots of veggies, and a grilled cheese sandwich..............only to top it off with the rest of the potatoe chips, salsa and a sugar free klondike bar.......BURP>....... oh HELL YEAH!!!!

So i suppose that little line I may have made on Tues, about not gaining any weight at my doctors office appt. in three months, HAS to be invalid now. LOL Ahh well such is pregnancy. you know I love it.!


Mrs Munster said...

Your belly looks so cute. It's amazing what happens in pregnancy and I can just imagine how fun it is to eat, eat and eat (without any guilt!)

Little Rascal said...

Wow! You're getting big! :D
You look absolutely darling.

Ha ha ha, I know, I was craving McDonalds cheese burgers when I was preggers. :))

Heather said...

Mrs. Munster:
it is SO awesome, usually my diet is very restrictive, but I am just letting my self have a little fun for now.

thanks dear! and mcdonald cheese burgers do sound good lol

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You look so cute! Just enjoy eating and have fun with it... I know I did! I gained 50 pounds with both Anthony and Alyssa. With Josh it was only 25lbs but I was 17 and couldn't keep much down. HUGS!!!!

Anonymous said...