Monday, November 2, 2009

This and that sunday

This weekend was rather nice, we went to a coworkers packing party on Saturday. And then on Sunday I spent some time with the hubby and the lil man. Julia came over and we went to Clementine’s to sit in the sun ,
drink pumpkin coffee and just vent. And then walk around the nearby shops. I came home and made a killer batch of chicken stock, which I plan to make into chicken and dumplings soup tonight.
The weekend was also a little scary, after I got home from going out with Julia, I was changing the lil man when he starting making this wheezing sound and looked like he couldn’t breathe. Now mind you, he had actually had this issue since he was 3 weeks old or so, after he is done eating or when he is scrunched up he makes this wheezing sound. Our old pediatrician said that the problem isn’t in his lungs (those are fine thank god) but in his voice box, and that because babies has “floppy windpipes” sometimes they make that sound, sounded reasonable to me, but over the past few months the noise has gotten worse, still I suspect he may have acid reflux and just attributed it to that. Until yesterday when I was changing him, he looked all of the sudden like he couldn’t breathe, started shaking his hands and let out a cough, then was fine, but scared the shit out of me. So I finally called he new doctors answering service and had her ring me back, she said that they don’t call it wheezing, it’s called “stridor” and that wheezing refers to a whistling sound made when the lungs exhale, Stridor is a sound like gasping when the baby inhales, she said it’s a voice box condition that has to do with underdevelopment in that area, in other words “a floppy windpipe………still”. But she said it’s nothing to be concerned with unless he has trouble eating (no problem there!) and if he starts turning colors a baby shouldn’t turn. Still she is going to check him out on the 20th when he goes in for his 4 month shots.
Still it’s scary.
Today I also started the beginning of my two 30 day challenges.
The eating healthier challenge and the no spend challenge.

On the diet front, I am starting out at 175 pounds, phew! My long term goal is 145 my reasonable goal is 155, just because that’s what I was when before I got pregnant,
I haven’t been 145 in YEARS,….but wouldn’t it be nice?

I had my one and only cup of Joe this morning and am working on my first water of the day. For lunch I have a salad with lots of veggies and chicken, green apples with cinnamon and celery with peanut butter for snax some crackers and some yogurt. I really hope I don’t kill people today not eating any chocolate….specially around the 3pm hour…….god help me.

I made the last of my frivolous spending last night, I bought, a rolling pantry system for the kitchen, although I debated whether or not to call this “frivolous” we have hardly any space inour tiny kitchen and with the jars of baby food I am getting from friends, ever increasing, not to mention OUR food and the dogs food, we have no I mean NO space. So it really was a need. Still I didn’t want to put it on my already heavy credit card,
but what are you gonna do ya know?

And then true to freaking form, my damn cell phone started breaking this weekend, but I am sticking to my rule, NO FRIVILOUS SPENDING until the end of the month, mainly because the phone still works, for the most part, the handset is just ready to give way, and it routinely shuts itself off for no reason. Still I am going to try to use it until it totally craps out, in the mean time I am doing a bunch of research on a new one.

Well that’s really all for today, I can’t wait until lunch when I plan to just sit in my car and work on my embroidery, no borders or Target or craft store, I have to stay away from temptation. I can do this!!!!!!.....I think lol


Mrs Munster said...

My lil man has done the "cannot breathe" few times whilst eating (he is greedy lil boy) and it is so scary! Babies are such a worry.
I really need to start loosing weight. Haven't weight myself since the birth but my jeans don't fit (and I'm enjoying way too much eating chocolate at the mo. Naughty)

Heather said...

yeah the chocolate is the hard part lol with Halloween over here and all AHHH!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Heather, I just love your blog just like I love you. I hope the little man is okay. I like the 30 day challenges. The pic of you and handsome Hudson is so beautiful! Why can't we live closer!!!??? Ugh!