Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Nursery part Deux

OK so this whole wall paper removing thing isn't as easy at I thought it was, I mean I got the actual wall paper removed and the backing removed, but when I went to go wash the walls today, I ran into another problem, the freaking adhesive wont budge!!!! it's OK in some spot, in others its like the consistency of bubble gum, so apparently we pull out the big guns now and go get some adhesive remover, i am also noticing more spots that I did before that need to be re torn down and spackled (sigh) but I will leave THAT part the hubby.
I was so excited to find out that we were having a boy yesterday, that I woke up at 4 am for my normal Early morning bathroom run, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I sat in bed and mapped out how I was going to decorate. When I got up I got on Jcpenny .com and ordered the bedding set that I have been wanting for months now, and hey it was like 25% off!!! Bargain! Below is what I got, I can't wait for it to come in!

The bedding, it is a four piece set, I figure I can hang the comforter above the crib for decor until the kid gets old enough to use it.
Valance for the window

Lamp, LOVE the giraffe

Adhesive on the wall that is SO bad ( all the yellow shit) that you can still see hair of the person who originally put it up.......ewwww...I mean how do you even DO that????

I also went back to target and got the stuff that I found in the bargain bin, that just HAPPEND to match my room decor. ( see we were MEANT to have a boy!)

Area from target bargain bin $2.50!

Knobs for the dresser from the bargain bin, $2.50!
Monkey wall hanging from of course the bargain bin, also 2.50

Monkey head bank ( I wont even repeat it) also 2.50
Night light lamp shade ( It's tiny and plugs into the wall)
Ok, so it doesn't match the decor, but I have been eyeing this damn blanket for MONTHS< wooHOO!!!! my lil rebel baby!!


Mary Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the decor! Awesome job. You must be so excited! Good luck with the wallpaper. I made that attempt once my friend and needless to say I never tried it again. My Mom swears it is super easy though. =)

MICHELE29 said...


Mrs Munster said...

That's a really cute decor! That rebel blanket is adorable.

Kristal said...


joygoddess said...

Love that blanket, and the jungle theme!!! Very cool, but I expect nothing less from you. :D

Little Rascal said...

Mazel Tov! :D

Those monkey stuff is too cute for words.

Still working on the nursery?
I hate decorating, we had most of the house plastered a while ago and now it needs to be painted, I had enough with all this stuff and I know exactly how you feel.

BTW! Is it true that you shouldn't drink coffee and dye your hair while you're pregnant?
I heard about the hair dye thing when I was pregnant but I thought it was BS and something that the hair dye companies come up with because they don't wanna get sued.