Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh SNOW!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!

It’s days like this, that make me wonder why I still live in Cleveland, OHIO lol. We have at least 3 inches of snow on the ground, driving was horrible, my hair looks like…well….crap…and I went 10 miles an hour all the way here to work today! Makes me really want to be at home with the puppy and the hubby L

Last night I went through my finances and opened up my online bank account tracker to find SURPRISE!!! I was over drawn by 321.00 !!!!!! not 20 not 65 but 321.00!! “How the hell did THIS happen??” I wondered, mainly it was a few over drafts then the stupid overdraft fees on top of it, the husband and I have been short on cash lately, so I have been helping out with bills here and there, but apparently I stretched my crappy income a bit too far, although I thought I was on top of things.

Anyway what’s done is done, so I have to suck it up, but I looked at my account last night, to see just were my money goes, and was shocked to see that I spend a lot on crap I probably don’t need, also kind of funny…I spent 50.00 bucks the last two weeks on pregnancy cravings, my bank sheet looks something like this “Mr. Hero-6.95, McDonalds 3.25, burger king 1.25 ect. Ect.
Yup a lot of crappy junk food and it looks as thought this preggo hit every dang fast food chain in the greater northeast Ohio area!! Well I didn’t seem to hit Kentucky Fried Chicken but …you get the picture……mmmm. KFC………crap now I want that.

So maybe the spending on cravings can be explained, but the spending on magazines, lip gloss, nails polish ect. Ect. Totaling over 40 bucks for this month alone is too much for right now. So from here on out I am trying to go on a, “financial diet” spend less save more…..or lately save what I can…… if anything at all. The only money I am going to spend openly is Saturday when I go with my mother to Old Navy to get some maternity clothes because lets face it I am not getting any smaller……and then maybe a few scarves that are on sale at world market.
But over all I really need to cut back on stuff. It’s funny how once you see your finances in black n white things become so clear.

Well I am off to have my snack……one I brought from home thank you……. Not from the vending machine…..see…off to a great start already!


Mrs Munster said...

Havent' over drawn but bank account never looks healthy before pay day (luckily my man does the saving!). I remeber the cravings. I was feeling quite sick but still, couldn't get enough of pizza, crisps and ice cream. Btw, completely out of interest, what kind of maternity pay/ leave will you get there?

Heather said...

well in america it is dependant upon the company that you work for, if you work for a large company, (as I do) then you usually have to work for them for 1 full year, then you are entitled to 3 months of meternity leave, 1 month is paid at full salary the other two at half salary, additionall we can take 6 extra months off under the Family Medical Leave Act , but we do not get paid for that past the firs three months. i fyou work for a small company, they legally have to give you three months off at least but they dont have to pay you. it's a pretty stupid system, because I know in France I think you get one year off, all paid.

Mary Elizabeth said...

It's crazy how money can just fly out of my account! =) It really does add up, so I understand, especially in this economy right now. BUT, you must indulge Heather, you def deserve it. AHHH, I really miss the snow. How are you feeling? I bet you are the cutest Mommy to be ever! Hint, more prego pics! Have a great day. P.S.Whenever you get too fed up, come stay with us a week. Not kidding. It would cost you next to nothing and hello..The Gulf of Mexico AND I will baby you. The boys could do their own thing too. Alright, missing you.

Heather said...

Mary: sheesh I WISH I could come to Florida lol like NOW!! I will post more preggo pics soon I have another belly pic :)