Friday, October 2, 2009

Random things

So I was able to get out for a bit last night and do some much needed retail therapy.
I initially went into Sephora to just look around and sniff some new perfumes, play with the make-up ect......oh who am I kidding? we all know I can't set foot in there without buying SOMETHING. So I bought this:

Initially I just wanted to solid perfume, however I noticed that the solic was 9 bucks and for 4 bucks more I could get the candle AND a body butter AND matches even! Sounded like a deal to me, I am not a huge heavy perfume wearer so a light fragrance like this really suits me. PLus it makes my husband need to come in closer for a sniff.

Then of course I felt the need to spoil my kid and got him some PJ's (wich I am not exactley sure will fit) the boy is getting so big so freaking quick.

This weekend the baby and I are going to Jo Ann Fabrics to purchase some fleece for an animal fleece "bear hat" that I am going to begin making him, look for the finished post coming soon on that!

On my lunch today I am going to the craft store to pick up a foam pumpkin so that I can do this to it

as seen on this lovely gals blog. well as pick up some yummy fall candles in Pumpkin spics and nutmeg to make our home warm and cozy.

I also plan on trying out the hair styles of this pretty lady:

Well Busy weekend ahead! Here is hoping that I get it all done!


Anonymous said...

que bonito espacio!
so cute!
greattigs from mexico

Mrs Munster said...

Retail therapy is always good! I've been doing it a little bit too much to cheer myself up as the little one doesn't want to come out any time soon! Foam pumpkins sound great and crafted like that look amazing. I think I'm just going to settle with proper ones and just carve em.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Yay! I'm glad you had some Mommy time. I love the pumpkin idea! You will rock those hair styles as well! Have a great day! xoxo