Friday, October 16, 2009

Test Kitchen-How to roast a chicken

Ever roast tasty bird before? Neither had I until yesterday! It's quite simple, easy, cheap and HELLO DELICIOUS!!

You will need:
1. A Roasting or Frying chicken ( I used one under 5 pounds)
2. Sea salt and various herbs ( I used whole thyme,Sea salt and pepper, and Mrs. Dash Garlic blend)
3. Twine to truss the bird
4. Stuff to stick in the bird while it is cooking ( onions, celery, anything that gives off a flavorful taste)
5. Olive oil or butter
6. Roasting pan or large cake pan

Set your stove 425 or 450 (my stove runs a bit hot so I set ti at 425)
Stick a roasting pan or large cake pan in the oven empty, the pan should be hot when you put in the chicken. And also add about a cup or cup and a half of water.

Start off by rinsing the inside cavity of the bird and removing the giblets.
Then make sure to cut off an excess fat hanging around a and feathers still around.
Cut out the neck.

Next it's time for the chicken to get a massage. You can use a tablespoon of butter or a bit of olive oil. Rub it all over the chicken like you were helping it relax from a hard chicken day.

Salt the inside of the chicken with about a tablespoon of salt and alot of pepper, make sure to really get all up in there and rub it in.

Then stick in your veggies (you will not be eating these ones so no need to remove onion skins an what not, these are for flavor only) cut and onion in half and shove it up there, I also cut up some celery and stuck it in there, plus some fresh thyme. But you could use a number of things, garlic, apples, lemons, ginger ect.

Now it's time to truss the bird. Instructables has a great tutorial on this HERE

Trussing is basically tying the legs closed and wings to the sides to keep the chicken moist, .....(Yes Julia I ACTUALLY used the word MOIST, trust me I am cringing right now, but there really wasn't any other way to say it lol)

Finally you want to season the outside with whatever you like, just use a ton of seasoning and also it is important to salt and pepper the outside as well, use more than you think that you need. Next, open the oven and stick the bird in ,breast side up into the hot pan. Cover LOOSELY with foil (you are doing this to avoid scorching the skin)

Shut the door and salivate for 45 minutes while the bird fills your house with a wonderful tasty smell.

Every 10-15 minutes or so, pull the chicken out and baste it with it's own juices.

After 45 minutes, check the chicken, Or Poke around it with a fork, if the juices run clear, it's done.

Then take off the foil and let it cook for about 10 minutes or so to let the skin get all nice and browned, longer if you like your skin crunchy, just no longer than 20 minutes or so, or you may get a dry bird.

The you will want to pull the bird out and cover TIGHTLY with foil, the bird will need to rest for another 20 minutes, then your ready to eat!!!

Enjoy with some roasted veggies or mac and cheese! Yummy!


Julia S. said...

I'm very proud of you for your description of the chicken!! :-)
I usually stuff mine with a lemon (quartered) and rosemary - love it this way!! I'm hungry now ...

Heather said...

Thanks! You know some day that stupid word won't bother me lol.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Look at you Martha! I love it! said...

muy lindo blog !!! saludo desde Argentina !