Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

I KNOW I still have to update about my F_A_B_U_L_O_U_S B-Day party, but until I get that together here is a little somthin somthin

Things I love about summer:

Being able to go outside on my breaks and walk around my company, I often see deer out in the field and they are extremely tame
Sitting in the park with an ice cream cone on my lunch (validating HAVING an ice cram cone AS my lunch!)
Napping on my lunch in the park in my car, its pure bliss to throw open the windows and the sunroof while listening to the wonderful sounds of Birds chirping and the wind blowing..
My husbands’ steaks mmmm nothing NOTHING beats them!
The smell of the lake by my parent’s house brings back old memories.
The smell of Chlorine and swimming until my skin wrinkles
The feeling of sun on my skin
Driving with my windows down cranking what ever song I am obsessed with at the moment.
Ice cream from my two fave places K-Kream Corner (mmm orange twists) and East Coast Custard (mmmmm everything they make)
Burgers at Bearden’s then sunset and rock skipping at Bradnans landing
The excuse to bake cupcakes at any given moment because its summer and I can!
Sitting by the bonfire with friends and some ale, taking it all in.
Are super awesome end of summer BBQ that we have every September.
My b-day!!
Watching my garden grow and eating the veggies that I grew!!
Salt on margaritas

Things I don’t care for in the summer

1. Feeling the need to be tan all the time, it is a love hate mostly hate thing, I have beautiful pale skin, but sometimes I think Hollywood gets to me and I want to be tan L
2. Hot burn your butt car seats

3. sweating like a pig trying to put my makeup on in our un-air-conditioned Bathroom.
4. BUGS!
5. “Heat” stomach aches…icky
6. The smell of rotting carcass from our back door neighbors who trap and kill skunks
7. Air conditioning in the summer (this is also a love hate thing, I hate having the house all closed up in the summer drives me NUTS!!!!)
8. Women either too chunky or too old to be wearing the clothes that they do.

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Mrs Munster said...

That's a pretty good list. I cannot even imagine how a skunk carcass must smell...well, just the thought makes my stomach turn.