Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week 12- It's "poppin"

It really looks like I just ate 1 too many cheesecakes doesn't it?

Well here I am the last week of the horrid first trimester, and while I wasn't as sick as some people I have known, I sure as hell didn't feel like myself. But here I am, back from a crappy sabbatical, and hey, I even made it through the holidays (I am STILL not sure how that happened)

My nausea is gone pretty much completely, I still have some food aversions, but they come and go. And I got my sweet tooth back, which I was hoping wouldn't come back at all :( but what are ya gonna do right? I am also popping out just a teeny but.

Since I have been feeling better, i have been eating and cleaning, when I am not doing either of those, I am sleeping, and that is pretty much the gamut of my weekends, during the week insert 8 hours of work on top of that.

Everyone at work is so excited, they want to have baby naming contest which I think is cute, and they won't let me do anything physical, like lets say, kneeling for instance, I tired to tell them thanks for the concern but I am pregnant not handicapped LOL, if I want to sit on my knees so that I can file color standards then so be it. I also mentioned to someone I was cleaning the house the other day, and they told me I shouldn't be doing that, that I need to rest, well i DO rest, ALOT dammit if I don't move I going to weight like 860 pounds by the time this all over . I love to be active, and it's been so long since I actually FELT good, that now that I do I am playing catch up. I take the puppy for long walks after dinner in knee deep snow,because he has fun and it really helps my food sit better,I also do prenatal exercise videos each morning for 15 minutes. I started out at 154 pounds before I was pregnant, when I went to see the doctor at 8 weeks I was 163, I have an appointment on Tuesday and will be anxious to see how much more I went up, although i am not overly concerned with my weight while pregnant, I eat all the right foods, so anything that I put on will be healthy pretty much ( never mind the occasional root beer float or nachos binges)

And go figure this crap out.......the more pregnant I get, the more I WANT to breast feed......damn hormones..........

Today I spent the morning stripping the wall paper off of half of the nursery walls, and while it's no nightmare and seems to come off rather easily, it is a COMPLETE mess in there. But soon it will look super awesome, so I keep looking forward to the finished product.

ICK! I HATE Stripping wallpaper!

Well I'm off to nap......


Mrs Munster said...

I'm sure the nursery will look fabulous. The window in the room looks so cute. It's exciting when body changes. At 12 weeks it's usually just being bloated but still it's excited as it's related to pregnancy :)

Heather said...

yeah I am pretty excited about the whle thing now, more than I was when I first found out.

Kristal said...

AWWW your little belly looks so cute. Ok I know I sound silly but you really look great. I think the nursery will be perfect when your done! I'm soooo happy for you!

Mrs Munster said...

There is a challenge for you in my blog :)