Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration,desperation and the ugliest side of people

Today will go down in history, not just as the first time a black man will become president,(boy that’s pretty embarrassing that everyone over here still gets in an uproar over a black guy being president, I mean what does that say about our country?)But as the first time in my generation, that hope and excitement will surround the presidential inauguration. When Bush was elected not once but twice, I cried for hours both times (as well I should have, look at this mess were in now) I fought my husband tooth and nail, almost lost my entire marriage (it was that bad) over choosing Barack Obama. And in the end, nothing could shake my stance, and I am proud of that, immensely, for the first time ever I really fought for what I believed. I do not Idolize Obama like some people, and I find it almost disturbing how some people make him out to be a celebrity, but I understand the excitement at the same time. The people have spoken, and change is imminent, and I +plus the rest of the world is now ready for it.

What does disturb me, however, is the evil vengeance some people have over the new president, the terrible racist horrible things that I hear come out of their mouth, the things that they say about him, and they don’t even KNOW him, it really gets me going, but I shouldn’t let it, you know why? Because there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it. Congrats Obama, may god bless you, and help you turn this crappy country in to one I am proud to say that I am from. Because right now I am really, really ashamed of those who are so close minded. And P.S



Mrs Munster said...

I think it is a huge step for your country (well, any that actually has used blacks as slaves etc.) I think Obama seems like a decent guy who will make a good president. May God bless him indeed.

Mary Elizabeth said...

I am very excited for this change. I love that you are educated and opinionated! It kills me when I hear people that all of a sudden have an opinion about politics, and have no facts to back up his or her statement..oh, and are closed minded, lol. P.S. I shared some of the same arguments with my sweetie that I am sure you and Bill had. =)

Heather said...

Mrs. Munster:I have real hope in this one!
Mary: WHEW!! I am glad I am not the only one who argues with the man about polotics!