Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lakewood Calling......

Today was such a wonderful day, I went and got my hair done, (finally) and feel SO much better about myself now! Then I headed over to Lakewood to Natures Bin , it's a natural foods market that I rarely get to go to anymore, but always used to frequent when we lived there, and I MISS it! Got some terrific orangic apples, instant rice noodle soup and organic mac and cheese that I love. I was also searching for dried peaches for my muffins tomorrow but, no such luck, I never thought I would have such a hard time finding dries peaches.

Then I headed over to City Dweller, a crazy VERY eclectic store I also used to frequent, and I picked up some cool little things for my gal Rascal. Who has not been feeling very well for a bit now, so I am sending her a package to cheer her up!

Then it was off to target where I scored some cool tortoise shell cats eye shades for spring. ( I say spring because I will no doubt have lost them by summer and hence will need a new pair)

and got some make up essentials.

I'm home now, exhausted and ready to put my feet up.

have a great night!

Finally got my hair colored and trimmed.......ahhh......I feel human again...sorry for the toilet in the back ground LOL...the bathroom really has the best light though! Oh oh! Alos I got three compliments on how kewl my necklace was today! Imade it! and never get comliments on it, so that made me feel real good! You can se it but it says "Blondie" in red and below is a picture of Blondies face.


Mary Elizabeth said...

How uu doinnn? lol. Sorry, I had to. You are smoking hot Heather! You are truly a stunner!

Little Rascal said...

Aw, you're the best.
I really feel bad that you don't want me to send you anything.

I love your hair, absolutely fab!

Heather said...

Rascal.....well if you REALLY want to! I will take a discount on a hair flower pin :) i could use a new one for the upcoming car shows!

Anonymous said...