Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Growing up

Just 3 short months ago, in what sometimes felt like an eternity, especially during hard times. The most beautiful child in the world (of course in my mind lol) came into my life and changed it forever. Never have I thought I could love one single thing so much, how my heart almost bursts at the thought of him.
His little toothless grin brightens up my entire day in ways that I never deemed possible.
On Oct. 17th he turned 3 months already; I am fascinated with the rate that my little man is growing up.
Half the time he doesn’t want to sit still, but rather stand on his own two feet, of course we have to hold him, but his legs are so strong, and if you put him down on the floor and hold him, he takes small steps. I fear this kid is going to go straight from sitting to running, no crawling lol.
You can see two little bumps under his gums, evidence of his impending teeth, and he chews on everything. He eats like a horse, we started putting a little rice cereal in his bottle because I couldn’t keep the boy satisfied. He seems to really like it.
Looking at him and asking him “who’s my stinky boy?” sends him into a fit of silent giggles every time.

He loves to watch TV although we try not to put him in front of it too often, Him and I watch cartoons on Saturdays and in the mornings during the weekdays he likes to watch Curious George. And absolutely loves to watch football! He seems to be a Cleveland Browns Fan, although I am going to chalk that up to his preference of bright colors, poor kid doesn’t yet know how bad the Browns actually suck.

He also loves to play “flying baby” where I lay on my back and put him on my shins and move them towards my chest, this is also a great way to tone my abs I found out!
He loves to lay on daddies chest and drift off to sleep, and he loves to calm down on mommy shoulder when he is scared or needs a cuddle.
When you put him in his car seat, he plays with this activity bar that we have strung across his car seat, just the past few weeks he really has begun to notice it. Flipping the toys and pressing the buttons, examining each one like an engineer concentrating on a piece of machinery. To watch his little mind work, is unbelievably entertaining.
At the rate that he is growing out of his clothes, I worry that he is growing up too fast, I just wish he would slow down lol. There is so much I never understood until I became a parent. And honestly it’s stuff that you could ONLY understand once you become a parent.
He is our joy and right now there is no place that we would rather be.


Kristal said...

LOL I hear ya girl! I love being a parent... even durning the hard times. I keep telling Alyssa to stop growing up. As she is my last. I tell her so much that now she says it back to me. "Mommies stop growing up, I want you to stay like this forever"....LOL She is too sweet for words!

Your little guy is adorable! Can't wait to see him in person.

Heather said...

can't WAIT for you to see him in person!!!!

Mrs Munster said...

Your boy is so cute! Being a mum is a blessing (despite how exhausting it is). I cannot wait for the first smiles.