Friday, October 30, 2009

Double 30 day challenge

I love to challenge myself every now and then, it makes life more interesting. Lately I have been inspired to try not one but two 30 day challenges. "inspired" for a few reasons.

The first challenge, and perhaps the most important, is the 30 day clean eating challenge.
for thirty days starting nov. 1st. i am cutting out the junk, after the baby, my body just doesn't seem to have as much of a taste for junk as it used to, my sweet tooth died down, and greasy food doesn't sit well. Instead, I will focus on eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes and meats. Nothing fried, or with added sugar. Liquids will consist of water, coffee (which I really can't stand to give up) or low sugar juices.

This is not only to see if I will lose weight, but to make me FEEL better, I have been feeling really sluggish lately, a product of constantly tending to the baby, work, housework and everything else on gods green earth.

I am also doing this to get in better physical shape to work out, in two weeks I am going to renew my gym membership, in the mean time i really need to make sure I am feeding my body properly. I feel good about this and hopefully it will also be a little fun.

I go grocery shopping tonight, so I have to make sure that I get plenty of fruits and veggies,lean meats and breads. They always say to shop on the outsides of the grocery stores , not in the middle isle were all the junk is. And that what I intend to do! i have to grab a battery for my scale tonight so I can see were i am starting from. ( haven't weighed myself in ages!)

Challenge #2

In an effort to save money in these tough times, I will take the 30 day no spend challenge. This....will be a tough one, I will not let myself buy anything but necessities, not necessities like (omg I NEED that purse) but more like OMG my baby NEEDS his formula.

I can only spend money on:
Baby food or care items
weekly groceries
bills (of course)

I cannot spend on:

clothes for me

anymore shoes (this is why I have strategically planned it out to start on sunday, because I have a 50% off coupon for boots i really want this weekend lol)

Makeup (yup i have to scrape out every last bit of what I have until the month is over)

unnecessary baby items (like more clothes)

Sweets or things from the vending machine

Coffee stop in the morning ( I am going to have to deal with free office coffee :( )

The purpose of this is to save a little bit of money and learn to keep record like a fox. Marking down every little penny I spend.

There is one small loophole here, since I am making Christmas gifts, I do need to make one trip to the craft store to get everything that I need in one fell swoop. Then that's it. No new crafts or projects until later in the year.

Maybe I am being a little bit tough on myself but these are two things in my life that need order. And I am kind of excited about giving it a go!
Wish me luck!


Mrs Munster said...

I should take this challenge. ive been spending so much money lately (like i've got any extra), especially on baby stuff. Bought a moses basket that swings and my boy suddenly now decided he does not settle anywhere apart from my lap. Great!

Heather said...

oh! I have done that with countless toys and gadgets for baby so far, just to find out they don't even like the damn thing lol!