Friday, October 23, 2009

Things I love for the month of october

1. This black lace jumpsuit by Stella Mcartney, is so very kewl!

2. Avons new Reversalist Night Cream ( it is technically made for 40 and over, however it really turned around my post pregnancy skin and I am now devoted!

3. Makeshift pumpkin lattes! I have been horribly broke lately, so I make my own pumpkin lattes from General Foods International Coffees Vanilla Caramel Latte mix ( wich actually foams!) and then dust it with pumpkin pie spice! MMMMMMM...toasty fall goodness on the cheap!

4. Embroidery, I recently taught myself how to hand embroider, and OMG I am now addicted! I recently ordered some really kick ass patterns from sublime stitching, I could sit and do it all day, it is so relaxing!

5. Felt Softies! I also recently got into making these cute little guys, it helps me to practice my hand sewing and embroidery and it's so fun! Softie By Vivikas on Etsy

6. The Sophie Giraffe, OK I don't actually HAVE this thing yet but thanks to some very informative moms, I have ordered it for the little one, apparently there is this huge story behind Sophie, she is made in France out of natural rubber and painted with food gray dyes, she squeaks and baby's love to chew on her, she is very soft but her ears , horns and feet are firm rubber. apparently babies freaking LOVE this thing! I got it for Hudson because his little mouth is too small for teething rings and he is starting to reject pacifiers. So he chews on his fingers alot. I sure hope he likes it!

7. "soups season" it's the time of year when I go freaking nuts making soups and freezing them for the winter, french onion, cream of potato, stuffed pepper soup, beef stew, and of course chicken and dumplings...mmmmmmmm
8. The loads of baby laughs (although mostly silent) from my son! makes my day!


Mrs Munster said...

I just cannot wait for my lil one to laugh. He makes little smiles when he has tummy aches and he looks so cute! Embroidery sounds like a lot of fun. I might join the club when things have settled in our household.

Heather said...

You should join the club! it's so much fun!