Friday, January 30, 2009

"Your not punk, and I'm telling everyone"......

Now that I've turned 30, here are a few bands that I quit apologizing to people for listening to....

I have liked AFI for at least 7 years, Girls Not Grey is one of my most favorite songs of all time, the lead singer is hot and Vegan (I am not vegan but have a soft spot for vegan boys) and the album December underground, is still a winter staple in my cars cd player.

The Smiths
My sister got me hooked on them when I was a wee little gal, I have basically grown up with them, they are my solace and commiserating friends in dark times. I have even had the“if you like the smiths you cant like Morrissey “ argument….well I do like both,……and yes it is possible to be Bi-smithual as I call it, they rock so f the naysayers!

Been listening to them since “Parachutes”, there music is therapeutic, my ex friend Taryn used to say that they are the reason that my cat has a bad attitude, because when I first got him I would play with him on the floor while listening to Coldplay for hours.
Chris martin is hot, I love their political views, and there music makes me feel extremely deeply.

Kanye West
“one of these things is not like the others………” KANYE WEST?? You say? “Isn’t he …dare I say it”….hip hop????? Doesn’t that go against my retro-punk-rock n roll persona?? Yes…yes it does but quite honestly I don’t care I LOVE Kanye West, his music makes me bust my arse at the gym, and brightens up an other wise dreary mental attitude, perhaps from listening to the Smiths too much in one day :)

Fall out Boy

Shut up, shut up right now (David , I hear you mocking me) I love Fall out Boy, yes I have to say I am a follower, I cannot help it, I love the beat of their music, I could care less that they are not as legendary as say The Clash (which I also love) the fact is, they are not out to be legends , they just want to make music, and the music that they make moves my arse…so enough said.

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Mrs Munster said...

I love Fall Out Boy (and ashamed of it). My husband always teases me about it. Love AFI and The Smiths. Coldplay I've just never been able to stand. Don't know why.
BTW, there is a challenge on my blog for you!